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Woolf, Marah (Author)

Sometimes dreams do come true! For this summer, Jess had really only planned a couple of lazy weeks in the Rocky Mountains. But then she meets good-looking Cayden, the boy with the emerald-green eyes, and he steals her heart away. But Cayden has his own agenda. He’s the son of a god and has made a pact with Zeus: only if he can find a girl able to resist his charms will Zeus grant Cayden’s dearest wish: to finally become mortal. Will Cayden play to win his game with the gods even if it costs Jess her heart?

A top title from one of the most successful self-publishers, now for the first time with a German publishing house!

DivineSpark is the ideal blend of dream material for the target readership: a deep, world-encompassing love that must not be, a self-assured heroine, and a (seemingly) inaccessible hero every girl reading this story will sigh for.

Volume 2: DivineSpark – Don’t Hate Me
Volume 3: DivineSpark – Don’t Leave Me
| 14 +

Woolf, Marah (Author)

The new school year has arrived and Jess is trying hard to forget Cayden after all he did to her. But Zeus and his gods appear to have other plans, and on her very first day back at school, Jess suddenly finds herself face to face with Cayden. Is she in danger? Can Agrios have followed her to Monterey? Jess really doesn’t want to get mixed up in the crossfire of the gods; all she wants is a perfectly ordinary life. But what is normal, when you can see and enter the world of the gods? And most importantly, how long can she really keep on hating Cayden?

Book two in the DIVINE SPARK trilogy by Marah Woolf.
| 14 +

Woolf, Marah (Author)

This is love at its most powerful. There’s a traitor loose among the gods in Monterey and soon it is impossible to tell friend from foe. Agrios is prepared to use any means to gain possession of the staff of honour and so to seal his power on Mount Olympus. Only together can Jess and Cayden succeed in putting an end to the battle of the gods. Jess is not yet ready to forgive Cayden, though, but does that mean she is willing to sacrifice him?

The brilliant finale of the DIVINE SPARK trilogy by Marah Woolf, bestselling author of SilverMoonLight and BookLess, and one of the most successful self-published authors in Germany!
| 14 +