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Schinko, Barbara (Author)

Supergirl & Rock Star Love – tough avenger of the underdog and cool as Catwoman

Torn between her feelings for Brynn and Ash, Rina continues to patrol the streets of the Northside as Alleycat. But Brynn’s father, boss of The Musicians gang, is hot on her heels so that Rina is forced to flee. Will she still be able to solve the mystery of her brother’s death? And which of the two boys is the right one for her: Ash or Brynn? The thrilling finale!

Rock star romance in trendy comic setting

Second and last book in this two-part series
| For teenagers and adults

    Westhoff, Angie (Author) Hauptmann, David B. (Illustrator)

    Stories, secrets, sensations
    How exciting: at Lisa’s new school, there’s a rumour going round about a secret club! But nobody knows what it’s all about or who is in it. Lisa and her friends think that it might be a kind of Dead Poets’ Society, a Second Life online club or a circle of elitist pupils. Others suspect it might be a historical secret society or a casting agency’s promotion. Lisa decides to solve the mystery about the club – and in doing so, she not only puts her friendships to the test, but also falls in love for the first time.

    | 12 +

      Tailor, Kathy (Author)

      Borka – Bold as a Lioness: girl becomes a prince’s bodyguard in a fantastic setting

      Borka is a girl who was raised by lions. When poachers capture her lion parents, the 18-year-old follows them to the royal court, where her courage and strength earn her the position of bodyguard to the crown prince. Borka accompanies Prince Feodor on a perilous journey, by the end of which she not only knows her own past, but also the person to whom her heart and future belong.
      Where exactly is your home when you come from two worlds?
      Her forest - green, secluded, peaceful. That’s where 16-year-old Borka lives as a member of a pride of lions.
      The royal court – loud, power-hungry, gruesome. That’s where Prince Feodor lives. As heir to the throne, he is required to prove himself in a battle with two lions.
      Both worlds collide one fateful day and Borka’s life changes for ever. Where does she belong? And will she ever learn the truth about her past?

      Two worlds, one prince, a lion girl: a romantasy unlike any you’ve read before

      Focuses on strength and wildness, background and identity | 14 +

        Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

        Shh: top secret!
        Maluna Moonshine’s magical forest secrets

        There are many secrets in the magical forest, and Maluna knows all of them. All of them? No, of course not – but she would love to. Therefore, she’s taking us with her on a journey. She gives away a few secrets along the way; she herself discovers a few in these eight new stories. Needless to say, she’s helped out by bearers and keepers of secrets big and small. Maluna is there for all of us! | 4 +

          Hill, Nova (Author)

          In the woods, you are all alone.

          On a field trip, twins Ira and Vanjo lose their way in the woods. They seek sanctuary in a dilapidated sanatorium, where they encounter a group of young people from a boot camp. But something isn't right. Why do all routes lead back to the doors of the sanatorium? Where are the nocturnal gasping and shuffling sounds coming from? Thrown back on their own resources, there's only one thing they can do: solve the mystery of the sanatorium. However, the tensions within the group are mounting, and it soon transpires that they are in real danger.

          - Highest level excitement and mystery
          - Netflix-style mystery - has similarities with "The Society", "Dark" and "Stranger Things".
          - Nightmarish setting: an abandoned sanatorium.
          - Group dynamics, psychological tension, dual narrative perspective.

          14 +

            Schaudinn, Jasmin (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

            Our America Across the Way

            Six-year-old Edda lives in Moss Lane, and she and her friends’ favourite place to play is “America”, the overgrown plot of land on the other side of the road. But then builders come along and put up a house there, of all places. Of course, Edda is definitely going to hate the new people for ever! It’s just too bad that she and the boy who moves into the new house get on like a house on fire from the word go.

            A great book for reading aloud, with depth and humour

            Like a best friend: a delightfully genuine narrator

            For everyone who loves feel-good stories like “Sommerby”.

            BÜCHER magazine awarded "Edda of Moss Lane" their “Grandios” seal of approval!
            “Marvellous, the way Jasmin Schaudinn inhabits the emotional world of the first-person narrator. The author knows exactly what goes on in the minds of six-year-olds… a terrific debut that leaves you wanting more! Edda conquers the hearts of her readers!“ | 6 +

              Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Gerigk, Julia (Illustrator)

              Pony heaven for Paula!

              Paula’s the only one who can help! Tom is the new pony on the farm, but he’s so timid he won’t let anyone near him. That’s because his previous owner left him alone far too much. But Paula doesn’t give up, persists with her mysterious pony whisperer talents and keeps on inching closer to Tom – until he is finally eating out of her hand!

              Book 3 in the new pony series featuring Paula: a book all about horses and friendship that girls are sure to love!
              | 7 +

                Frixe, Katja (Author) Waters, Erica-Jane (Illustrator)

                When dreams come true!

                Ten-year-old Stella lives above an old costume rental shop with her father, her brother, her grandpa and her dog, Jupiter. After witnessing a glorious shower of shooting stars, Stella meets a strange girl in the garden in the middle of the night. Although Vega is a little odd, she and Stella quickly become friends. But Vega claims to be a shooting star. Can that really be true? And can Vega also make wishes come true? For Stella’s family have plenty of wishes!

                Author Katja Frixe and illustrator Erica-Jane Waters take their readers on an enchanting journey. A book for children of 8 and over, full of humour, magic and friendship.

                | 8 +

                  Ukpai, Anja (Author) Meinzold, Max (Illustrator)

                  You Are the Time Guardian, Jade!

                  A magical secret society in present-day London – our new atmospheric fantasy trilogy in a boarding school setting

                  The summer holidays are just beginning when Jade unexpectedly finds herself back at the Clockmakers Academy in London. There she learns that she belongs to an ancient secret society of time guardians. From now on, Jade and her classmates will be taught such fascinating topics as time-window leaping and demon defence. And Jade is really going to need these newly acquired skills because Chronos has set his sights on gaining dominion over time. And Jade also finds that of all “people,” Harper, an overanxious guardian spirit, has been appointed to protect her.

                  The first book of a richly illustrated trilogy – mysterious, magical and gripping | 13 +

                    Ukpai, Anja (Author) Meinzold, Max (Illustrator)

                    Atmospheric boarding school fantasy set in modern-day London

                    Jade has returned the magic hour hand to the Time Inheritors’ Society. However, her best friend Mat lost his powers in the process, and now has to leave the Academy. Fortunately, Jade still has Orla and Henry. But why has Henry suddenly started rebuffing her? And then there’s the mysterious stranger who she sees creeping around the Clockmakers’ Market. Could it be that the Time Knights have returned? They’ve only ever had malice in mind ...

                    Best selling topics in a totally original form: time, school, secret societies | 13 +

                      Stewner, Tanya (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

                      Eagerly Anticipated: Alea’s Adventure Continues

                      Dramatic cliffhanger finale of volume 5 makes this a must-read

                      In the eagerly anticipated sixth volume of the bestselling series by Tanya Stewner, Alea Aquarius’s adventures take a new turn. Robbed of all their memories, the Alpha Cru have to reorientate themselves. Who is targeting them? Who is the man with the black coat and the barrel organ who is watching them from the harbour? And were there originally more members of the gang? Alea wouldn’t be Alea if she didn’t decide to take on her adversaries in order to save her friends, even if the odds seem to be stacked against her.

                      Bestseller: 640,000 Alea Aquarius books and audio-books sold | 10 +

                        Frixe, Katja (Author) Waters, Erica-Jane (Illustrator)

                        Stella’s best friend, Vega, is a shooting star in the shape of a girl who simply fell from the sky. Luckily, in Stella’s opinion, because Vega is absolutely fabulous. And on top of that Stella could really do with some help right now. Her family is about to reopen its old costume rental shop very soon and the whole town is coming to the grand opening. The trouble is that Stella’s big brother is lovesick and that her friend Pauline is searching for her missing aunt. It’s a good thing Vega has the power to grant wishes.

                        - Book 2 in the glittering series about Vega, Stella and cherished wishes
                        - Colourful, fanciful illustrations by Erica-Jane Waters | 8 +

                          Link, Alexandra (Author)

                          Ponies, nature and magic – a touching tale of friendship, with the additional frisson of unicorn magic.

                          13-year-old Lina lives in the mountains with her father and brother. When she is given the mare Fjella, it seems as if her happiness is complete. However, the caramel-coloured pony is beyond unusual, and has a horny place between her ears... Soon not only Fjella but also Lina and her friend David are in danger – for Fjella is very special, and unfortunately the wrong people get wind of this.
                          | 10 +

                            Orso, Kathrin Lena (Author) Broska, Elke (Illustrator)

                            24 chapters, 24 puzzles, one story – the Advent calendar book for all pony-mad kids

                            Miri is in despair: just before Christmas, she discovers that her parents’ riding school is in financial difficulties. Will most of their Icelandic ponies have to be sold? Miri and her friends Jule and Fiona decide to help out, and organise a big Christmas market. When news reaches them of a legendary treasure-trove, the threesome set off to find it. Can they save the riding school and the Christmas market? | 9 +

                              Uebach, Evelyn (Author)

                              A secret game of lies

                              Thanks to her ability to become other other people, impersonator Elodie is hired by soap star Wynter to take the latter's place on the set of "Wonderful Intrigues". Thus begins a secret game based on lies. Wynter doesn't want to carry on pretending to be in a relationship with her co-star Nord just for PR purposes. Elodie, who needs the money to pay for her sister's hospital treatment, initially finds the idea - and Nord - very attractive. Before very long, though, the lines between fake and reality become dangerously blurred. Will the masks slip?

                              - Film set glamour, intrigue and false identities.
                              - A protagonist who can become other people: a gripping plot with a compelling fantasy twist.
                              - Potential to become a top seller: on point romance, with all the ingredients to make a successful series.

                              14 +