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Gries, Martin (Author) Badstuber, Martina (Illustrator)

Paul, the go-to-sleep-sheep, keeps on jumping over the fence until everyone is asleep. But that’s not so easy to do. After he has jumped over the fence upside down, bottom first or swirling like a whirlwind, Paul gets very tired himself. And suddenly he and cuddly pig are curled up with cuddly blanket underneath the pear tree - fast asleep! | 24 months +

Orso, Kathrin Lena (Author) Lohß, Sandy (Illustrator)

It’s Bedtime for the Baby Animals!\x0a\x0aEven the baby animals in the forest have to go to sleep. But before they do, they have to make themselves comfy in their own particular ways. The little mouse builds a den; the baby fox has to jump on his bed just one last time; and the little owl has to carry on reading. With its catchy rhymes, this picture book encourages little ones to develop a good bedtime routine. A particular highlight is Sandy Lohß’s outstanding illustrations, which give the book a distinctive modern look.\x0a\x0a- A great combination of the popular themes “animals” and “bedtime”.\x0a\x0a- Modern design, with stunning illustrations.\x0a\x0a- Author Kathrin Lena Orso is a trained teacher.\x0a | 18 months +