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Schmidt, Hans-Christian (Author) Weldin, Frauke (Illustrator)

Looking forward to Christmas: A very special book for the best festival of the year.

"Christmas Eve and it’s nearly eight o’clock. The woods lie silent. Snowflakes drift gently down..." The big bear lumbers through the glistening white winter woods. He meets the stag, the pig and the rabbit – together they knock at the door of the cosy house the children can see at the edge of the special contoured pages: This is where forester Klaus lives! What a good thing all the animals have brought something with them. Now they can celebrate Christmas together!

Atmospheric pictures and special contoured pages are lots of fun and full of surprises. Delightful rhymes for guessing and joining in.
| 24 months +

    Wohlleben, Peter (Author) Wohlleben, Carina (Author) Reich, Stefanie (Illustrator)

    Discover nature right from the cradle with Peter and Piet

    A new forest adventure by renowned author Peter Wohlleben and his daughter. Goodness, it's hot! Peter the Forester and Piet the Squirrel are sweating buckets outside the forester's lodge. While Peter has a refreshing ice-cream, the squirrel scuttles off to find a cooler place. On the way, Piet encounters a host of other animals, who describe what they do when they are too hot. The frog leaps into the cold water; the wild boar wallows in a muddly puddle; and the grasshopper hides in the shade of a blade of grass. These tips are no help to Piet, though. Eventually the squirrel reaches the old beech forest. It's so pleasantly cool there… Piet absolutely has to tell his friend Peter about it.

    Lift-the-flap book includes fascinating facts about the forest.

    First board book by Peter Wohlleben and his daughter. A guaranteed big-seller.

    Charming and lovingly told non-fiction book, with flaps to lift.

    Carbon-neutral production. | 24 months +