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Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

Poetic and filled with longing

Lion envies no one more than the sea eagles, when he sees them circling high in the sky, so free, so happy. There isn’t much to be envious about in the village on the Baltic Sea where Lion lives. More and more often, alcohol turns his father into the violent black king who abuses Lion. But one day, when he can bear no more, Lion runs away into the woods to join the eagles. But as Lion discovers, life there is tough and he finds his thoughts turning again and again to the white queen, the old lady who used to read wonderful stories to him once upon a time. It was thanks to her that he discovered the magic of words, their warmth and power…

-\x09Antonia Michaelis tells a deeply touching story about domestic violence and summoning the strength to break free
-\x09A brilliant tribute to the power of words and the imagination
-\x09A new socially critical novel filled with poetry: exceptionally well written, densely atmospheric and profoundly moving

| 12 months +

Gricksch, Gernot (Author)

Fifteen-year-old Nelly lives a carefree life with her family in smart Hamburg-Poppenbüttel. Then Nelly’s life takes a dramatic turn, when her father dies, leaving mountains of debt! Nelly’s mother is forced to move with Nelly and her 14-year-old brother from the quiet streets of Poppenbüttel with its attractive houses to a high-rise estate in Hamburg-Steilshoop. Soon, Nelly has a reputation for being the arrogant bitch of the neighbourhood who never misses a chance to put her foot in it. But when 18-year-old skater Yannik comes on the scene, fitting in starts to get easier for Nelly in her new environment. | 14 +

Pyranja, Anja (Author) Andersen, Nils (Illustrator)

A school class is having its farewell party – and Nina loses her smartphone. A young refugee returns it to her and confronts the party-crazy mob with some very different problems. | 14 +

Sookee, Nora (Author) van der Giessen, Judith (Illustrator)

Hip Hop meets Typography
A literary-graphic experiment like no other

Jonah has been going with Mira for four years now. But suddenly he falls in love with the new caretaker. Is Jonah gay? And what will happen when the others find out his secret?
| 14 +

Smo, Simon (Author) Staar, Katharina (Illustrator)

All too often, Janush and Samir attract unwanted attention – both in the schoolyard and on the tram. Then they get to know each other and discover their love of hip hop, and that makes them strong. A story written by the author duo SMO & MrB, who are best friends themselves. | 14 +

Benkau, Jennifer (Author) Gorelik, Lena (Author) Heitmann, Tanja (Author) Olshan, Ruth (Author) Schoder, Sabine (Author) Stein, Maike (Author) Weber, Anke (Author) Zipse, Katrin (Author) | further

What remains when love is gone. Eight last messages from people who were loved and the stories of how each of these final messages came about. Eight female authors give youthful melancholy a voice and write of love in its most diverse forms: of love so intense it takes your breath away; of love so painful it tears you apart; of forbidden love and unfulfilled love. In the end, the question that remains is always the same: What if …?”

A modern take on the timeless subject of love, passionately told by bold new voices from the young adult book scene.
| 13 +

Bongard, Katrin (Author)

Impossible not to fall in love!
Ella - a girl interested in books and book blogs - would never have dreamt that she of all people would fall in love with the cool Luca. He is the most popular boy at school - all the girls like him. Ella herself had found him superficial and arrogant until a short while ago. But in a school project on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice they get to know each other better ... And not to fall in love was simply impossible! But when will they finally dare to confess their feelings to each other?
| 14 +

von Vogel, Maja (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

Emma´´s new boyfriend, Tim, goes to boarding school at the start of the new school year and because she can¹t visit him so often, the pair will be having a long-distance relationship from now on. That means Emma has to keep in touch with him by writing letters and emails. And as if that weren¹t enough, Emma´´s patchwork family is absolutely chaotic at the moment. Thomas´´ move to the farm brings all kinds of developments with it and Gillian has found herself a new partner ¬ a woman! What a good thing nothing seems to faze Emma, who keeps her cool even in this sitation. | 10 +

Olshan, Ruth (Author) Niere, Cornelia (Illustrator)

Tammie simply adores pistachio ice cream. She also loves sayings, or to be more precise, the sayings inscribed on gravestones – a rather surprising hobby for a 16-year-old. It seems a little less surprising once you know that Tammie has an aneurism in her head. It has made itself comfortable right in the middle of her synapses and could implode at any moment – or not. That is the big question – and a great deal in Tammie’s life revolves around it. It’s only when Tammie gets to know a boy she sees shaking at the gravestones in the cemetery that things change completely for her.

Side by side: when humour and grief go hand in hand.
Moving but not sentimental. Funny but not slapstick.
Profound but not heavygoing.
The story does entirely without clichés
| 13 +

Denis, Elisabeth (Author)

Something is happening and I am part of it …

Dark days. Snow. Shadows between the trees.
Footsteps. When I turn round, there’s nothing to be seen.
Basil is the only reason I drag myself to boarding school every day.
But it’s getting darker and darker, and there’s something behind me. I can sense its presence, just as surely as I know that my coming to Grovegate was no accident.

You have the power to change everything.
A girl between two boys and two worlds
Fairy tale, fantasy, modern

Grovegate, the mysterious boarding school at the heart of the forest, is the gateway to a world full of magical beings for 14-year-old Misha. She discovers that the father she thought was dead is actually alive, but half-man, half-bird, and that only she, as a child of mixed race, has the power to unite the two worlds and put an end to the bitter fighting in the strange grove. Can the mysterious Basil help her? Or is Kyle the better choice?

| 12 +

Denis, Elisabeth (Author)

The realisation seeps into my consciousness: they killed him – because of me.

Meadows rolling away to the horizon, green hills, the wind in the trees smells like cinnamon.
It’s different from everything I know.
Every time I leave our hut, all eyes are on me.
Because I’m special, they say, a symbol of rebellion.
I could change everything. But all I want is to get away from here.

You have the power to change everything.
A girl between two boys and two worlds
Fairy tale, fantasy, modern

Grovegate, the mysterious boarding school at the heart of the forest, is the gateway to a world full of magical beings for 14-year-old Misha. She discovers that the father she thought was dead is actually alive, but half-man, half-bird, and that only she, as a child of mixed race, has the power to unite the two worlds and put an end to the bitter fighting in the strange grove. Can the mysterious Basil help her? Or is Kyle the better choice?
| 12 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

Drug dealer, beloved boyfriend, murderer?
Anna and Abel: madly in love, mad with doubt

Abel Tannatek is a misfit, a truant and a drug dealer. Against her better judgement, Anna falls desperately in love with him because she sees the other Abel: the gentle, sad boy who takes care of his sister and tells Anna a story that touches her soul. But the fine line between reality and fantasy gradually becomes blurred. What if the story isn’t a story but awful reality? What if Anna’s worst fears are confirmed?

- Fast-moving thriller and touching love story – unputdownable!
- Impressive and inspired: a completely new Antonia Michaelis
- Filled with variety: thrilling, everyday and fairy-tale passages in rapid succession

14 +

Orso, Kathrin Lena (Author) Sabbag, Britta (Author) Brenner, Lisa (Illustrator)

Your Style, your Dream, your Bookazine! Best Friends in Berlin. In book 1, Romy tells us how she dreams of becoming an actress but must first come through an audition. What a good thing she has some true friends to support her. She and her three pals, sporty Pepa, music-crazy Greta and Josi, who designs some fantastic clothes, make a real dream team.

Top title in magazine diary style with Whatsapp chats, playlists etc! | 11 +

Luhn, Usch (Author)

On inline skates into a new life!

Fifteen-year-old Alice has often moved house with her mother, who loves travelling. That’s because her mother is a make-up artist, who works in film and whose jobs take her to many different cities. Newly arrived in Berlin, Alice starts exploring the city on her beloved inline skates and soon joins a group of skaters. She has only just fallen in love when her mother decides to move again. But this time Alice has had enough! She wants to stay in Berlin with her friends – and with Erik!

Cool and hilarious love story with an original topic: inline skating
| 12 +

Polák, Stephanie (Author)

Prince Charming – Wanted ... and Invented!

What’s this, then? Lynn wonders, when her friends Meral and Joey come back from their holiday head over heels in love, grinning like a pair of Cheshire cats. And to add insult to injury, they actually start trying to set her up with someone, too. Well, Lynn’s not having any of it! She quickly invents a lover in far-off Hamburg, complete with letters and flowers. But soon the deception begins to wear a little thin …

What a delightfully fresh, new type of protagonist! What a brilliant idea: clique, holidays, first romance, mind of her own
| 12 +

Wagner, Heidrun (Author) D'Oro, Miri (Illustrator)

When there’s something inside you that puts everyone you love in danger.
When your own family cannot forgive what happened in the past.
When your heart remains undecided.
When you can no longer distinguish between friend and foe.
That’s the day you have to take your destiny into your own hands.
| 14 +

Schwörer, Ariane (Author) Sabbag, Britta (Author) Hegemann, Joanna (Illustrator)

Your Style, your Dream, your Bookazine! Best friends in Berlin. In book 2, we hear from Pepa how hard it is to be the kind of girl who’s happiest playing handball when her South American mother doesn’t approve. What a good thing she has some true friends to support her. She and her three pals, music-crazy Greta, Josi, who designs some fantastic clothes, and Romy, who’s dead set on becoming an actress, area a real dream team. | 11 +

Wagner, Heidrun (Author) D'Oro, Miri (Illustrator)

Imagine waking up and no longer knowing who you are.
Imagine that your drawings reveal fragments of memory filled with pain and darkness.
Imagine that you have a secret that has destroyed your whole life.
Imagine that with someone by your side you could make a fresh start.
Would you want to remember?
Revolutionary, new and different: In When You Forget, words and pictures form the combined narrative in the story of Zoe, whose entire memories are erased from one day to the next.
| 14 +

Kirchner, Angela (Author)

It all started with a crash. It was that night, that party that changed everything in Fay and Luke’s lives. All Fay and her girlfriend really wanted to do was stay home that night, but instead they end up in the middle of a motorcycle race between Luke and Ben, in the middle of the accident – and in the middle of a new life. And then Fay and Luke meet one day. Although they should hate each other, sparks fly – and they are not just sparks of anger!

Modern, stirring and unvarnished: an unusual love story, told from two perspectives.
| 13 +

Wright, Sandra (Author) Schütz, Nele (Illustrator)

When Katie meets sexy Doug, there’s immediately a spark between them. But after their secret meeting full of tenderness, he keeps on avoiding her. When Katie hears a rumour that Doug was to blame for the fire that put her father in a wheelchair, she feels as though her heart were about to break.

- Heartbeat is the new series for fans of sensual love stories about powerful emotions and intense attraction
- The sensual new series for readers who want more passion
- Powerful emotions and intense attraction beyond schoolyard crushes
- Love stories as hot as a summer’s night!

| 15 +

Severin, Ira (Author) Schütz, Nele (Illustrator)

Harper, 17, is on her way to stay with her mother in California, but instead of travelling on the bus, she’s sitting in the passenger seat of a total stranger’s car. An almost total stranger, at least – very much to Harper’s own surprise, they have already kissed. Luc turns out to be an amusing travel companion and Harper feels increasingly drawn to him, and then they spend the night together and she loses her heart to him completely. But not only is she running away from her past, Luc also has a secret that puts their love to a tough test.

- Heartbeat is the new series for fans of sensual love stories about powerful emotions and intense attraction
- The sensual new series for readers who want more passion
- Powerful emotions and intense attraction beyond schoolyard crushes
- Love stories as hot as a summer’s night!

| 15 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

Road novel by Antonia Michaelis about two unequal heroes and an awful lot of cows

The two meet one night in summer: Sean , a student from Iran, who’s been in Germany for two months, and Davy, a home kid who’s run away to look for a friend. Both become witnesses to a robbery. Pursued from now on by both the criminals and the police, they go on the run together, from one end of Germany to the other, across strawberry fields, beneath dark storm clouds, through beer gardens, in a hot-air balloon, by train and moped. Again and again, they find themselves surrounded by cows - apparently it’s their fate. Why else should the car carrying Sean and his deportation order get stuck in a herd of cows on the way to the airport?

Brilliant, bizarre and funny: Antonia Michaelis takes her readers on a tour of Germany through the eyes of a refugee and tells the story of an unusual friendship.
| 14 +

Abidi, Heike (Author)

Goal for the heart! Francie just loves playing football, but her parents want her to go to dancing class. Suddenly, Francie finds herself having to hold hands with boys she was racing across the grass with just a short while ago. How embarrassing is that? Luckily, her pal Marius is also there. She gets on really well with him – and not just on the football pitch.

The perfect spin-off to the successful Suddenly 13 series. A strong heroine fights for her dreams – between football and dancing class!
| 12 +

Haberstock, Meike (Author) Haberstock, Meike (Illustrator)

The Right Honourable Victoria FitzQuirk is new in Anton’s class – and she really thinks she’s something. That doesn’t stop John from falling madly in love with her, and Marie also lets herself be “persuaded” into being her friend. Only Karl and Michael want to have nothing to do with the stuck-up newcomer. And what about Anton? He comes up with a super idea for a pancake-eating competition to bring everyone together.
Meike Haberstock’s An Anton for Life offers child-appropriate philosophical answers full of humour and charm to the big questions of this world.

With many, many pictures and perfect for reading aloud or for children to read to themselves.
| 6 +

Fitzgerald, Taylor (Author) Schütz, Nele (Illustrator)

True Love in Montana

New York, elite college, sheltered background: It’s quite a come-down for 18-year-old Pearl, when her father is sent to prison and she has to move with her mother and brother to Aunt Rose’s farm in Montana. At least there’s one silver lining – the men in Montana are rather attractive! Especially Caden … But although the attraction between the two is so strong that they can hardly resist each other, Caden either cannot doesn’t want to give Pearl what she is looking for. In defiance, she turns to River, the local bad boy– not knowing that River and Caden share a past. Only when Caden rescues her from great danger do both realise what really counts.

Wait for me. Heartbeat, book four in the sensual series that combines intense emotions and a longing for that one true love.
| 15 +

Stewner, Tanya (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

Suspense guaranteed – a new adventure with Alea Aquarius!
Off to Iceland! Alea and the Alpha Cru set sail for the far north. Alea hopes she will at last find her father there and, with him, the answers to all the questions going round and round inside her head. But when the Alpha Cru reaches its destination, Alea is forced to face up to her past. And that’s not all; there she also encounters the mysterious Doctor Orion, who is researching the deadly virus that destroyed the merfolk. With his help, can Alea make her dearest wish come true and restore the merfolk to life? And will Lennox help her put her plan into action? Alea senses that he’s keeping something from her and that’s really putting their love to the test.

The third book in the Alea Aquarius mermaid saga by bestselling author Tanya Stewner.

| 10 +

Bongard, Katrin (Author) Staisch, Wolfgang (Illustrator)

Vincent and Paulina come from totally different worlds. The studious schoolgirl has nothing in common with Vincent, the toker. But then they get to know each other a bit better in the writing workshop, where they can express their thoughts, fears and wishes. Even so, it takes a while for Vincent and Paulina to open up to the course – and, in the end, also to fall in love with each other. An inspiring novel about addiction, about growing up, and about grief and love – told from two different perspectives. | 13 +

Gilges, Angela (Author)

But he loves me!

Caro is a fifteen-year-old girl suffering from the classic insecurities of puberty. And there’s someone who knows how to take advantage of that: Nick. At first he treats her like a princess and fulfils her every wish, then draws her into a vicious circle of manipulation and dependence. You want to scream “Stop!“ when Caro, the first-person narrator, goes to school in the morning, spends the afternoon working the streets, and in the evening goes home to her unsuspecting parents, or when “lover boy“ Nick manages to twist her round his little finger time and time again. Will she find a way out of this situation?

I Belong to Him is a very powerful and important book about sexual violence, manipulation and dependence, written with the collaboration of ex-police officer and education spokesperson Bärbel Kannemann (
| 14 +

Fessel, Karen-Susan (Author)

A single blow and nothing is ever the same again. What otherwise only happens on television becomes reality. The paths of four teenagers cross at a petrol station. Prior to this, they really had nothing in common. Now Leon has fallen into a coma after receiving a blow. Masha and Blendi saw it happen. Muris did it. We are taken through the months following the incident from the different perspectives of Masha, Blendi and Muris: the search for the culprit, their fear for Leon’s life, and the fates of each of the boys involved. Thanks to Blendi’s artistic talent, Muris is eventually found out.

A credible, realistic and oppressive story with exciting switches between the perspectives of victim and aggressor!
| 12 +

Haberstock, Meike (Author) Haberstock, Meike (Illustrator)

What is it about time? A smart, funny story about how long things take.
Anton is six years old, in his first year at school and he has time - unlike his mum, who is usually doing three things at once. Why is it that grown-ups never have any time and children always do? And why can’t you count time like you can marbles? Why does the art class whiz past like a racing car but the maths class stretch endlessly like chewing gum? Anton decides to get to the bottom of the great time puzzle. Luckily, he has an above-the-belt creature, an unconscious mammoth and a bus-driving chameleon to help him, and after lots of wonderfully told and illustrated detours, Anton finds a simple and absolutely amazing solution!

A hilarious book written in age-appropriate language with a distinctive, modern design and over 90 colour pictures, plus several collages and amusing text bubbles.

Reading this book about the funnniest solution to the great time puzzle takes only as long as it does to watch Anton’s cuddly toys being washed in the washing machine (after he put skin cream on them all) – but it’s as much fun as a rollator race along the corridor of an old people’s home, where you are as fast as a nose-diving falcon (with stones in its pocket)!

6 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

When 10-year-old John-Marlon slips through a gap in a fence in the middle of town one day to find himself on a deserted, run-down building site, he has no idea that what he sees before him will be his summer paradise. There, he joins a group of children led by a girl called Wind. Together they spend an amazing time filled with adventure and imagination amid rampant nature and crumbling walls. But Wind has a secret, and when the summer is over, everything will be different.

Antonia Michaelis addresses childhood longings, the desire for freedom and adventure, and tells her story in a superbly atmospheric style.
| 10 +

Junge, Tobias Rafael (Author) Andersen, Nils (Illustrator)

Logbook entry: School ship missing, mysterious blackmailer! A school ship full of young people in the middle of the Indian Ocean. One by one, night after night, adults go missing and a cruel blackmailer forces the schoolchildren to commit acts of terrorism. It isn’t long before the first body turns up - that of one of the teachers. What has the mysterious Marburg virus found in the contaminated water got to do with it? And how is teacher and vaccine inventor Detering involved in all of this?

Travel adventure in logbook look, with cool illustrations and lots of additional material: GPS data, routes and maps!
| 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Schüler, Kathrin (Illustrator)

All three Greta books in one edition – a unique special edition – to mark Christine Nöstlinger's 65th birthday. There is always something going on in the life of Margarethe Maria Sackmeier, generally known as Greta. At 14, she’s sure she’s too fat. At 15, she suddenly has to live without her father and brother Harry when her mum decides to change her life and become emancipated. When Greta is 17, her family is back together again. But now she is faced with different problems. Whom should she choose – Florian or Hinzel? If she could, she would keep them both ... | 12 +

Haberstock, Meike (Author) Haberstock, Meike (Illustrator)

Anton is the greatest!

After solving the great time puzzle, Anton now has to deal with the timid bunny. What he really wants to do is finally show everyone that he's as brave as a lion! But to begin with, the lion hides away inside his timid bunny skin – and it’s no easy matter getting him out again. That’s because Anton is really only medium-sized, medium-old and medium-brave. And now he is having to spend three days at the youth hostel without his mummy! But if there’s one thing Anton and his friends do know, it’s that fear is as stupid as a metre of field track, get over it once and it’s much easier the next time. And real courage, as Anton knows full well, makes us even bigger. At least a couple of centimetres!

The second book about lovable little Anton: philosophical, humorous, warm-hearted. With lots of colour pictures, collages and speech bubbles.
| 6 +

Anders, Lisa (Author)

Fifteen-year-old Vic lives in a hotel in Alexander Square in Berlin. She shares her room with Jean-Jacques, an old shop-window dummy, who, apart from Lynn, her best friend, is Vic’s most trusted companion. And trusty friends are what Vic needs now more than ever since Fabian dumped her and her journalism work experience with a publishing company is going anything but well. Then along comes the chance of her life!
In her novel, Lisa Anders writes about subjects that touch the reader’s world in a dramatic, humorous and original style. A zany story about an internship with obstacles and the unpredictability of love.
| 12 +

Müller, Thomas (Author) Wolff, Julien (Author)

Dream job professional footballer! This is how superstar Thomas Müller made it

What I want to be when I grow up is a professional footballer! That’s what plenty of children dream of. But how can they actually achieve that? In this book, likeable superstar Thomas Müller gives a full and frank account of his football career, from the first time he kicked a ball to his first professional game (for FC Bayern) his team’s Champions League win and being a part of Germany’s terrific victory at the World Cup in Brazil.

Top goalscorer and ambassador for reading: Thomas Müller is an idol

The first footballer autobiography especially for children

With exclusive private photos and a wealth of background information | 10 +

Fröhlich, Anja (Author) Schmidt, Silke (Illustrator)

Everyone has been driving Pauline mad recently. In the morning it’s her teacher, Godfrey Hardhead-Sainthouse, the rest of the day, her mum and her half-sister, Anastasia. Never ever would she have thought that things could get any worse. But then her mother pays a visit to a fortune teller – and chaos takes its course. Anja Fröhlich sets the normal madness of puberty down on paper. Gloriously wacky with bags of humour and cheeky illustrations by Silke Schmidt. A hilariously funny story about growing up, being grown up and the crassest family of all time. | 12 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator) Künster, Doris K. (Illustrator)

Johanna grows up in a small town in Mainfranken, just after the Second World War. The grown-ups talk about “hard times”, but that’s not how the children see it. For them, the coal scarcity, acorn coffee and mashed potato are as normal as the regular plagues of Colorado beetles and mice. But Johanna increasingly feels hemmed in and begins to rebel against the values and rules of her parents … | 16 +

Stewner, Tanya (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

Eagerly Anticipated: Alea’s Adventure Continues

Dramatic cliffhanger finale of volume 5 makes this a must-read

In the eagerly anticipated sixth volume of the bestselling series by Tanya Stewner, Alea Aquarius’s adventures take a new turn. Robbed of all their memories, the Alpha Cru have to reorientate themselves. Who is targeting them? Who is the man with the black coat and the barrel organ who is watching them from the harbour? And were there originally more members of the gang? Alea wouldn’t be Alea if she didn’t decide to take on her adversaries in order to save her friends, even if the odds seem to be stacked against her.

Bestseller: 640,000 Alea Aquarius books and audio-books sold | 10 +

Ukpai, Anja (Author) Meinzold, Max (Illustrator)

You Are the Time Guardian, Jade!

A magical secret society in present-day London – our new atmospheric fantasy trilogy in a boarding school setting

The summer holidays are just beginning when Jade unexpectedly finds herself back at the Clockmakers Academy in London. There she learns that she belongs to an ancient secret society of time guardians. From now on, Jade and her classmates will be taught such fascinating topics as time-window leaping and demon defence. And Jade is really going to need these newly acquired skills because Chronos has set his sights on gaining dominion over time. And Jade also finds that of all “people,” Harper, an overanxious guardian spirit, has been appointed to protect her.

The first book of a richly illustrated trilogy – mysterious, magical and gripping | 13 +