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Schindler, Anna (Author) Bock, Billy (Illustrator)

Seven girlfriends you must be! Filippa, Luna, Ina, Noriko, Karlotta, Elena and Nelly are the »FLY FOXES« – and they’re inseparable. At least, they are until the bother begins when Ina suddenly decides they should bring in boys. No way! If that’s what she wants, then she should start her own gang with Alex and Anthony. But then the three break into the Foxes’ secret hiding place, disappear without trace, and the plan of the Baptist Cave vanishes from the wall of their gang headquarters. The Fly Foxes set out to rescue Ina, Alex and Anthony, and that means climbing down into the dangerous cave themselves. It’s a good thing Foxes can always rely on their gang!

Thrilling gang fun in diary style, with fantastic new heroines and plenty of tips for bold girls to start their own gang. Beautiful, with a host of four-colour illustrations.
| 9 +

Klein, Martin (Author) Eschweiler, Birgit (Author) Kierzek, Sabine (Author) Fuchs, Amber (Illustrator) | further

Ultracool for book-shy kids: the first in a series with a new picture-reading concept.

Monti, Jaro and Klara are super detectives – at least, that’s what they think! They’ve already got themselves a really cool headquarters, too, in a broom cupboard at the Bella Italia restaurant – and everything could be even better if Monti’s little sister wasn’t constantly pestering the three friends. But that suddenly doesn’t matter any more when they find themselves with a first case to solve. The monster swap cards everyone at school is collecting have mysteriously disappeared. Very soon the detectives and their chinchilla dog, Pepper, have picked up a hot lead…

Volume 1 – the detectives’ first case is an exciting and amusing school story all about swap cards. With over 300 illustrations and colour pages.

•\x09The first in a series of detective stories in comic novel format: with amusing comic pictures in bright colours and a text by popular author Martin Klein.
| 8 +

Klein, Martin (Author) Eschweiler, Birgit (Author) Kierzek, Sabine (Author) Fuchs, Amber (Illustrator) | further

A gripping story for “unwilling readers”: the detective comic for beginning readers.
Two plus Three are on the lookout for a new case! When Mrs Thingummy’s ferret is kidnapped, finding him is clearly a job for the detectives and Pepper, their chinchilla. But then more and more pets disappear and everywhere the same letter turns up claiming responsibility. The detectives immediately realise what that means: there are professional kidnappers at work here. But no case is too difficult for Two plus Three!
A picture reader with lots of colour pictures by Amber Fuchs and an exciting detective story by Martin Klein: clever comic fun for beginning readers! The concept was developed by experienced teachers to motivate rather than overwhelm beginning readers.
| 7 +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Apfelbacher, Lisa (Illustrator)

Wonderful woods! Discoveries around the year
What else will you find in the woods apart from trees? Much more than you would think! Polo shows the children foxes, badgers, rabbits and other timid woodland creatures. They visit birds and insects, and read prints in the snow. How do they do that? Oh, that’s simple … by pulling the flaps to bring deer out of the thicket and ants out of their anthill, and to reveal footprints.
Animals and plants throughout the year. With lots of extras: acetate sliders, discovery wheel, lacquer finish and embossing. Large format, packed with especially beautiful, detailed pictures and lots of information.
| 4 +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Livanios, Eleni (Illustrator)

“The day’s been a long, bright and happy one. But look – now the sun is setting.” Just moments ago, the small birds, squirrels and children were buzzing about and playing boisterously, but now they all stop and quietly gaze at the glorious sunset. Soon the moon will be here to take the sun’s place in the sky. Now it’s time for bed. | 18 months +

Amber Fuchs
Amber Fuchs lebte lange Zeit mit ihrer Familie in Kanada, leitete dort einen kleinen Buchladen und illustrierte bereits für verschiedene Zeitschriften. Heute lebt sie als freie Illustratorin im Schwarzwald. Ihr liebstes Hobby ist allerdings nur mit einem Ortswechsel möglich: Wellenreiten!