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Rettich, Margret (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

Games from start to finish!

First day at nursery school! Isn’t that exciting? Jan immediately has lots of fun, but Julia is a bit shy. The nursery teacher is so nice, though, and the children are allowed to do so many lovely things here that they simply have to feel at home!
An Jan and Julia picture book classic with new pictures and texts revised by Margret Rettich herself: favourite stories for nursery school-age children!
| 3 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

Jan and Julia can’t wait for Christmas.
There’s no time of the year quite as lovely as Christmas! Jan and Julia bake Christmas biscuits, make Christmas cards and sing Christmas songs and carols. And then Christmas Eve finally arrives. Will Jan and Julia get the presents they wished for?
| 3 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Weber, Susanne (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

Animal fun with Jan and Julia!

Sophie is really lucky – she’s got two guinea pigs! But then it turns out that she also has an allergy to the animals and needs to find a new home for them. Jan and Julia are allowed to keep them for a trial four weeks, and the two children have loads of fun looking after Molli and Polli and playing with them. Will their parents also learn to love the guinea pigs and will they be allowed to move in with Jan and Julia for good?

Book 8 in the popular series of Oetinger picture book classics with a fresh, new look and updated texts!
| 3 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Weber, Susanne (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

It’s great being a child! Jan and Julia discover something new every day!

There’s lots of shopping to do today! As well as that, Jan and Julia need new shoes as well as a birthday present for their friend Paul. So the whole family drives first to the department store and then to the market. It’s amazing how many things are on sale there! And Jan and Julia are even allowed to buy the vegetables all on their own. But what on earth is Mummy going to do with so many cucumbers?

Book 7 in the popular series of Oetinger picture book classics with a fresh, new look and updated texts!
| 3 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

Home is so cosy and snug!
A sore throat, a bad cough and a high temperature: Oh dear, Jan and Julia are ill! The children’s doctor examines them and mummy collects their medicine from the chemist’s shop. At home, they are allowed to watch television and daddy reads to them. And before very long, Jan and Julia are feeling very much better again!
| 3 +

Dickreiter, Lisa-Marie (Author) Götz, Andreas (Author) Renger, Nikolai (Illustrator)

Berti comes in like a wrecking ball!

Sibling fun somewhere between the Herdmanns and Troublemaker Street: Life really isn’t easy for five-year-old Berti. He has not one, but three big brothers – and all of them are at least twice as old as him! So it’s no wonder they only ever see him as the baby who’s never allowed to join in their games. After all, as superheroes, they are constantly busy saving the world every day. It’s just a pity that their heroic deeds always land them in such a mess that they have to be saved themselves – by Berti, of all people!

- Superheroes are a top topic at the moment and here it’s spiced with plenty of humour and a host of hilarious illustrations, so just right for the young target group
- Ideal for reading aloud: a book brimming with mischief that will have parents and children in stitches

5 +