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von Vogel, Maja (Author) Grimm, Sandra (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator) Czerwenka, Eva (Illustrator) Fienieg, Annette (Illustrator) | further

Pack your holiday books! Three books brimming with read-aloud stories: adventure stories, dolphin stories & beach stories

Finny the dolphin finds a star, Florian sends a message in a bottle, Julia meets a mermaid and Luke chases the flop-eared tiger. Hurray – finally, holiday stories the whole family will love. And not one, but three books in a slipcase that already puts you in a holiday mood the moment you see it.
Three books brimming with read-aloud stories: Adventure Stories, Dolphin Stories & Beach Stories

Ideal for small luggage | 4 +

Wieker, Katharina (Author) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator)

It’s raining but that doesn’t matter because Tim is going to the airport with his family to fly to Mallorca – where the sun is sure to be shining. That’s why Yuri, Tim’s big brother, is already wearing his sunglasses. But Daddy seems to have forgotten that he promised Tim a pair, too … | 3 +

Thau, Christine (Illustrator)

Fun puzzles for the holidays. How many ice cream sundaes can you count? Who owns the suitcase? And which path leads to the beach? You’ll have fantastic puzzle fun with this mix of colourful puzzles! Forty multi-coloured and one-colour puzzles for nursery school children.

| 4 +

Talleur, Jan David (Author) Steckelmann, Petra (Author) Henn, Astrid (Illustrator)

Finn and his grandpa have built a small sailing boat and now they’re sailing it on the lake. What a pity they didn’t bring a string to haul the boat back to land! In the end, there’s nothing for it but to hire a rowing boat – and an exciting chase begins right across the lake!

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Franz is supposed to be going to a children’s home in the holidays, but he’s looking forward to it less and less every day. He has never been away from home without Mummy, Daddy or Grandma before. When he gets to the holiday home, though, he finds it’s not so bad at all. Eberhard and Tommi are sharing a room with him and it looks like it might be fun! | 8 +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

Magnus would much rather have flown off to Majorca with his father and Finya had really been looking forward to her riding holiday. But this year everything is different because Finya’s mother, Carla, and Magnus’ father, Calvin, have just fallen in love with each other and are planning a trip to a small Danish island – so that they can all become one big family. This promises to be very dull! Or will it? One thing’s certain, the kids hadn’t expected to find so many puzzling adventures there…

| 8 +

Arold, Marliese (Author) Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Geisler, Dagmar (Author) Gieseler, Corinna (Author) Korn-Hubschmid, Carmen (Author) Müntefering, Mirjam (Author) Schröder, Patricia (Author) von Vogel, Maja (Author) Wich, Henriette (Author) Rahn, Sabine (Author) | further

Summer at last! The holidays are here at last! And at last there’s plenty of time for flirting and romance. But it doesn’t necessarily take a romantic diving trip with a good-looking instructor on a dreamy island in the Maledives or amore in Bella Italia to make Janina, Linn, Mara and Jolie’s hearts beat faster. The four can always find plenty of opportunities to fall in love wherever they are! | 12 +

Steckelmann, Petra (Author) Sturm, Carola (Illustrator)

Jules is spending the holidays at Granny’s. Granny lives in a block of flats and she’s great at inventing things like cat lifts and roof-garden showers. Jules makes a kite with her grandma and also invents something all her on own that even helps her to meet a child who lives nearby! | 3 +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

Happy guessing games in Bella Italia! This summer, the patchwork family is planning a holiday in Tuscany. Now that they have become friends, Finya and Magnus are looking forward to the holidays. Finya would have preferred to go to a pony farm and Carla, her mum, doesn’t like hotels. But now there’s no time for sulking because Magnus and Finya have to track down the pearl thief and solve all kinds of other mysteries.

A turbulent holiday adventure that makes an ideal holiday read: the second book in the popular adventure series with all kinds of mysteries to solve in every chapter!
| 8 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

It’s unbelievably exciting when your wishes come true! Volume 3 of the much-loved children’s series featuring the Patchwork Family of Hotchpotch House.

Out of the blue Rebecca, the mother of Emma, Ben and Jojo, returns from Australia, and turns the lives of everyone at Number 11 upside down. Emma now has barely any time for her guinea pig project - but now that Mum’s home, Emma obviously wants her to stay there for ever … Meanwhile, it’s already holiday time and all the other children at Number 11 are already away - so Emma, Ben and Jojo are thrilled when their mum suggests a camping trip at the North Sea. Their holiday gets off to a great start - until Emma discovers that her mum has a secret. What on Earth should they do now?

By the best-selling author of the Dein Spiegel novels, Stefanie Taschinski.
Together, anything is possible - heart-warming stories about friendship, family, and sticking together.
A modern-day cross between Astrid Lindgren’s Bullerby Children and Kirsten Boie’s Möwenweg stories.

8 +

Jakobsen, Lars (Author) Jakobsen, Lars (Illustrator)

Bored? But surely not with Peggy Diggledey! This book brings a wealth of variety into children’s daily lives with 50 super ideas for fun and games. Popular puzzles – like join the dots, find the mistake, labyrinths and pictures to complete – tricky challenges and exciting ideas for how to make a miniature treasure chest, for example, or tie different knots: this book offers plenty of scope for children to be active, making things themselves, drawing and painting and, of course, playing. | 5 +

Becker, Christian (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

What awful, mucky weather! Even the Ogglies don’t feel like throwing mud dumplings!
High time for the new MAXI puzzle pads.
Each pad contains 40 age-appropriate puzzles that leave no room for boredom to rear its ugly head. The pads are perfect for keeping kids happy at restaurants or on long holiday trips. And even children of preschool age will have lots of fun with these puzzles.
With colourful pages and all the answers
| 5 +

Gricksch, Gernot (Author) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrator)

The Mystery of the Rubber Crocodiles
Emma, Sarah, Nucki, Fitze and Torben are spending their holidays at the Kids’ Club in the mountains. From their very first day, they can sense that something is not quite right there. Their accommodation is shabby, the five friends are the only children staying at the club and the supervisors, all dressed in kimonos, look like peas from a pod. Where do the rubber crocodiles that wash up on the lake shore come from? Why does each of the children always have just one particular letter in his or her bowl of noodle soup? But things really turn weird when the kimono women disappear and the children find themselves all alone…
Holiday club mysteries – exciting and amusing all at the same time! The second children’s book by popular author Gernot Gricksch.

| 10 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Christmas comes overnight. Before you know it, summer is over and there’s gingerbread everywhere - not forgetting all the Father Christmases. But it still takes quite a long time until Christmas arrives properly. That’s so you can look forward to it for a very long time, says Millie’s mummy - 24 windows on the advent calendar long, in fact! – Twenty-four stories in which Millie looks forward to Christmas, meets Santa Claus, writes her Christmas list, makes straw stars and sings Christmas carols until, in the end, Christmas is there at long last. | 6 +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

Today is a very special day. Mummy and Daddy are taking Ricky and Ruby to the seaside. When they get there, they build a sandcastle and collect shells, and Daddy drops Ricky into the water with a great, big splash. Ricky really loves it!
A lovely everyday picture story for children. With an extra discovery picture included.
| 24 months +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie is in Paris with her mummy, daddy and little sister. Every day they go and see a new bit of Paris, like the I-Full Tower, for example, where Millie gets a huge red lolly, a bicycle lolly. Then there’s the Pompididu Museum. Luckily, it’s closed as there’s plenty of real art going on outside in the square: sword-swallowers and a clown and a hurdy-gurdy man. Millie joins in singing French songs with him. That’s how it is in Paris. | 6 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Mudflats, waves and wind for Millie

Millie is on holiday on the North Sea coast! There’s so much to see and do here. Millie visits the seal banks to see the baby seals, she goes on an outing to Legoland and walks across the mudflats. It’s amazing how many creatures live there in the mud: lugworms, mussels and lots of small crabs. If only Millie’s feet didn’t keep getting stuck in the mud…

Bestseller Millie: more than 350,000 copies sold in hardback alone

| 6 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

Ship’s goblin ahoy! The summer, fun and sailing book for landlubbers and seafarers.
When captain’s daughter Molly is given a sea chest for her birthday, she has no idea there’s someone inside. That someone is old “sea dog” Captain Button, a ship’s goblin. Molly takes the chest with her on board her father’s ship, where she plans to spend the first part of her summer holidays – and before she knows it, she and her friend Finn are having the most exciting, uproarious holidays ever!

The first book of read-aloud adventures about Captain Button, the goblin sea bear. Filled with colourful illustrations and beautifully bound, with a linen spine and ribbon bookmark.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Harvey, Franziska (Illustrator)

Kobold spookery for beginning readers – super reading fun from Paul Maar When Martin and Miriam go on a cruise with their parents, they suddenly find themselves face to face with a real live ship’s kobold or, to be more accurate, an apprentice kobold! He has to pass three exams, which is a very hard thing to do on a modern cruise ship. Luckily, brother and sister have a good idea … | 7 +

Girod, Anke (Author) Bock, Billy (Illustrator)

A gang of problem solvers it’s impossible not to like!
Holidays at last! After school, Henry and Smuti run straight to their gang’s headquarters in an old railway engine shed. But then a smartphone falls out of a train as it whizzes by and they find a girl they’ve never seen before sitting in their shed. Henry and Smuti are delighted: that’s two new cases for their problem-solving gang! These holidays are definitely all set to be fabulous.

An amusing and whimsical feel-good story about a holiday adventure that’s packed with suspense and a dollop of magic that’s sure to raise a smile!
| 9 +

Niessen, Susan (Author) Heitmann, Michaela (Illustrator)

This time, it’s off to Greece for Captain Button! But this little bear is such an inquisitive little sea dog, it’s no surprise that he never misses an opportunity to get himself into a pickle. When Captain Button actually happens upon the entrance to the Minotaur's labyrinth, chaos ensues: the sagas and treasures of Ancient Greece come to life! | 6 +

Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Schulmeyer, Heribert (Illustrator)

Monster fantastic! The monster family have a roaring good holiday

It’s the holidays and the monster family is planning to go away. But where should their journey take them? Daddy Monster would like to climb a volcano, Mummy Monster would love to go to the North Pole, Igor wants to see the jungle and Olga is quite set a waterfall holiday. Only Paul, the human boy the monster family adopted when he was a baby, doesn’t care which holiday destination they choose, as long as they are all together.

For primary schoolkids of 6 and over, this is the perfect holiday read, dealing with subjects like “belonging” and “recognising your own strengths” in lovable monster fashion.
| 6 +

Westhoff, Angie (Author)

Friends who stick together: What more can anyone want?!

Finn and his friends have only just solved the mystery of the book of strange wishes and already the adventure continues. The friends decide to write their own book of strange wishes over the holidays. But they are only just beginning to solve the problems when their book is stolen! And worse than that: none of them knows caretaker Shripp’s 13th wish. But the friends are determined not to give up and immediately go after the thieves’.

The long-awaited sequel to book 1. An imaginative story of adventure and friendship: heart-warming and full of unexpected twists and turns.

"In The Book of Strange Wishes, Angie Westhoff presents us with a highly complex and exciting reading adventure that is simply bubbling with imagination and has readers on the edge of their seats right to the last page.
Die Rheinpfalz, 18.11.2011
| 10 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

| 6 +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Rettich, Margret (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

A trip with Jan and Julia and their mummy and daddy: it’s time to go on holiday!
Jan and Julia are going away with their parents. Their cases are all packed, the lady next door is given a key so that she can water their plants while they’re away and then they are off! It’s a long drive, but the family’s picnic by the motorway is exciting and then, before they know it, they are already on the ferry taking them to their holiday island! Going on holiday is so exciting!
| 3 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

This time Millie is off to the perfect country for a family holiday, Sweden. And when she gets there, the best tour guide in the world can hardly believe her eyes! She discovers a peculiar brown animal. Can it really be an elk? What's more, she is lucky enough to meet a real celebrity: Pippi Longstocking. Will Millie learn anything new about courage and strength from the famous Swedish girl? The Millie stories are amusing and informative – and that means they are perfect for all beginning readers. | 6 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie’s first school holidays! And she’s off to Greece, or to be more accurate, Crete, which is not only a great place for bathing, but also where Zeus once stole Europe away and the Minotaur monster lived in the palace of Knossos, putting his enemies in fear and dread. Or was the monster called Minitaunus? Millie would find that easier to remember!
Who says it has to be boring for children to go sightseeing with their parents? That’s not the way Millie sees it!” (FAZ) | 5 +

Westhoff, Angie (Author) Bayer, Michael (Illustrator)

Wishes, friendship and secrets! A true holiday adventure
“These summer holidays will be the same as always,” 12-year-old Flint thinks to himself. But he couldn’t be more wrong. Because the very next day, Mr Shripp, the caretaker, asks Flint, crazy Charlotte, her maths-obsessed cousin, Ben, and pretty Jette to track down an old friend of his. When they eventually find the missing friend, he gives them a mysterious book: The Book of Curious Wishes. And that is when an unexpected and exciting adventure begins to unfold…

"In The Book of Strange Wishes, Angie Westhoff presents us with a highly complex and exciting reading adventure that is simply bubbling with imagination and has readers on the edge of their seats right to the last page."
Die Rheinpfalz, 18.11.2011

| 10 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Beware, pirates! Holiday fun with the Ogglies
It’s holiday time at last for the Ogglies! They are going to the North Sea mudflats where it’s so gloriously squelchy and everything smells so deliciously fishy. But that’s not all: in an old shipwreck there’s a treasure guarded by a grisly ghost. The Ogglies simply cannot resist taking a closer look! | 8 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie is the best tourist guide in the world!
A bear of a weekend! Millie goes to Berlin with Mummy, Daddy and Trudy. What she likes best are the “topless” doubledecker buses. Riding around Berlin, she catches a glimpse of the outside and sometimes the inside of lots of museums and gets to see the Chancellery and the parliament building, the Bundestag. And she also discovers that a zoo doesn’t necessarily have to be a zoo! On the other hand, there are bears all over the place in Berlin … | 6 +

Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Schulmeyer, Heribert (Illustrator)

Summer camp instead of jungle camp – not realy all that great either! Because Kai messed up his parents’ holiday, he is sent to a mega-strict holiday camp as a punishment. The girls in the camp across the way are much better off! Kai discovers yet again that he really should take no notice of COOLMAN, especially when he suggests something like Kai dressing up as a girl and sneaking into the girls’ camp. The seventh book in the popular series with lots of hilarious cartoons. | 10 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

“London – sounds like a sweet,” Millie thinks. Mummy says it rains cats and dogs there. And cheeky Gus says there’s someone there called “the Kwihin”, and also someone called “King”. But that’s silly – how could anyone have exactly the same name as Mrs Morgenroth’s dog? Millie sees some peculiar things in London: Trafallala Square and Pickle-Lilly Circus, where the big red buses with their dog’s noses go round and round in the wrong direction. It’s really creepy at Madame Two-Swords she’s been dead for a very long time, you see, just like Jack the Rapper. You can see him there, too, but he still looks very much alive. | 6 +

Haas, Alex (Author)

Comedy, chaos, catastrophes: slapstick and romantic entanglements for boys! Ben is thirteen years old and in love. All he thinks about is Tanya. But just as he and Tanya are getting close, his parents take him on holiday to Denmark. Ben’s best friend, Felix, offers to look after Tanya. Luckily, by the time it finally dawns on Ben that Felix’ offer might not be quite as selfless as it seemed, he is already being distracted by the anything but unattractive girls in the holiday village! Hilarious, irreverent and with an ultra cool girls’ and boys’ poster in every book. | 13 +

Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie has never been so far away from home before: New York is 6,000 kilometres away, her teacher says. That makes it all the more exciting that Millie is flying there with her parents and little sister. She sees the city with very different eyes from her parents, though, and thinks McDonald’s is much more exciting than the Empire State Building. But Millie is very taken with the glittering place her parents call Times Square and naturally also intrigued by the mysterious Miss Libby her teacher told her about. When will they get to meet her at last? | 6 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrator)

Philip (soon to be 12) and his father are off on a hiking holiday – on the way there they pick up Carmen Schultze (who runs a beauty studio in Berlin) and her children Samantha (13) and Justin (5). But then everything goes wrong: Their new, bargain-priced navigation device sends them into a pretty dense forest – and very soon the branches brushing against the windows of the car are replaced by a thick, gooey mass outside. When the car finally comes to a halt, the group find themselves in a curious world. Everywhere they look, they see mouthwatering sweets, and nearby there are fish fingers swimming in a stream. Then suddenly, right out of nowhere, a roast suckling pig scoots across their path. Have they landed bang slap in the middle of the all-inclusive holiday paradise Mrs Schultze and her children were heading for?
At last a slick manager type with a Dobermann pinscher at his side turns up to welcome the newcomers – to Cockaigne! This is all well and good, and to start with the lazy life is great fun, but there is one nagging question Philip and the others cannot help asking themselves: why are they the only people here? Their host, Harry Hempstalk, provides an answer, explaining that the holiday club is still at the trial stage – and that they are its very first guests. So far, so good. But when Philip sees the inscrutable Hempstalk using the Dobermann to drive his workers, things get weirder and weirder. Obviously, there’s something not quite right here! Philip and Samantha decide to get to the bottom of things and on the computer the dubious Hempstalk has carefully hidden away, the pair discover an unbelievable document that immediately sets all their alarm bells ringing…
| 10 +

Geisler, Saskia (Author) Gerigk, Julia (Illustrator)

Peggy Diggledey is fed up. It’s the holidays and all her friends are going away. Only Peggy and her parents are having to stay home to look after the hotel guests. Luckily for her, Peggy meets bird ranger Frank at the lighthouse and suddenly has a fabulous idea! | 4 +

Geisler, Saskia (Author) Gerigk, Julia (Illustrator)

Peggy Diggledey and her friends simply cannot wait to have their next proper adventure. Luckily, Peggy comes up with an idea – to go for a trip on Carl’s tourist boat and tell the passengers some pirate stories. That would be great fun! | 4 +