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Malou, Mascha (Author) Kaiser, Natasa (Illustrator)

My BFF, our summer and me

Here’s everything best friends need to make this summer the best they’ve ever had. From fun tests about “Ten things you should do together this summer“ and “The five most delicious snacks for a picnic“ to “Our best photos“, this is a stylish must-have book to make every girl’s summer perfect and help best friends to get to know each other even better. And best of all: when the summer holidays are over, you will not only have had loads of fun, but also have a wonderful album full of memories.

This richly illustrated activity book for girls is the ultimate summer companion, with many pages to fill in, bucket lists and creative DIY ideas.
| 12 +

Abidi, Heike (Author)

Before We Lose Everything\x0a\x0aVictoria has a fall during an athletics competition and is taken to hospital as a matter of routine. There, she is given a terrible diagnosis which she couldn’t have imagined in a million years: she has a brain tumour. It’s operable - but the risks are huge. She decides to take the chance. She has a week before the operation, in which to do everything she’s always wanted to do. With her best friend Theo, she goes on a thrilling road trip and ticks off all the important things on her bucket list. Which includes experiencing the best kiss of all time ever.\x0a\x0a- A fantastic New Adult love story; a profound topic handled with a light narrative touch.\x0a\x0a- Ideal for all fans of Heike Abidi, Jojo Moyes, Cecelia Ahern and Lori Nelson Spielman.\x0a\x0a- Road trip and bucket list make for a compelling and moving story.\x0a | 16 +

Wockenfuß, Benjamin (Author) Messing, Stefanie (Illustrator) Kowalski, Stephanie A. (Illustrator)

An innovative and fun guidebook in bullet journal/planner style, written by father, social media manager and social pedagogue Benjamin Wockenfuß. Packed with strategies to enable dads to play a successful and empathic role in their children’s worlds and lives. Every chapter ends with easy, tried-and-tested, no-nonsense tips which fathers can easily incorporate into family life.

In the age of digitisation and “New Work”, fatherhood has become more complicated than ever; the role of contemporary fathers and the culture of fatherhood generally are constantly being redefined. #Brilliantdad gathers together these ideas about the role of fathers in their children’s upbringing, and demonstrates that their implementation has an invariably positive effect on all the relationships within the family as well as contributing to career success.

With an inspiring “Dad Power” picture book for dads and children to read and explore together.

Practical, entertaining information targeted firmly at men and fathers - in a handy go-to format.
With day-to-day challenges to enable men to become more actively involved in their children’s upbringing.
Planner, bullet journal, workshop and more, all in one book.
Includes an inspiring “Dad Power” picture book for dads and children to read and explore together (double-sided cover). | 14 +