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von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Brandstetter, Johann (Illustrator)

The unique knowledge series for children from the age of 4

Fascinating dinosaurs. These gigantic prehistoric creatures never fail to catch the imagination of pre-school children. Polo takes the children with him to the forgotten world of dinosaurs. When they move the transparent sliders, they can see a young dinosaur hatching from its egg, carnivores hunting down their prey and flying dinosaurs swooping through the air – almost as if they were really there!

| 4 +

    Raab, Ann Cathrin (Author) Raab, Ann Cathrin (Illustrator)

    Have you met Matti and Momo? You can see Matti on the first page, but how does Momo look? Draw him in the book the way you see him in your mind’s eye, then the pair can fly away and have exciting adventures: they discover a fascinating island, meet strange creatures and capture a gigantic monster. Happily, everything will turn out fine if you lend them a hand.

    An interactive picture book for young artists with lots of imagination.
    The scrawls-and-scribble concept built into a picture-book story
    A creative, interactive book kids will want to look at again and again
    | 4 +

      Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

      Slimy sludge and Oggly spooks!
      The Mayor sends the Ogglies to the Blue Mountains to gobble up all the litter tourists have been leaving behind. When they get there, the Ogglies discover that a ghost has been frightening everyone there. They decide that it must be the super-tidy blue Oggly who’s behind it all – he’s probably trying to chase away the litter tourists!
      A children’s bestseller with the ever-popular Ogglies!
      | 8 +

        Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

        Of octopuses and pirates: the Ogglies go treasure hunting in the Devil’s Sea

        Diving in the Devil’s Sea to find precious porcelain from the Ming Dynasty? That’s something no Oggly would want to miss. So off they go in Fizzywine’s time machine, all the way back to the year 1604. But deep down at the bottom of the sea, the Ogglies are suddenly attacked by ravenous giant octopuses. And then they come within a whisker of being captured by wild Chinese pirates. Will they be able to escape? And how will they get back to the present?

        An exciting deep-sea adventure with the Ogglies for children aged six and over that will encourage them to learn to read.
        | 6 +

          Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

          Sharks and harpoons! Nothing scares an Oggly – slimy-sludge-and-cheesy-feet – what an adventure!
          The Ogglies travel to Arabia with the scientist Gustave Greenpecker to catch the last surviving chequered tiger shark. They receive a warm welcome at the sultan’s palace and the sultan is so delighted with Mummy Oggly’s belly dancing he would best like to keep her there. But naturally an Oggly-Mummy would never desert her family! And very soon, the Ogglies find they really do have their work cut out for them just trying to save their expedition – because it turns out they are not the only ones after the shark… An exciting Oggly story bubbling over with fun and colourfully illustrated by Erhard Dietl. | 8 +

            Clement, Ina (Author) Mildner, Tom (Author) Clement, Ina (Illustrator)

            The hobgoblings discover sweets on the high seas and follow their trail. Very soon they discover that they come from the Sultana of Zanzibar’s ship. As she sails dreamily across the sea, she doesn’t notice that the wicked octopotoad is clearing the sweets off the deck and setting the ship on course for the perilous sabre-tooth rocks! The hobgoblings simply must do something! Perhaps, with a little help from King Hobgoblin’s spooky pipe, Brizetto’s magic wand and the readers’ spell, they will be able to rescue the sultana.

            Play this book!
            All you need is a die and a piece for each player’s character and the game can begin! You can even lay your Hobgobling picture books side by side to make the board bigger.
            | 4 +

              Clement, Ina (Author) Mildner, Tom (Author) Clement, Ina (Illustrator)

              Ahoy there! The Hobgoblings are flying through the air – in a homemade hovering machine! But then they make a crash landing and soon after find themselves in the clutches of wicked Professor Aldehyde. Drat it!

              Play this book!
              All you need is a die and a piece for each player’s character and the game can begin! You can even lay your Hobgobling picture books side by side to make the board bigger.
              | 4 +

                Stewner, Tanya (Author) Hennig, Simone (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

                At last, there’s an Alea Aquarius for beginning readers, too!

                Sammy has gone missing! Ben, Alea and Lennox immediately set out into the magical underwater world to look for him. When they find his camera floating around between plastic waste, they start to feel very worried. Where on earth can Sammy be? What can have happened?

                With Alea Aquarius. Mermaid Magic by Tanya Stewner and Simone Hennig, the exciting mergirl adventures featuring Alea, Sammy and Lennox, are now also available for beginning readers of eight and over. | 8 +

                  Hill, Nova (Author)

                  In the woods, you are all alone.

                  On a field trip, twins Ira and Vanjo lose their way in the woods. They seek sanctuary in a dilapidated sanatorium, where they encounter a group of young people from a boot camp. But something isn't right. Why do all routes lead back to the doors of the sanatorium? Where are the nocturnal gasping and shuffling sounds coming from? Thrown back on their own resources, there's only one thing they can do: solve the mystery of the sanatorium. However, the tensions within the group are mounting, and it soon transpires that they are in real danger.

                  - Highest level excitement and mystery
                  - Netflix-style mystery - has similarities with "The Society", "Dark" and "Stranger Things".
                  - Nightmarish setting: an abandoned sanatorium.
                  - Group dynamics, psychological tension, dual narrative perspective.

                  14 +

                    Die Krickelkrakels (Author) Die Krickelkrakels (Illustrator)

                    Come along on a journey through time from the creators of the Krickelkrakel series!

                    Open up the book and off we go! Save the little dinosaur from the ravenous T-Rex. Solve the puzzle of the pyramids in Egypt and then help the Vikings to build a ship. Finished? But there’s much more still to come on your journey, and thousands of adventures awaiting you there. Turn, tap, blow – the fun creative new activity book from the Krickelkrakel team carries kids off to foreign lands and other times!

                    - Fascinating activity fun to return to time and again
                    - Carries children off to distant worlds and other times
                    - From the creative Krickelkrakel team | 4 +

                      Kipling, Rudyard (Author) Baum, L. Frank (Author) Collodi, Carlo (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator) | further

                      | 5 +

                        von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Lange, Igor (Illustrator)

                        In Humboldt’s footsteps: Discovery stories to read aloud

                        Read aloud and discover! Exciting stories about the greatest explorers and scientists in the history of the world: Leif Eriksson, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Maria Sibylla Merian, Alexander von Humboldt, Mary Kingsley, Roald Amundsen, Amelia Earhart, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Dian Fossey and Ellen MacArthur.

                        Amusing, child-appropriate stories about scientists and explorers. Read-aloud stories for children aged four and over | 4 +

                          Steingässer, Jana (Author) Steingässer, Jens (Illustrator)

                          Once around the world: A family follows the tracks of climate change.

                          Twelve-year-old Paula’s bantam hen lays an egg in the middle of December. Hardly surprising, since this winter feels more like spring. But why? In order to understand this, Paula goes on an incredible trip around the world with her family, following the tracks of climate change. They want to find out how people, animals and plants react when the balance of their environment is disrupted by climate change. And perhaps they can also learn ways in which they themselves can change the world.

                          Jana and Jens Steingässer succeed in addressing the abstract topic of climate change on an authentic and personal level and provide lots of tips on how to deal with it in daily family life. The book has more than 150 fascinating nature photos from around the world.

                          -\x09A courageous family sets out on a journey and faces one of the greatest challenges of our time. A wonderful book that amazes, raises questions, makes you think and invites you to join in
                          -\x09A book everyone should read as the issues affect every single one of us!
                          -\x09Includes an interview with Jostein Gaarder, author of Sophie’s World
                          | 10 +