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Little Matilda can hardly wait for her baby brother to come out of Mummy’s tummy at long last. But when Finn finally arrives, Matilda is surprised to find that the baby can’t even play with her yet! This and other heart-warming stories of many different real-life family situations make this a delightful story book for young children of two and over. | 24 months +

Monster fantastic! The monster family have a roaring good holiday

It’s the holidays and the monster family is planning to go away. But where should their journey take them? Daddy Monster would like to climb a volcano, Mummy Monster would love to go to the North Pole, Igor wants to see the jungle and Olga is quite set a waterfall holiday. Only Paul, the human boy the monster family adopted when he was a baby, doesn’t care which holiday destination they choose, as long as they are all together.

For primary schoolkids of 6 and over, this is the perfect holiday read, dealing with subjects like “belonging” and “recognising your own strengths” in lovable monster fashion.
| 6 +

A roaring good read! Paul is growing up as a member of a monster family. For as long as he can remember, living with Mum and Dad monster and his monster brother and sister has been perfectly normal. So naturally he thinks he’s a monster, too. He’s never known anything else. He loves his family and they love him. At monster school, Paul has to learn how to roar really loudly, but at first he can’t. Will Paul pass his roaring test in the end?
The first in a new series by the successful COOLMAN author duo, Bertram/Schulmeyer
- Top topics for primary schoolchildren: being different, belonging, acceptance
- Comic illustrations in the book will have even the boys who are not very interested in reading picking up a book
- Even boys who aren’t big on reading will love the new monster series for beginning readers with its amazing comic illustrations.

| 6 +

A monster party for a human boy – wild, funny, heart-warming!

It’s Paul’s birthday and he desperately wants a dog. His family, the Monsters, are being very secretive. When he arrives home from school at lunchtime, he finds the house full of monsters – a surprise party! They welcome him with a “Happy Birthday!” roar that’s so loud Paul flies backwards into the garden. Confusion ensues! And all the while, Paul is really dying to know what his present is.
| 6 +

A roaring good read! Paul is growing up as a member of a monster family. For as long as he can remember, living with Mum and Dad monster and his monster brother and sister has been perfectly normal. So naturally he thinks he’s a monster, too. He’s never known anything else. He loves his family and they love him. At monster school, Paul has to learn how to roar really loudly, but at first he can’t. Will Paul pass his roaring test in the end?

The first in a new series by the successful COOLMAN author duo, Bertram/Schulmeyer

- Top topics for primary schoolchildren: being different, belonging, acceptance

- Comic illustrations in the book will have even the boys who are not very interested in reading picking up a book | 6 +

Bushcraft is an ever-growing trend: increasing numbers of people are wanting to experience the thrill of heading off into Nature with as little kit as possible. At the heart of this lies the intensive and lasting experience of being at one with Nature. However, bushcraft is also an exciting and diverse family hobby.

“Bushcraft for Families” is the first book about bushcraft which is aimed at whole families. It is aimed at novices with children who want to dip a toe into outdoor adventures, and includes basic information about what preparations to make and explanations of the ways in which Nature might manifest itself. However, it also contains instructions for families to make tools and shelters with the most basic materials in order to experience unforgettable Nature at first hand.

The first bushcraft book for the whole family. Experience unforgettable Nature together!
Includes a host of easy-to-make projects to suit all ages.
Outdoor on-trend topic: created by the writer behind ‘Survival-Kompass’. | 6 +

Adventure's Coming Home!

Turn your home into an Escape Room - with a whole host of challenges in all the different rooms! In the game, players are shut in and the doors are secured by a combination lock.

Your mission is to work together as a family to escape from the 'room'. Now things become exciting: you'll need to rack your brains, work things out, search for things - because you can only escape once you've found the right code. The puzzles are true brain-teasers; however, there's fun to be had as well. Ever heard of the Tickling Challenge or the Food Pairing Contest? No? Well, you will do now!

– The first family book that transforms your own four walls into an Escape Room!
– Quality Time: this book is great fun, offers endless opportunities for family bonding, and promotes creativity, deductive skills and empathy.
– This interactive book leads participants step by step through the game, offering useful tips along the way. If you get really stuck, the solutions are at the end, too! | 6 +

A beautifully made board book which tells the story of a charmingly different family

Pingu and Pongo are happy
As a penguin pair can be.
But then they’re even happier
When two plus one makes three!

Pingu spends his days doing what penguins like to to do best: swimming, diving, and sliding on the ice. Then he meets Pongo and they are very happy together. One day they suddenly find something lying on the ice: an egg! The pair incubate it. And what hatches out? A little chick. How wonderful!

18 months +

"The day I scored an own goal twice in an E-youth friendly was the day my parents decided they wanted a second child. Preferably a second son, said Dad.”
Anton, 9 years old, corrector of fairy tales and narrator of this amusing family story doesn’t have an easy time of it. Luckily for him, Dilip joins his family as his adoptive brother. Dilip comes from India and he’s already a brilliant physicist – well not quite yet. But at least he doesn’t have a chance of a career in football, either. But it takes a big bang for Anton’s family to finally settle into place.
A wonderful family story: warm-hearted, funny and a little bit crazy, too!
| 8 +

The delightfully loveable Patchwork Family – the new children’s book by bestselling author Stefanie Taschinski

Emma and her family are the new people at number 11! But it would be so much more interesting if all the neighbours made up a great big family together – like a patchwork rug. No sooner said, than done! Old Mrs Becker becomes simply Granny Becker, and for all the other children in the house, Emma’s dad becomes their dad, too. There’s just one neighbour who doesn’t want to be part of the patchwork family: the mysterious earl who lives on the ground floor! But how crazy would it be if the combined efforts of the patchwork family didn’t get to the bottom of their invisible neighbour’s secret?

A charming combination of children’s daily life and a heart-warming family story with an element of feel-good suspense

8 +

It’s unbelievably exciting when your wishes come true! Volume 3 of the much-loved children’s series featuring the Patchwork Family of Hotchpotch House.

Out of the blue Rebecca, the mother of Emma, Ben and Jojo, returns from Australia, and turns the lives of everyone at Number 11 upside down. Emma now has barely any time for her guinea pig project - but now that Mum’s home, Emma obviously wants her to stay there for ever … Meanwhile, it’s already holiday time and all the other children at Number 11 are already away - so Emma, Ben and Jojo are thrilled when their mum suggests a camping trip at the North Sea. Their holiday gets off to a great start - until Emma discovers that her mum has a secret. What on Earth should they do now?

By the best-selling author of the Dein Spiegel novels, Stefanie Taschinski.
Together, anything is possible - heart-warming stories about friendship, family, and sticking together.
A modern-day cross between Astrid Lindgren’s Bullerby Children and Kirsten Boie’s Möwenweg stories.

8 +

Hotchpotch House 4 - Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming, and the Patchwork Family are busily baking and singing. Emma and Aylin are preparing a very special surprise, and Ben is also full of anticipation: will he get the same mega-cool games console as his new schoolfriend Lasse? However, Dad and Selda can’t afford it, because all the children have to have special presents - including the new baby whom Doris and Stella are expecting. But who knows: maybe the Christmas Fairy might just call in at Number 11?

- The festive finale to the popular children’s book series by the best-selling author of the “Dein Spiegel” novels, Stefanie Taschinski.

- Sensitively told and full of Christmas cheer.

- A Christmas reading treat for the whole family!
| 8 +

Some days, happiness seems to come pouring out of the sky like rain

Emma and her family have settled in really well at number 11, and there’s plenty going on: The patchwork family is expecting a new addition, and Father Ollie is spending every spare minute he has at his restaurant, trying to win a Golden Chef’s Hat Award. Jojo, on the other hand, wants one thing more than anything else for his fifth birthday – for Mummy to come over from Australia on a visit!

Book 2 in the new series by bestselling author Stefanie Taschinski
Neighbours are the subject here – and a very popular one, too: shared parties and activities are right on trend
A modern Bullerby in the city

8 +

All three Greta books in one edition – a unique special edition – to mark Christine Nöstlinger's 65th birthday. There is always something going on in the life of Margarethe Maria Sackmeier, generally known as Greta. At 14, she’s sure she’s too fat. At 15, she suddenly has to live without her father and brother Harry when her mum decides to change her life and become emancipated. When Greta is 17, her family is back together again. But now she is faced with different problems. Whom should she choose – Florian or Hinzel? If she could, she would keep them both ... | 12 +

Berti comes in like a wrecking ball!

Sibling fun somewhere between the Herdmanns and Troublemaker Street: Life really isn’t easy for five-year-old Berti. He has not one, but three big brothers – and all of them are at least twice as old as him! So it’s no wonder they only ever see him as the baby who’s never allowed to join in their games. After all, as superheroes, they are constantly busy saving the world every day. It’s just a pity that their heroic deeds always land them in such a mess that they have to be saved themselves – by Berti, of all people!

- Superheroes are a top topic at the moment and here it’s spiced with plenty of humour and a host of hilarious illustrations, so just right for the young target group
- Ideal for reading aloud: a book brimming with mischief that will have parents and children in stitches

5 +

What, go to bed without Bunny? Never! Ricky searches high and low for his cuddly toy.
Because Mummy really loves bright colours, Ricky paints the wallpaper – and Mummy is delighted! When they go shopping together, Ricky is allowed to use the vegetable scales and he can only get off to sleep with his cuddly toy, Bunny. But where on earth can Bunny have got to? Ricky begins a search.

Three picture stories in one book: Ricky Racoon paints a picture, Ricky Racoon goes shopping, Ricky Racoon says goodnight - with fold-out page.
| 24 months +

Watch out, pirates on the loose! Adventure with Ricky and Ruby
Ricky, Ruby and their daddy turn into wild pirates when they go to the playground. Ricky also has lots of fun with his grandpa when he plays football with him. And in the bath, Ricky splashes so much water about that his little sister Ruby ends up clean and washed even though she isn’t even in the bath.

Full English translation available!
| 24 months +

“Family is the most important thing in life, blood is thicker than pleasure.” That’s what Mariechen’s gran always says. Let’s just hope she’s right. The weekend Konrad from Mariechen’s class has invited everyone to a summer party is the very one the Haselgruber’s family reunion takes place in South Tyrol. Naturally, Mariechen, thirteen years young, needs to show a bit of family interest once a year and has to go, but the outing luckily ends unexpected and prematurely. The party seems to be a sure thing, now, if only two boys hadn’t shown an interest in Mariechen. While she is still trying to sort out her confused emotional life, she is unsettled by strange threatening letters addressed to her grandmother concerning the invention of a bakery production line and the repayment of large sums of money. No wonder Gran’s crazy business can no longer be kept a secret. After all, how they get out of this mess is a matter that concerns everyone in the Haselgruber family. Will Mariechen and her family be forced to leave their home, the beloved old Villa Henriette? If it weren’t for her great-uncle, who is actually a bit “plem-plem” – who knows. | 12 +

Olfi Obermeier is fourteen years old and the only male member of his family. Apart from him, there is just one grandmother, one great-aunt, two aunts, a mother and two big sisters. Not a single man far and wide, not even on high days and holidays. But this only becomes really clear to Olfi during maths one day, when he reads in a psycho magazine that children who have been brought up by men have a much higher IQ than children who have grown up surrounded only by females ... Understandably, Olfi feels he has been cheated of his rightful intelligence and falls into crisis. Christine Nöstlinger has him tell his own story, in a carefree, cheeky and very funny style, of experiencing and overcoming his crisis – and at the same time of finding the first great love of his life and managing to lose a not-so-great one. | 12 +

Is it possible for a totally crazy family to get any crazier? Well, yes it can actually – if the grandfather suddenly starts to believe he’s God! A turbulent family story with a totally lovable hero!

Nick is nine years old and there’s one thing in the world he really wants – he would love to have a dog; a real, live dog. Unfortunately, everyone in Nick’s family is so crazy that he can’t talk to them about anything as ordinary as a dog – everyone, that is, but his grandad, John Lasar. Apart from Nick, he is the only sensible person in the family. And he is going to persuade Nick’s mother to let Nick have a dog at last. That’s what Nick hopes, at least and so he plans to talk to his grandad about it at the grand anniversary party to be held for his grandad’s chocolate factory.
But then things don’t turn out anything like Nick had imagined because Grandad John, Nick’s only ally of all people, turns crazy from one day to the next, and starts believing he is God.
This causes great excitement, of course, and for once in their lives, all the other members of the family agree that Grandad John absolutely must be brought to his senses. The only trouble is that no amount of yoga, music, argument, pleading or name calling has the slightest effect. Grandad John continues to declare that he is God. Then Nick remembers what his sister’s teacher once said about his sister’s India mania: namely that everyone should accept it and, even better, play along with it. So all the members of his family build a throne and set Grandad John upon it and one by one they come before him to ask him to grant their wishes.
Not even Nick would ever have guessed just how crazy his family’s wishes could be and above all what peculiar consequences the whole thing would have …

English sample translation available! | 8 +

Peace, joy and gold in the garden? One day, the family discovers Gran Cordula, Mummy’s mother from the old peoples’ home, suddenly standing on the doorstep. She turns the family’s idyll into chaos and declares that there's a treasure buried in the garden. And while Henrik gaily sets about digging, initially earning mocking smiles from his mummy, daddy and sister, hole by hole, they all start secretly digging themselves. At some point, even the city authorities and neighbours turn up at the fence with their spades. There really must be something worth finding here. A warm-hearted and slightly zany family story by Salah Naoura.

« With subtle humour, acute dialogues and a grandmother who turns everything upside down, Salah Naoura skilfully delivers a family's normality into the realms of the absurd. As the family members greedily dig for gold, their standards, certainties and relationships shift and need to be redefined. Naoura has a talent for presenting difficult topics in light-hearted guise. » Excerpt from the jury’s assessment for the book’s nomination for the 2014 German-French Children’s Literature Award.

“A fast-paced and very funny story with a charm that will captivate you from the very first page. Salah Naoura combines shrewd observations, zeitgeist and thoughtfulness to create an highly entertaining whole.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung on "Help! Get Me Out of Here!"

| 8 +

The Ogglies as aids to medicine – that’s just bound to go wrong!
Grump-fart-devil! Professor Fizzywine knows that tummy ache is a terrible thing! He also knows that Ogglies never have tummy ache even though they gobble up the most peculiar things – for example, rice-nail casserole with smelly socks au gratin. There must be a reason for this, the professor thinks and, with the aid of the Ogglies, sets to work developing an efficacious remedy for tummy ache with the aim of winning first prize at the Inventors’ Congress. The trouble is that he hadn’t reckoned with the Ogglies’ stubbornness. And then Professor Fizzywine’s medicine turns out to have a completely different effect from the one he intended!
Great fun for all Oggly fans: the first Oggly novel for children with lots of colour illustrations by the author.
| 8 +

Kilian has been living with his grandparents in a village in the country for ten years. He is happy there and has plenty of friends. But now he’s suddenly supposed to move back to town, back to his parents who have barely bothered about him in the past. He really does have great difficulty getting used to his new life: his parents are practically strangers to him and don’t understand what he is going through. He fails to make any friends at school and when his parents tell him he has to stop seeing Manuela, the girl he has fallen in love with, he is at his wits’ end … | 12 +

Very best friends, thousands of pranks! Refreshingly light-hearted adventures
Why do the pigs suddenly start rushing crazily all over the place? The farmer should be pleased there’s a bit of life in the pigsty for a change! And Daddy could also be grateful that Antony and Antonia tried to smooth out the dents in his car with a hammer. The pair cannot understand what all the fuss is about and their parents cannot believe how two children can get up to so much mischief. But then, what else is there to do if you have as many good ideas as Antony and Antonia!
A lively children’s book about two imaginative friends: excitement on the farm, a chaotic birthday part and much, much more!
| 8 +

A Woman for Daddy!

Grown-ups can be really stupid sometimes. There’s no reason why Jonah shouldn’t be perfectly happy living on his own with his father, is there? But his Daddy thinks their home needs a woman’s touch so he joins a dating programme and takes Jonah with him to an Amor meeting instead of football. The women he meets there are all really stupid, Jonah thinks. Why doesn’t he just take Lotti from next door? But Daddy won’t listen to a word and drags Jonah off to a speed-dating session. And who should be there, too, but Lotti! She appears to be getting along very well with one of the men there and, for some reason, Daddy doesn’t look too pleased about that…
| 10 +

To Millie, Italy seems awfully hot – as hot as hell must be. You sweat and sweat and feel like eating ice cream all the time, especially tutti frutti. Mummy and Daddy say they’re saving the best thing in Italy for last: not another volcano, not another leaning tower, but a city called Venice. “Pah!” thinks Millie, “Ven-iss – what can be so special about that?” | 6 +

A royal visitor graces the rubbish tip! But the king really gets on the Ogglies´´´´ nerves …
Grump-fart-blast! Can you credit it? The Ogglies are visited by a proper king! Grandma-Oggly is delighted. Yet the unexpected guest expects to be waited on hand and foot and keeps the Oggly family on its toes with his special wishes. In the end, Grandad-Oggly has had enough of it. After all, if a guest behaves so disgracefully, even the most angelic Oggly patience runs out in the end!
The ninth Oggly first-reading adventure. | 8 +

Everything going wrong today? A good-mood recipe for beginning readers!

Jack is furious! Things have been going wrong all day. Everyone laughed at him in school, Lucas wouldn’t play with him and then a boy from the third year stole his woolly hat on the way home. With so much bad luck, how could Jack possibly not be in a bad mood. And what can you do when the whole day has been so rotten? Luckily, Jack’s mummy comes up with a super idea. In this book for beginning readers, author Paul Maar yet again shows his great ability to empathise with children and offers affectionate suggestions for dealing with such difficult emotions as embarrassment, disappointment and anger.
| 7 +

Down the loo? Paul’s weird and wonderful journey to the depths of the sewage system
What do you do when your best friend is flushed down the toilet? For Paul the answer is perfectly clear – he will have to climb down into the sewage system to rescue him. And that’s not such an easy job because the friend in question is the Mississippi alligator Orinoco. To his great astonishment, Paul meets a whole gang of children who live down there. Can it really be better living there than at home?
An enchanting children’s adventure and a tumultuous story about family and friendship.
| 10 +

The Ogglies are obviously not entirely pleased when the Environment Authority loads up their rubbish tip onto a lorry and takes it away for ever. What are the Ogglies supposed to live off now, holy bin bag? Then Oggly-Daddy has an idea – and his fine instinct puts him on the right scent, too … | 8 +

Mmmh, delicious! It’s the Ogglie twins’ birthday, so they simply have to have a birthday cake. Mummy Oggly and Leo, who’s on a visit to the rubbish tip, set to work preparing not one but two cakes. Now which one do you think the Oggly children will like? Leo’s lemon cake or Mummy Oggly’s stinker cake?

Baking with the Ogglies: an interactive story with real children’s recipes and heaps of fun!
| 4 +

Whoops, we’ve shrunk the Ogglies! Lydia and Yvonne are two ladies who detest nothing more than dirt. When Professor Fizzywine develops a cleaning powder that unintentionally shrinks everything it touches, the ladies are delighted. In the night, they attempt to shrink Smelliville’s rubbish tip to nothing. When the Ogglies wake up the following morning, they find that they, too, are really tiny and in danger of being captured for the local flea circus. But even shrunken Ogglies are strong! They manage to escape, Fizzywine invents an antidote and the end of the story is that it’s the two ladies who have to sweep and dust at the flea circus.

The latest adventures of the most extraordinary large family in German children’s literature! Huge fun, even when they are really tiny: THE OGGLIES by Erhard Dietl.
| 8 +

Oh no! Mummy has hurt her knee and isn’t allowed to put her weight on it! What a good job Jan and Julia are already so grown up. Now they can help to prepare the meals, water the flowers and hang up the washing – and have lots of fun doing it all!

| 3 +

In The Nicest Dad in the World, the little bear’s daddy gives him bread and honey, the little hare plays hide and seek with Daddy Hare, and Father Dog carries his little puppy home on his back when he is too tired to walk any further. And the human daddy tucks his child into bed and sings him a lullaby until he falls asleep.

In The Nicest Mummy in the World, we want to find out whose mummy is the nicest in the world. Is it the squirrel whose mummy rocks him in her arms? Or the polar bear whose mummy makes him hot tea? Or perhaps the little fox whose mummy kisses away the pain when he hurts himself? In the end, one thing is clear: every child has the nicest mummy in the world!
| 24 months +

Two adorable consolation books in one, in the handy MAXI format!
Bold, bright pictures and delightfully funny rhymes for children to repeat and empathise with. For everyone with a big heart!
“Oh no,” groans the beaver. “I think I have a fever!” Straight away, all his friends want to help him. The ferret sends him to bed, the snail gives him a blanket, the rabbit provides a cold compress and they all get together to cook him hot soup! How could the beaver fail to get better now!
And who will help the little lobster? “Boohoo,” sobs the lobster. “I am so miserable.” The other animals are worried about their friend and try to comfort the little lobster and cheer him up. The plaice gives him a great big hug, the mussels snuggle up to him, and the starfish puts its arms around him. But none of this is enough to make him feel better. Then the seahorse swims up to her darling lobster, and now he’s happy again.
| 24 months +

“Oh no,“ says the mouse. “I think I’ve got a louse.” However will the mouse get rid of it? The lamb, the rat, the bear and the cat all want to help, but neither combing nor scratching does the trick. What a good thing that at some point the little louse has simply had enough and decides to leave, and says thanks and goodbye, waving as its goes.

What did the little fox hear? Was that the owl? Or the cockerel? Or perhaps the piglet? No – they all make very different sounds. But then the little fox discovers where the sound is coming from: from his mummy, of course!
| 24 months +

Nee-naw, nee-naw! Here comes the fire engine, its siren wailing whenever there’s a fire to put out. But the fire brigade also helps in other ways: pumping oil from the lake or rescuing a little kitten caught in a tree.
The many colour pictures make these exciting stories even more appealing to small children. You can look at them together and read them aloud.
| 3 +

A storybook packed with exciting and turbulent adventures to read aloud. For all police fans, young and not so young!
The many colour pictures make these varied stories even more appealing to small children.
You can look at them together and read them aloud.
| 4 +

Holiday time at last! Ian and Lara are visiting Nana and Granddad on the farm, where they have an exciting time riding on the tractor, playing in the maize field and watching the little piglets.
The many colour pictures make these varied stories even more appealing to small children. You can look at them together and read them aloud.
| 24 months +