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Schreiber, Chantal (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

The Only Thing Worse Than Unicorns? Twonicorns!
Volume 2 of the fast-paced read-aloud best seller – Kurt defies all unicorn clichés!
Read-aloud enjoyment for children and adults alike

Too much unicorning! After freeing the Princess, Kurt wants a bit of peace and quiet. However, Trill’s little brother and the other animals are still imprisoned, so his hopes of having a rest are dashed. What follows is a horn-ruffling adventure in which Kurt only just manages to escape from the clutches of a love-struck pig with its sights set on the unicorn – and then a Twonicorn appears on the scene and even more chaos ensues. Of course, everyone lives happily ever after, and all the animals are freed. In Volume 2 of her series about the grumpy unicorn Kurt, Chantal Schreiber has again created a fast-paced read-aloud treat. | 5 +

    Schreiber, Chantal (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

    The unicorn craze? Totally pathetic! says Kurt.

    A pesky bird, a princess who beats up the prince and Kurt, an unwilling unicorn who thinks, sparkly pink stars and rose-scented farts are totally pathetic – it’s enough to make you weep. But what’s the good of complaining? With a little help from Trill the bird and the ninja goldfish, unicorn Kurt will rescue kidnapped Prince Flea in the end, pink fur or none.

    “Kurt is one thing above all else: amazingly funny! At last, here we have a different kind of story about unicorns and princesses. That Kurt is anything but your typical unicorn and that he finds everything a unicorn normally represents incredibly annoying, is the theme that runs right through the book and keeps the laughs coming right to the end.” -

    - Full English translation available!
    - An unwilling, guaranteed cliché-free unicorn
    - Ironic, amusing story time fun even grown-ups will love to read
    - Hilariously illustrated by Stephan Pricken | 5 +

      Chantal Schreiber
      Chantal Schreiber, in Wien geboren und aufgewachsen, wusste immer schon, dass sie schreiben wollte. Sie hatte nie einen Plan B. Allerdings hatte sie auch keinen Plan A. Sie ließ das Sprachenstudium sausen und hielt sich mit Jobs als Flugbegleiterin, Model und Kellnerin über Wasser. Mit Glück landete sie schließlich beim Fernsehen und begann Drehbücher fürs Kinderprogramm zu schreiben. Noch mehr Glück hatte sie mit ihrem ersten Jugendroman, der gleich ein Erfolg wurde – und seither schreibt sie Bücher: für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsen...