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Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

The delightfully loveable Patchwork Family – the new children’s book by bestselling author Stefanie Taschinski

Emma and her family are the new people at number 11! But it would be so much more interesting if all the neighbours made up a great big family together – like a patchwork rug. No sooner said, than done! Old Mrs Becker becomes simply Granny Becker, and for all the other children in the house, Emma’s dad becomes their dad, too. There’s just one neighbour who doesn’t want to be part of the patchwork family: the mysterious earl who lives on the ground floor! But how crazy would it be if the combined efforts of the patchwork family didn’t get to the bottom of their invisible neighbour’s secret?

A charming combination of children’s daily life and a heart-warming family story with an element of feel-good suspense | 8 +

    König, Michael (Author)

    Adventure's Coming Home!

    Turn your home into an Escape Room - with a whole host of challenges in all the different rooms! In the game, players are shut in and the doors are secured by a combination lock.

    Your mission is to work together as a family to escape from the 'room'. Now things become exciting: you'll need to rack your brains, work things out, search for things - because you can only escape once you've found the right code. The puzzles are true brain-teasers; however, there's fun to be had as well. Ever heard of the Tickling Challenge or the Food Pairing Contest? No? Well, you will do now!

    – The first family book that transforms your own four walls into an Escape Room!
    – Quality Time: this book is great fun, offers endless opportunities for family bonding, and promotes creativity, deductive skills and empathy.
    – This interactive book leads participants step by step through the game, offering useful tips along the way. If you get really stuck, the solutions are at the end, too! | For kids and adults

      Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

      Some days, happiness seems to come pouring out of the sky like rain

      Emma and her family have settled in really well at number 11, and there’s plenty going on: The patchwork family is expecting a new addition, and Father Ollie is spending every spare minute he has at his restaurant, trying to win a Golden Chef’s Hat Award. Jojo, on the other hand, wants one thing more than anything else for his fifth birthday – for Mummy to come over from Australia on a visit!

      Book 2 in the new series by bestselling author Stefanie Taschinski

      Neighbours are the subject here – and a very popular one, too: shared parties and activities are right on trend

      A modern Bullerby in the city | 8 +

        Lütje, Susanne (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

        Watch out, pirates on the loose! Adventure with Ricky and Ruby
        Ricky, Ruby and their daddy turn into wild pirates when they go to the playground. Ricky also has lots of fun with his grandpa when he plays football with him. And in the bath, Ricky splashes so much water about that his little sister Ruby ends up clean and washed even though she isn’t even in the bath.

        Full English translation available!
        | 24 months +

          Garanin, Melanie (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

          Ready for the gymkhana? Mara’s great pony friendship.

          Mara is being allowed to take riding lessons – on a proper horse. But she still pays a daily visit to her “secret pony”, the old mare Mimi-Mathilda. When her neighbour tells Mara that her daughter used to ride Mimi-Mathilda in lots of gymkhanas, Mara can’t help thinking that she could do that, too! Another episode in the series of warm, funny books about the great friendship between an old pony and a little girl. Two double pages of pictures in the middle section give eager young readers a short reading break.

          •\x09Volume 2 in the warm, funny pony series
          •\x09Bright, amusing pictures
          | 7 +

            Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

            Ready to Enter!
            Beginning reader treasury for young pirates

            Pirates in the living room! Johan can’t believe his eyes. A moment ago Daddy was reading to him and telling him he knew all about pirates and now, here he is tied up to the standard lamp. The wild crew of the Black Nine are actually right there in the flat, busily searching for gold – and the pirates get terribly angry when they don’t find any. Johan realises there’s only one person who can save the day now: he himself must set Daddy free!
            | 6 +

              Maar, Paul (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

              Everything going wrong today? A good-mood recipe for beginning readers!

              Jack is furious! Things have been going wrong all day. Everyone laughed at him in school, Lucas wouldn’t play with him and then a boy from the third year stole his woolly hat on the way home. With so much bad luck, how could Jack possibly not be in a bad mood. And what can you do when the whole day has been so rotten? Luckily, Jack’s mummy comes up with a super idea. In this book for beginning readers, author Paul Maar yet again shows his great ability to empathise with children and offers affectionate suggestions for dealing with such difficult emotions as embarrassment, disappointment and anger.
              | 7 +

                Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                Slimy-sludge-and-cheesy-feet! Oggly yummies for beginning readers.
                Ogglies are gourmets. Their favourite food is Oggly-Mummy’s stinky broth with fishbone pudding. But where have all the delicious fishbones gone? The whole Oggly family sets out to search for them.
                For Year One children: large print, short text passages and colourful pictures to help children understand what they are reading. With reading puzzles included. | 6 +

                  Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

                  This is Little Owl talking – this is how Christmas sounds

                  It’s Christmas. The owl gets some wonderful presents from Mummy and Daddy, Granny and Granddad. The owl is blissful, laughing happily, when it suddenly realises – oh no! – it didn’t think of presents itself! Luckily, it comes up with the very best present to give to the others, after all: “A kiss for everyone! There couldn’t be a better gift!” Each page produces a different sound. Little Owl can be heard speaking, unwrapping presents and, at the end of the story, even singing a Christmas carol.

                  Little Owl Celebrates Christmas can now be heard with a sweet little owl voice.
                  | 24 months +

                    zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

                    The little fox tries to find out where the sound he just heard is coming from. First he meets a cow, who says “Moo!”. The sound didn’t come from her. Nor were the pig’s grunts, the cockerel’s cockadoodledoo or the owl’s hoots what he heard. And then the little fox discovers that his mummy made the sound because she was so happy to have her little darling back with her again.

                    What Did The Little Fox Hear? is now available with real sounds – six different animal sounds to be exact, for an experience with all the senses.
                    | 24 months +

                      Herget, Gundula (Author) Staar, Katharina (Illustrator)

                      Into the box with you!
                      Time to tidy up: not many words and large screen-print illustrations fire the imagination. A picture book for explorers.
                      “What a pigsty!” Mummy scolds, leaving a green box in Freddy’s room. She wants him to use it to clear all his toys away. But the box isn’t a box at all. It’s a tractor … a sailing boat … a submarine … a plane … a spaceship … a sledge … a hot-air balloon … and Mummy and Freddy climb into it and soar way up high into the sky.
                      | 3 +

                        Schuld, Kerstin M. (Author) Schuld, Kerstin M. (Illustrator)

                        If the lamp lights up, it’s the right answer! You’re sure to know all about your own home. What do you need if you want to do some baking? What tool is useful for hanging up a picture? What do you put on when it’s raining outside? If you know the right answer, tap on it and a little lamp will light up.

                        The joy of discovery with a true “light-bulb” effect: join in, marvel, have fun while you learn and use the visible answer check
                        | 24 months +

                          Schaudinn, Jasmin (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

                          Edda on a mission: Her super-crazy ’secret agent’ birthday

                          Ever since Edda and Matti found an old computer keyboard on the rubbish heap, they have been obsessed by secret agents. So Edda, of course, wants a proper detective party for her seventh birthday. With shadowing people, and secret missions, and agent ID for all the guests. When Matti discovers a little mouse in the garden, Edda has a sweet pet as well. In addition to a brilliant Secret Agent birthday with all her friends! | 6 +

                            Wieker, Katharina (Author) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator)

                            Tim is already four years old, but his big brother, Yuri, says he’s still only little. That’s why Yuri won’t let Tim join in when he’s playing football with the other big boys. Luckily, Tim meets Leon and his dog, Coco. Tim and Leon are soon real Gummy Bear brothers, and Superteddy, Tim’s loyal companion, always lets them play! | 3 +

                              von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Garanin, Melanie (Illustrator)

                              Magnus would much rather have flown off to Majorca with his father and Finya had really been looking forward to her riding holiday. But this year everything is different because Finya’s mother, Carla, and Magnus’ father, Calvin, have just fallen in love with each other and are planning a trip to a small Danish island – so that they can all become one big family. This promises to be very dull! Or will it? One thing’s certain, the kids hadn’t expected to find so many puzzling adventures there…

                              | 8 +

                                Schindler, Anna (Author) Bock, Billy (Illustrator)

                                Children need time

                                Nobody wants to play with Zoe. Mummy, Daddy and her big brother and sister both have important things to do. So Zoe sets off for the park all on her own. Luckily, she bumps into old Alfred there. He has so much time that he can just sit on the park bench and gaze at the clouds. He even watches the snails! Perhaps Alfred could give Zoe’s family some of his time?

                                Sharing time in a jam jar: philosophy for children, touchingly told and illustrated with a refreshingly light touch.
                                | 4 +

                                  Obrecht, Bettina (Author) Engelking, Katrin (Illustrator)

                                  Every year Anna thinks: This time I’ll get a dog for my birthday. And when she doesn’t, she thinks: But I’m sure to get a dog for Christmas. Christmas is nearly here and Anna is quite convinced that she will be given a dog. But what’s that by the Christmas tree? A bike. Anna can hardly believe it. Okay, it is a lovely bike and it does have five gears. But it simply isn’t a dog. A dog would have been pleased to be Anna’s present. A bike can’t be pleased. “Do you know what,” says Daddy, “Mummy and I are going to get our bikes out now and then we’ll show your bike the town together. Perhaps it would like that.” And the bike really does. Well it certainly hums as if it were happy and Anna is happy, too. And anyway, it’ll be her birthday again soon, won’t it? Then she’s sure to get a dog … | 7 +

                                    Zeuch, Christa (Author) Eisenbarth, Pia (Illustrator)

                                    Fun and games from six to six: time-telling fun with a real clock!
                                    The morning starts at six with a pillow fight, at seven it’s time for the pixies to clean their teeth and splash the hens with water, and at nine o’clock they have to be at nursery school. The children accompany the little pixies Tim and Lu all through the day, using the clock to set the times from when Tim and Lu get up in the morning to when they go to bed at night and Father Pixie reads them a goodnight story.
                                    Colourful pictures depict the children’s eventful daily lives, and as a special feature, there’s a clock with moving hands that tick as they turn.
                                    | 3 +

                                      Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Schulmeyer, Heribert (Illustrator)

                                      Warm heart, big mouth!
                                      Freda Fractious, ready for anything! Anna is seven and sometimes a little shy. When she receives an invitation to Marie’s birthday party, she isn’t sure whether or not to be pleased. Freda, Anna’s rag doll, on the other had, has absolutely no doubts that birthdays are super! You see, nothing intimidates Freda. She’s self-confident, rebellious and impudent, and so it’s sometimes quite good that only Anna can hear the kinds of things Freda comes out with all day long.

                                      With its many colour illustrations, this top title from the successful COOLMAN duo is ideal for beginning readers!

                                      The perfect female counterpart to COOLMAN – with ordinary life and a good pinch of anarchy making an ideal mix.
                                      | 6 +

                                        Schaudinn, Jasmin (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

                                        Our America Across the Way

                                        Six-year-old Edda lives in Moss Lane, and she and her friends’ favourite place to play is “America”, the overgrown plot of land on the other side of the road. But then builders come along and put up a house there, of all places. Of course, Edda is definitely going to hate the new people for ever! It’s just too bad that she and the boy who moves into the new house get on like a house on fire from the word go.

                                        A great book for reading aloud, with depth and humour

                                        Like a best friend: a delightfully genuine narrator

                                        For everyone who loves feel-good stories like “Sommerby”.

                                        BÜCHER magazine awarded "Edda of Moss Lane" their “Grandios” seal of approval!
                                        “Marvellous, the way Jasmin Schaudinn inhabits the emotional world of the first-person narrator. The author knows exactly what goes on in the minds of six-year-olds… a terrific debut that leaves you wanting more! Edda conquers the hearts of her readers!“ | 6 +

                                          Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

                                          | 4 +

                                            Lütje, Susanne (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

                                            It’s so nice when we’re together!
                                            The perfect goodnight storybook for fathers and children
                                            You can experience so much with your Daddy! The little bear’s daddy gives him bread and honey, the little hare plays hide and seek with daddy hare, and father dog carries his little puppy home on his back when he is too tired to longer walk. And the human daddy tucks his child into bed and sings him a lullaby. A heart-warming book full of shared happy moments – for all daddies and children!
                                            Especially quaint, appealing pictures, eight rhyming father-child experiences – a favourite book to pick up again and again!
                                            | 24 months +

                                              von Vogel, Maja (Author) Grimm, Sandra (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator) Czerwenka, Eva (Illustrator) Fienieg, Annette (Illustrator) | further

                                              Pack your holiday books! Three books brimming with read-aloud stories: adventure stories, dolphin stories & beach stories

                                              Finny the dolphin finds a star, Florian sends a message in a bottle, Julia meets a mermaid and Luke chases the flop-eared tiger. Hurray – finally, holiday stories the whole family will love. And not one, but three books in a slipcase that already puts you in a holiday mood the moment you see it.
                                              Three books brimming with read-aloud stories: Adventure Stories, Dolphin Stories & Beach Stories

                                              Ideal for small luggage | 4 +

                                                Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Kreitz, Isabel (Illustrator)

                                                Ludwig at her best: spooky classroom goings-on that are guaranteed to raise a smile!
                                                Twelve-year-old Felix Vorndran’s newly won friendship with his pals, and above all with Ella, is put to an acid test. But what role do the seemingly friendly biology replacement teacher Dr. Dr. Quip, who is obsessed with flying, and the ‘resurrected’ Hulda Stingbeard play in all this?? And why is it Felix who is shrinking this time? Another fast-paced and gripping story by Sabine Ludwig.

                                                Once again, we meet Felix, Smithy and Ella of the bestseller and box-office hit "Help, I’ve Shrunk my Teacher" by bestselling author Sabine Ludwig (200,000 books from the Miss Braitwhistle series sold). Light-footed and hilarious narrative style.

                                                “Sabine Ludwig mixes the creepy adventures of schoolchildren with elements of fantasy. The liveliness of the book stems above all from its humour, which emerges from the smallest incidents. The result is often hilarious!”
                                                Berliner Zeitung

                                                “Sabine Ludwig’s fans must read it, and for those who have not yet read any of her books, it is recommended unconditionally.”
                                                Der Tagesspiegel

                                                “Excitement is guaranteed with this book by Sabine Ludwig.”
                                                Neues Deutschland

                                                | 10 +