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Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

At Last: Things Get Even Cooler!

The third and final volume of one of Germany’s most successful “boy books”

The Freaks are back! After their mega-successful gig at the end of the summer term, Martin’s and Karli’s band has been voted the school’s band, and Karli’s grandpa has even let them have his garage as a rehearsal space. Everything would be perfect if only Martin knew how to tell Luna how he feels about her. And then there’s Shirin ... But then a welcome diversion intervenes and saves Martin from his emotional traumas: he and Karli meet a real live rock star who takes them with him on a thrilling journey ... The third volume in the ultra-cool series by Juma Kliebenstein.

More than 140,000 copies sold of her series! | 10 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

Guitar riffs, drum beats, rocking rhythms! Let the music begin.
Who would have thought that Martin and Karli, the pair who used to be such losers, could get even cooler after their experiences at a holiday camp? Now they’re even planning to form a real rock band. That’s easier said than done, though, as they soon discover the path to fame and fortune is lined with problems, pitfalls and pink-faced embarrassment.
Juma Kliebenstein’s sequel to the bestselling The Day I Started to be Cool is even funnier and even cheekier; its two antiheroes are even more lovable! Full of slapstick, word play and hilarious ups and downs.

| 10 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Bux, Alexander (Illustrator)

Martin is fat (although he would call himself “chubby”). He also wears a large pair of red-rimmed glasses that his mum thinks are “dead smart” and he’s hopeless at sports. Instead he is well up on science and good with computers. Karli is Martin’s best friend. Karli is thin and weedy and no more athletic than Martin. When he gets excited, his voice goes all high and squeaky, and he uses sticky tape to glue his sticky-out ears flat to his head.
Martin and Karli would love to be cool, as cool as the Fab Five, the coolest boys in their class. The Fab Five think Martin and Karli are totally uncool and never tire of making the pair’s lives a misery by doing rotten things to them, like pouring smelly old cream that’s gone off into their satchels. But then Martin and Karli see their chance to take revenge! They happen to hear that the Fabs are planning to break into the outdoor swimming pool at night. But the pair’s plan goes horribly wrong. Before the Fabs turn up at the baths, Karli and Martin decide to take a dip themselves. Unfortunately, Martin becomes wedged in the baby elephant slide with the huge blue ears – stuck so fast there, in fact, that he can neither move forwards nor backwards!
But then they have to take their punishment for the night-time escapade, which means they going on a camping trip with Dad and Grandpa to France – without any Nintendos, MP3 players or computer magazines to keep them amused. Instead they have to work their way down Grandpa’s good scouts’ list. Will they ever find the time to get through their own list of way to get cool, for which a slinky walk and playing football are two absolute musts? The holiday turns out to be absolutely brilliant....

A rip-roaring, hilarious story with lots of slapstick!

| 10 +

Crämer, Jana (Author) Pauluth, Josephine (Illustrator)

Inspiring new activity book by the renowned body positivity messenger – packed with suggestions and encouragement

Jana Crämer hasn’t always had it easy, but she has always made the best of it. Being happy isn’t the same as being perfect: this much has Jana learned. This is also her message, and forms the basis of her second activity book. Includes anecdotes and quotations from her own life, full of ideas and encouraging exercises and with loads of space to write in. This book is like your best friend, a new and inspiring activity book by the renowned body positive blogger.

Be who you are! Blogger Jana motivates her readers to accept themselves as they are | 12 +