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Schütze, Andrea (Author) Kraus, Tina (Illustrator)

The little fairy makes her big entrance in the MAXI picture books! It’s full moon in the Enchanted Forest and Maluna is incredibly happy! That’s because her wolf always pays her a visit at full moon. Then the pair tell each other the most wonderful stories for as long as the moon shines down on them!

Fantastic and even scientifically proven: Maluna is the favourite fairy of four- to nine-year-olds!
| 4 +

    Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

    Wonders Will Never Cease: How Franz Made Gabi Jealous

    Gabi and Franz are great friends, but not always – she’s often far too difficult for him! That’s why he would rather go to the chemist’s for Gabi’s mum than watch Gabi making a mess of things... and then having to praise her for it. At the chemist’s he meets Elfi a girl who writes everything down on a pad instead of speaking. She has been wearing a brace since yesterday and now has one complex more. But Franz knows one remedy for Elfi’s complexes – and very soon, Gabi has every reason to feel jealous!

    Funny, cheeky, typically Franz! The latest addition to the absolute long and best-seller series for beginning readers.
    | 8 +

      Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator)

      The read-aloud book about Tim and his friends
      Tim is cross with Annika because she wouldn’t share her chocolate with him. But Yuri, Tim’s big brother, manages to get the pair to settle their argument and be friends again. Tim suddenly finds himself all alone on holiday when nobody feels like playing with him. But then Tim meets Maurice and the two quickly become friends!
      | 3 +

        Sternberg, Mila (Author) Körting, Verena (Illustrator)

        A girl, a pony and a friendship that needs no words!

        A horse of her own! For that, Emily would even appear on a quiz show, even though she’s far happier fixing old mixers and toasters than mixing with people. And then opportunity knocks for Emily when she actually comes up trumps in a quiz and makes her dream come true. But now there’s something wrong with Runa, her mare. She’s sad; Emily immediately senses that because she has a special bond with animals … it’s almost as though she could talk to them. And Emily knows that she is the only one who can help her pony.

        Sensitively and movingly told: In Emily’s world, intuition counts more than words

        For every girl who’s crazy about horses and children, and loves books about special friendships

        Filled with wonderfully atmospheric illustrations by Verena Körting.
        | 9 +

          Lütje, Susanne (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

          The very best of friends! The little pig is happy at last!

          The little pig is tired of being all on his own so he packs his things and sets out into the world to find himself a friend. Sadly, his first attempts with a chicken and a beaver are unsuccessful, but then the pig meets the little mouse and the pair end up romping and playing and the pig brushes the mouse’s fur while the mouse brushes the pig’s bristles. That’s how happy you can be if you have a friend!

          A heart-warming story about friendship with charming rhymes to repeat and delightful pictures!
          | 24 months +

            Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

            Koku, whose full name is actually Konrad Kurdisch junior, is not only the owner of an enviable head of hair, he also has an acute environmental consciousness with which he has frequently driven his teachers to distraction and nearly brought lessons to a standstill. In the end, Koku changes not only his teachers and school, but also his ecological tactics. Instead of trying to convince people with arguments, he now tries to wake them up with secret campaigns – with Catherine, the girl he shares a desk with, and some other schoolmates as his partners ... | 12 +

              Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

              The Knitzdeibl inheritance has been the constant subject of discussion in the Zwoch family for days. It is a lovely little house in a quiet side road, and it would be lovely to be able to live there. On this, all three Zwoch girls, Tete, Pups and Wuzi, agree. Although the house is actually quite dilapidated, and it would cost a fortune to restore it, they’re convinced stingy old Great-aunt Knitzdeibl must have hidden her money somewhere, in savings accounts, stocks and shares and that kind of stuff! At least Jacob Pamperl, who lives next door to the Zwochs and is never called anything but "the boy next door" by any of them, is sure of this and sets out on a treasure hunt. | 10 +

                Gotzen-Beek, Betina (Author) Gotzen-Beek, Betina (Illustrator)

                Happy Birthday, dear Bobby! And everyone is coming to the party!

                Bobby lives in a barrel behind Farmer Beppo’s chicken coop. There’s nothing he likes better than to work with his hands, making nice things. Now his birthday is coming up and he would like to have a party with his friends, Freda Ferret, Carl Compost and Erna Ardvaark. This year he simply must have a cream cake for his friends, so Bobby sets to work. But baking a big cake turns out to be more difficult than he thought. Will Bobby’s birthday party be a success?

                The delightful picture book by Betina Gotzen-Beek is the perfect birthday present, full of bright colours and so much fun!

                English translation available!
                | 3 +

                  Gricksch, Gernot (Author)

                  Fifteen-year-old Nelly lives a carefree life with her family in smart Hamburg-Poppenbüttel. Then Nelly’s life takes a dramatic turn, when her father dies, leaving mountains of debt! Nelly’s mother is forced to move with Nelly and her 14-year-old brother from the quiet streets of Poppenbüttel with its attractive houses to a high-rise estate in Hamburg-Steilshoop. Soon, Nelly has a reputation for being the arrogant bitch of the neighbourhood who never misses a chance to put her foot in it. But when 18-year-old skater Yannik comes on the scene, fitting in starts to get easier for Nelly in her new environment. | 14 +

                    Naoura, Salah (Author) Büchner, Sabine (Illustrator)

                    Unfortunately, Hugo is a little shy of water – but he would never admit it. When Granny Freda’s sardine Tina is kidnapped, Superhugo not only needs to be able to swim, but to dive, as well. But surely he can come up with a drier solution! In next to no time, Superhugo has converted his supercar into a submarine and, with seaman Frog, is below the waves, rescuing the sardine from King Kraken’s kingdom.

                    "Salah Naoura’s Superhugo Dives Below the Waves!" is equally suitable for beginning and advanced readers.
                    Declared SUPER by kids
                    | 7 +

                      Frixe, Katja (Author) Prechtel, Florentine (Illustrator)

                      A magical Christmas in the magical bookshop of wishes

                      Mrs Owl’s magical bookshop of wishes is looking very Christmassy. Gustaf, the talking cat, has a wonderful time at the Christmas market; Clara’s best friend, Lena, comes on a visit; and everyone is really looking forward to Christmas Eve. But then Clara finds out that Mrs Owl is planning to spend the best time of the year all alone. Of course, Clara cannot allow that! Along with all of the city’s book lovers, she gives Mrs Owl a wonderful Christmas surprise!

                      The magical bookshop of wishes – Christmas with Mrs Owl by Katja Fixe speeds up the time till Christmas.

                      Presse quote:
                      "...a feel-good mixture of a read that leaves you wanting more.” –, September 2017
                      | 8 +

                        Opel-Götz, Susann (Author) Opel-Götz, Susann (Illustrator)

                        Three big smackeroos for a frog! The funniest fairy-tale mix-up of all time
                        When the old king retires, he gives Princess Anna half of his kingdom. Why only half? Anna is used to getting only the best, only the biggest and most beautiful and now she is supposed to put up with only half a kingdom? The other half is to go to the hero who will rescue and marry her. But Anna doesn’t want a hero for one thing, and for another, she cannot find one! Neither pea soup nor dwarves nor kissing frogs can conjure up a hero. Then she comes upon Jacob, the puppeteer, in the middle of a field. Couldn’t he be a hero for Anna? A princess to steal any heart ! A truly beautiful picturebook with lots of humour – for the whole family. | 4 +

                          Arold, Marliese (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator) Scholz, Barbara (Illustrator)

                          Excitement, spooky fun, all told in a witty style!
                          Oh, no! First the ghosts run off and then someone kidnaps them! Max and Sophie are rushed off their feet trying to get them back to Ghost Park safe and sound. But then Sophie is kidnapped, too, and Max can only save her by turning into a ghost himself. But how can a ghost turn back into a boy? Thank goodness, it all ends happily, with the kidnappers sentenced to thirty years of cleaning up the underground ghost archives.
                          This two-volume story features delightfully spooky pictures by Barbara Scholz.

                          This series has sold more than 100,000 books
                          | 8 +

                            Manhart, Verena (Author) Frank, Pascal (Illustrator)

                            You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours! Albert the monkey has hurt his paw? Mr Toucan, come quickly! The zebra has got his stripes mixed up? Mr Toucan is right there to sort them out. Grandma Jaguar has lost her way? Mr Toucan helps her to find it. Until, yes, until Mr Toucan doesn’t turn up, no matter how loudly they call. And then they find him, completely exhausted. Perhaps, the jungle inhabitants think to themselves, it’s about time we looked after Mr Toucan instead of it always being the other way round?

                            An unusually striking style of illustration and a poetic story that covers important subjects like showing consideration and helping others.
                            | 4 +

                              Wewer, Iris (Author) Wewer, Iris (Illustrator)

                              A small piglet with great courage! A particularly lovely picture book about not being frightened any more.

                              It’s the middle of the night when the small pig’s curiosity gets the better of him and he sneaks into the white house at the edge of the village and settles down for a sleep on the sofa there. He has absolutely no idea that this is the house where the great big, greedy Grommels live. And they are anything but pleased when they discover their impudent guest the following morning. But a small pig isn’t going to be frightened by huge teeth and long claws, is he? Or is he? Author and illustrator Iris Wewer tells a wonderfully warm-hearted story of bravery and friendship, with a lovable main character and terrifying monsters, which is also perfect for nursery school.

                              A delightfully cheeky pig in a wonderful story of bravery and friendship

                              Full English translation available!
                              | 3 +

                                Gricksch, Gernot (Author)

                                Eleven-year-old Siri loves football. Her best friend, Ivana, is originally from the Ukraine but has already been living in Germany for six years. Siri can always rely on Ivana. And then there’s Siri’s schoolmate, Ole, who thinks he’s really something. Siri thinks he’s stupid … but (not that she would admit it) she also thinks he’s somehow hot, too. Siri doesn’t realise that Ole isn’t half as tough as he always makes out and that secretly he also quite likes Siri.
                                One day, independently of each other, both Ole and Siri come across three very bewildering “twins” dressed in kimonos. The three give each of the children a parcel. Both unwrap their present at home and discover a small, blue and pink-striped box with a large red button inside. The box is accompanied by a small card with the words: Please do not press! Of course, they both find it very hard to keep their fingers from pressing the button straight away – but Siri manages to resist the temptation, and so does Ole. On the following day, Siri’s teacher sets the class the task of splitting into twos and preparing a talk – and who should end up working together on the project than Siri and Ole? When they meet up at home to work on their talk, they notice that they have both been given one of the weird boxes with a button they are for some reason not supposed to press. Siri rings up her best friend, Ivana, who immediately joins them. What can these strange boxes possibly mean? But then bubbly Ivana suddenly grabs both boxes … and presses! The next day, the whole town is completely topsy-turvy. Women suddenly seem to prefer going to the DIY store than the shoe shop, the girls in school are being really loud and boisterous while the boys stand round in little groups, giggling and whispering. Even the cats and dogs have switched roles. Although their upside-down world is great fun for the children to start with, things suddenly begin to get more and more out of hand...

                                | 10 +

                                  Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                  All about Franz, the beginning reader’s favourite: a great compendium for a super price!
                                  Catastrophes seem to be Franz's speciality. Arguing with Gabi, secretly playing football with the girls, becoming a horse fan or letting his homework get wet – there’s never a dull moment with Franz!
                                  This compendium contains the best everyday stories featuring this lovable and popular little boy: stories about Franz’s friendships, horsy stories with Franz, nonsense stories with Franz, Franz on a class trip, detective stories with Franz, holiday stories with Franz, new football stories with Franz. Beautifully illustrated with lots of colour pictures.
                                  | 6 +

                                    Gotzen-Beek, Betina (Author) Gotzen-Beek, Betina (Illustrator)

                                    Hopping, climbing, weightlifting – Theo keeps the hens amused!
                                    The farmyard is filled with a great mooing and squawking! That’s because the hens and the cows are arguing about which is most important, eggs or milk, and neither side is prepared to back down. Then Bobby Barrel has a super idea and suggests they hold a competition to decide the winner. And because Bobby is the world’s best invention inventor, he puts together a challenging race course for the animals. But when all’s said and done, can anyone really say if one is more important than the other?
                                    The ingenious inventor’s second adventure - in the very best Pettersson and Findus tradition and with lots of farmyard pictures teeming with detail.
                                    | 3 +

                                      Garanin, Melanie (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

                                      Ready for the gymkhana? Mara’s great pony friendship.

                                      Mara is being allowed to take riding lessons – on a proper horse. But she still pays a daily visit to her “secret pony”, the old mare Mimi-Mathilda. When her neighbour tells Mara that her daughter used to ride Mimi-Mathilda in lots of gymkhanas, Mara can’t help thinking that she could do that, too! Another episode in the series of warm, funny books about the great friendship between an old pony and a little girl. Two double pages of pictures in the middle section give eager young readers a short reading break.

                                      •\x09Volume 2 in the warm, funny pony series
                                      •\x09Bright, amusing pictures
                                      | 7 +

                                        Dax, Eva (Author) Groger, Melanie (Illustrator)

                                        Here comes George!
                                        George would like to learn how to fly because he doesn’t get as far as he would like by just hopping. His friend Bo, the dung beetle, does his best to stop him. He knows from past experience how difficult it is to get off the ground. And he’s right. What a good thing the pair meet Belle, the dragonfly. She can’t actually teach them to fly, but she does take them on an exciting journey of discovery into the big, wide world, to Ireland and Italy, to the North Sea and Egypt and all the way up into the Himalayas.
                                        Fifteen delightful adventures with George, the grasshopper. To read aloud or for children to read to themselves.
                                        | 6 +

                                          Arold, Marliese (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator) Scholz, Barbara (Illustrator)

                                          Where there’s one ghost, there will always be another!

                                          Max and Sophie are friends and they share a really unusual part-time job, they work in an enchanted garden – in fact, it’s a park full of ghosts! But not all of the ghosts are very nice to them … but when the mysterious new lord of the manor tries to get rid of Max and Sophie, the pair are very relieved to find that their new ghost friends are there to help them.
                                          | 8 +

                                            Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

                                            It’s time for the school bazaar! Paula and her friend Zina are naturally helping at one of the stalls. They are busy selling their wares when Paula suddenly notices that the cashbox has gone missing. Paula is absolutely certain that the three boys with the moped have something to do with it. But how can she prove it? Chance and a bilberry stain come to her aid.

                                            Paula is one of the most popular series for beginning readers in the Oetinger programme!

                                            | 7 +

                                              Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                              Top league for beginning readers: new adventures with football Franz Ever since Franz played for the FC Girl team against the boys in his class, they want him in their football team. They also want Franz to show them his brother Josef’s football, the one with the autograph of a national players on it. It’s just a nuisance that Gabi keeps on poking her nose in. Because now the precious ball has gone missing! The ball simply has to be back in its place on the shelf by the time Josef gets back from his class trip. Will Franz be able to get the football back in time? | 8 +

                                                Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

                                                Complete with name and number!
                                                Jersey dreams for football maniacs

                                                A new jersey for the team! Jacob now has his name and the number 10 on his back – just like a pro. Only Paul can’t understand why Jacob and his team mate Tom are so proud of their new kit. And then just before their first home game, Jacob’s jersey suddenly disappears, almost as though the earth had opened up and swallowed it! It’s lucky for him that Paul is a true friend…
                                                | 7 +

                                                  Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Wilharm, Sabine (Illustrator)

                                                  Adventure at Fairytale Castle!
                                                  Is there anything nicer than a holiday at a real castle? You can ride horses there, swim and play cricket or tennis. In the evening, Mr. Singh, a famous television storyteller, enchants the children. To eleven-year-old Miranda, it’s all seems like paradise. But after a few days, everything changes and instead of playing games, they have to do boring things like drawing or handicrafts. When Mr. Singh disappears, Miranda thinks he’s been kidnapped. But her friends Joe and Cymbeline have another suspicion. Whilst searching for the truth, the three of them experience an exciting adventure that even puts them in mortal danger!
                                                  A thrilling children's detective novel! | 10 +

                                                    Maar, Paul (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

                                                    What if ...? Bello the dog turned into a human being!

                                                    “If that old woman hadn’t come into Daddy’s chemist‘s shop, we would have been spared a great deal of excitement.” That’s how the story of Max and his dog, Bello, begins – Mr Bello, to be precise. The blue liquid the strange old woman brings Max’s father makes plants grow unnaturally quickly. But when Bello drinks some of the supposed fertiliser, Max gets the surprise of his life. The liquid, you see, turns animals into human beings!
                                                    An uproarious tale of transformation by Paul Maar – with amusing illustrations by Ute Krause.

                                                    8 +

                                                      Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Skibbe, Edda (Illustrator)

                                                      Very best friends, thousands of pranks! Refreshingly light-hearted adventures
                                                      Why do the pigs suddenly start rushing crazily all over the place? The farmer should be pleased there’s a bit of life in the pigsty for a change! And Daddy could also be grateful that Antony and Antonia tried to smooth out the dents in his car with a hammer. The pair cannot understand what all the fuss is about and their parents cannot believe how two children can get up to so much mischief. But then, what else is there to do if you have as many good ideas as Antony and Antonia!
                                                      A lively children’s book about two imaginative friends: excitement on the farm, a chaotic birthday part and much, much more!
                                                      | 8 +

                                                        Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                                        For as long as he can remember, Franz has been frightened of dogs – and not just of big ones with sharp teeth, but of the small ones with wagging tails, too. Then one day, his best friend Eberhard Most’s aunt is rushed to hospital with appendicitis, and she asks Eberhard to look after her dog, a brown giant of a beast called Bertha. | 8 +

                                                          Maar, Paul (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

                                                          Take… Just what does it take to brew a potion that will transform dogs into humans? Life could be so fantastic! Max has found a real friend in Mr Bello and that’s the way they both want it to stay! To make sure it does, Mr Bello regularly has to drink a peculiar blue juice that stops him from turning back into a dog. The trouble is, there’s only one bottle of the stuff. The recipe for the transformation drink was invented by Max’s great-grandfather and Max is certain there must be some old notes about the ingredients somewhere. When he and Mr Bello find his great-grandfather’s formula, they will be able to make the potion themselves! So they start searching – and have a thrilling adventure with a totally surprising end! The second story about Max and Mr Bello – uproarious, hilarious and packed with surprises!
                                                          | 8 +

                                                            Maar, Paul (Author) Grossmann-Hensel, Katharina (Illustrator)

                                                            What if?
                                                            Original and inventive: Paul Maar!

                                                            One day Mr Martin starts turning invisible, he continues to fade a little bit more every day until he disappears entirely from view. No doctor can help him – after all, it’s hardly an easy job if you can’t see the patient. People in the street are bewildered to see Mr Martin’s dog out for his walk apparently without his master. There are sausages sizzling in the frying pan, but where’s the cook? Luckily, Mr Martin discovers that being invisible can also have its good side. He particularly likes it when Mrs Savitzky, his cleaner, unintentionally sits on his lap. Will she carry on doing it when Mr Martin stops being invisible?
                                                            | 4 +

                                                              Smoltczyk, Alexander (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator)

                                                              Ten-year-old Smilla cannot believe her eyes: In the sky above the city, there’s a heart – formed by a huge flock of starlings – and now a face, too! What on earth can it all mean? Of course, Smilla and her best friend simply must find out who is behind it,especially as so many other strange things have suddently been happening recently. In fact, the Pope actually farted during his Wednesdayaudience! And Francesco Totti actually scored an own goal! It would all be a big joke if there were not a well-kept secret in the Vatican… An enchanting debut children’s book full of wordplay and a mysterious phenomenon.

                                                              | 10 +

                                                                Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Sönnichsen, Imke (Illustrator)

                                                                Holidays, freedom, adventure! Time for summer kids to breathe a little circus air.
                                                                Tightrope walking, jumping through burning hoops and brilliant magic tricks: the Moonshine Circus Ella Fox has started in the holidays on the island of Usedom could be so wonderful! But suddenly the sense of excitement changes with the creepy Blue Riders hot on the circus children’s heels. This is more adventure than Ella was after!
                                                                A perfectly uproarious holiday read with lots of humour and suspense from popular author Antonia Michaelis.
                                                                | 8 +

                                                                  Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Sönnichsen, Imke (Illustrator)

                                                                  Fantastic holidays! The latest from Antonia Michaelis' adventure beach.
                                                                  When Ella returns to the island of Usedom in the holidays, she is hoping to have as wonderful an adventure as she did the year before. And she doesn’t have long to wait because it soon begins to unfold. Number Seven, the nice boy from the Blue Riders, has already got himself into difficulties and desperately needs to be taken to safety. Ella smuggles him on board a cruise liner. But there’s a strange troupe of theatre people sniffing around. Is Number Seven really safe here?
                                                                  Ella Fox’s second adventure on the Baltic coast, an imaginative and gripping children’s detective story.
                                                                  | 8 +

                                                                    Kopp, Ella (Author) Walter, Naeko (Illustrator)

                                                                    Peggy and Hobgoblin her dog are the best of friends and do everything together! But one morning, Peggy finds that Hobgoblin has disappeared. Peggy immediately drums up the help of her friends Lisa, Phil and Ian to find her beloved dog. Because one thing is obvious: best friends are always there for each other! | 5 +

                                                                      Weger, Nina (Author) Schöffmann-Davidov, Eva (Illustrator)

                                                                      Down the loo? Paul’s weird and wonderful journey to the depths of the sewage system
                                                                      What do you do when your best friend is flushed down the toilet? For Paul the answer is perfectly clear – he will have to climb down into the sewage system to rescue him. And that’s not such an easy job because the friend in question is the Mississippi alligator Orinoco. To his great astonishment, Paul meets a whole gang of children who live down there. Can it really be better living there than at home?
                                                                      An enchanting children’s adventure and a tumultuous story about family and friendship.
                                                                      | 10 +

                                                                        Girod, Anke (Author) D'Oro, Miri (Illustrator)

                                                                        Imagination embarks on a journey with June! June is 12 years old and an absolute travel freak – but one with sadly no travel experience at all. Now it’s time to put an end to that – and to her trips to visit Auntie Ernie in the Harz Mountains. How else is she ever going to become a good travel reporter? After all, she does already have a travel blog. But then June and her friend Will meet a sad little circus lady, Miss Pabs, who has to save her family from unscrupulous villains. With Miss Pabs and her magical suitcase, an adventurous trip around the world begins for June and Will – at long last!

                                                                        A bold character with an ambitious dream, girls will find her easy to identify with, a fantastic travel adventure with a touch of magic and even a real live blog on Instagram and Wordpress!
                                                                        | 9 +

                                                                          Munck, Hedwig (Author) Munck, Hedwig (Illustrator)

                                                                          The Little King really should have been fast asleep long ago. But he isn’t even a little bit tired! What on earth should he do? Count sheep? No, the Little King would rather go back into the kitchen to check on the delicious pudding he and his friends cooked earlier on. He tries one small spoonful and then another… And suddenly his animal friends turn up in the kitchen, too. Of course, they all want a taste, as well. And before you can count to three, they have finished the bowl. But the pudding seems to be a slumber-inducing pudding because very soon the Little King and his friends are very, very tired and say “goodnight”.

                                                                          | 4 +