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Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

The Ogglies, who best like to feed on what other people throw away, have moved house again, slimy-sludge-and-cheesy-feet! This time they’ve made a very special rubbish tip their home, where there’s everything an Oggly heart could ever desire: empty beer cans, grotty mattresses, rusty lamp frames and cast-off baths. But what there’s most of there is the blue neighbour … | 8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

What if ...? Bello the dog turned into a human being!

“If that old woman hadn’t come into Daddy’s chemist‘s shop, we would have been spared a great deal of excitement.” That’s how the story of Max and his dog, Bello, begins – Mr Bello, to be precise. The blue liquid the strange old woman brings Max’s father makes plants grow unnaturally quickly. But when Bello drinks some of the supposed fertiliser, Max gets the surprise of his life. The liquid, you see, turns animals into human beings!
An uproarious tale of transformation by Paul Maar – with amusing illustrations by Ute Krause.

8 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

The enchanted house and the mysteries it holds!

No electricity! No running water! Nothing but the great outdoors! The two cousins Leo and Imogen, both ten years old, are spending their holidays in the house of an aunt, who has died. But they have barely been there a few days when the two find themselves caught up in a great adventure. A shadow comes slinking round the house, and peculiar things begin happening. Could it be a ghost? When Leo and Imogen discover a secret from the past, they realise that holidays far from civilisation are the best thing that could have happened to them!

A fantastic holiday adventure by Antonia Michaelis about a wonderful childhood friendship, magic, fantasy and reality!
| 10 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

A new mission for the funniest reporter in the universe! Extraterrestrial Gustav Gorky is on his way to Earth. His mission: to explore the blue planet and report back to his home planet. His first task is to study what earthlings eat. And so he heads straight for a beer garden, where, first shrunken to the size of an insect in order to remain unrecognised, then transformed into a delicious bread roll, he finds himself in mortal danger. Luckily, Gorky is well able to take care of himself.

Especially for beginning readers: new, original, hilarious and exciting!
| 7 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Slimy sludge and Oggly spooks!
The Mayor sends the Ogglies to the Blue Mountains to gobble up all the litter tourists have been leaving behind. When they get there, the Ogglies discover that a ghost has been frightening everyone there. They decide that it must be the super-tidy blue Oggly who’s behind it all – he’s probably trying to chase away the litter tourists!
A children’s bestseller with the ever-popular Ogglies!
| 8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Wish dot chaos: a polar bear for Mr Pocketbeer!

Mr Pocketbeer doesn’t believe the Sat can make any wish come true for him and loses a wish dot every time! That’s why he decides to make a wish for something completely impossible: he asks for snow! And before he knows it, he and the Sat are knee-deep in a freezing snowstorm in their flat. And if that weren’t enough – here come a polar bear and their nosy landlady, Mrs Redcabbage. How on earth is Mr Pocketbeer going to explain all this?

The second Sat adventure revised for beginning readers and with lots of new illustrations by the author!
| 7 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Good news for all Sat fans: the Wish Machine is back!

A brand-new Sat story, illustrated by acclaimed author Paul Maar.

The Sat isn't allowed to do anything! So it spends its days being bored while Mr Taschenbier is at work. Through the window, it spies a couple of children clambering aboard a dragon. The Sat wishes it could do the same. As the dragon shop is shut, though, the Sat decides just this once to use the forbidden Wish Machine. Lo and behold: a little dragon appears before him! An entertaining game of hide and seek ensues, because Mrs Rotkohl must, needless to say, not discover what's going on. However, there's no way to hide the fact that everyone is so happy all of a sudden. For the Sat managed to conjure up a Chinese lucky dragon!

- A new Sat story written and illustrated by Paul Maar.
- Immense multi-generational fan-base - over 5 million copies sold in Germany.
- Translated into 23 languages
- New: rhyming chapter titles | 7 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Blau, Aljoscha (Illustrator)

A fool’s tale by Paul Maar – magnificently illustrated by Alyosha Blau
Who is Nasreddin Hodja?
Since the 15th century, there have been numerous stories in circulation about this Oriental prankster who ranks with Germany’s Till Eulenspiegel as a famous fool. Hodja tells gigantic whoppers; he is a confidence trickster and philosopher, whimsical and always ready with a piece of profound wisdom. Paul Maar retells some of the famous Nasreddin stories and has written some new ones, too – about modern-day pranksters who reveal us all to be at least as foolish as they seem themselves. A charmingly illustrated gem for people with a mind of their own.
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Mr Pocketbeer is a timid person. He is afraid of his landlady, his boss and basically of anyone who scolds and gives orders – until one Saturday a Sat crosses his path and decides on the spot to stay with him. The Sat is a fearless, indeed almost irreverent creature who refuses to be intimidated by anybody or anything, who makes impertinent remarks everywhere he goes and scolds back when others scold him. Mr Pocketbeer finds all of this terribly embarrassing to begin with and tries to get rid of the Sat again in all manner of ways. Yet strangely enough, the longer the Sat stays with Mr Pocketbeer, the more fond Mr Pocketbeer grows of the Sat. And in the end, well-behaved, timid Mr Pocketbeer has turned into a self-confident person who has learned to stand up for himself. | 8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Mr Pocketbeer is a timid person. He is afraid of his landlady, his boss and basically of anyone who scolds and gives orders. But one day, a Saturday, a Sat comes to live with him. The Sat is a small creature with red hair and blue dots on his face. He’s impudent, always scolds back and refuses to be intimidated by anyone. Mr Pocketbeer finds all of this terribly embarrassing to begin with but then he realises he’s growing very fond of the Sat. This special edition contains all the original illustrations by Paul Maar as well as 24 colourful pages with the best photos from the film The Sat | 8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

Curtain up on the Sat – with new illustrations
Always Saturdays! One Saturday, a peculiar creature turns up seemingly out of nowhere at Mr Pocketbeer’s. The creature has red hair, a big round tummy and blue dots on his face: it’s the Sat. He’s loud and cheeky, and he sings and talks in rhymes from morn till night. Now, these are all things Mr Pocketbeer normally doesn’t like, but still the two end up having a whole week filled with fun together.

Delightful, mischievous and with rich scenes newly illustrated by Nina Dulleck: the children’s classic from Paul Maar!

A top seller for generations now: 4.7 million Sat volumes sold
| 7 +

Böhm, Anna (Author) Wultschner, Ramona (Illustrator)

Lovable Heroes in Tricky Police Missions

Themes close to children’s hearts: animal protection and friendship

There’s no case that can’t be solved with brains, wit and friendship

One morning, Flopson the red panda wakes up and discovers that her friend Tjalle the streaked tenrec, has disappeared. Flopson scents a crime, and leaves her safe cage to try to rescue Tjalle. In the process, she encounters Fridolin, a mini dwarf pony. He joins in with her search, but instead of finding Tjalle, they find the injured blue tit Meili. Together, the three of them seek sanctuary in a disused police car. However, the grumpy Syrian hamster Jack has already taken up residence there and doesn’t want to share his home with uninvited guests. But when they find an important clue pointing to the whereabouts of Tjalle, the four very different animals join forces. Only together can they solve the mystery – as THE ANIMAL POLICE!

The new children’s series by Unipig creator Anna Böhm – second book in the series will be published in autumn 2021

8 +

Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

Toot toot – Lena is sitting in her red car on her way to visit her friend Peter in his yellow house. But which of the three cars is the red one? And which of the three houses is yellow? Just lift the flaps and see! Oh, there’s Lena. And there’s Peter! Now the two can have a cup of cocoa together. But where’s the blue cupboard with the cups?

A first colour playbook that invites children to investigate. Using the flaps, children find the colours they are looking for. | 24 months +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Eimer, Petra (Illustrator) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

Our read-aloud fox, fast as the fire brigade!

Nick’s dad is a fireman and he and his colleagues have prepared something very special for the Fire Brigade festival: a small house with a fire for the children to put out themselves! But when Soha and her mother lock themselves out of their house, the firefighters are soon on the spot with their fire engines, too – and when a tree falls down in front of a nursery school, the men race to the scene in their red fire engines, sirens nee-nawing loudly … what a read-aloud adventure!

Fire brigade: a favourite read-aloud subject
Book 5 in our series with the great reading-aloud ritual
Ideal for the target audience | 3 +

Schmitt, Petra Maria (Author) Dreller, Christian (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of our popular Question Book series

Why don't sharks have to go to the dentist? Why don't penguins get cold feet? Where is the wind, when it's not blowing? Children are never shy about asking questions. Adults, however, are not always quite so forthcoming with the answers – not least as they don't always know them! However, these clever and amusing stories will help to plug the gaps. | 5 +

Aljoscha Blau
Aljoscha Blau wurde 1972 in Leningrad, dem heutigen St. Petersburg, geboren. Seit 1990 lebt er in Deutschland. Er studierte Kinder- und Jugendbuchillustration an der Fachhochschule in Hamburg und lebt und arbeitet heute als freier Illustrator in Berlin. Aljoscha Blau hat zahlreiche Kinder- und Bilderbücher gestaltet und zeichnet für verschiedene deutsche und französische Zeitschriften. Für seine Arbeit wurde er mehrfach ausgezeichnet, unter anderem mit dem Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis.
Marika Blau
Marika Blau wurde 1979 in Estland geboren. Im Alter von zehn Jahren zog sie mit ihrer Familie in den Süden Deutschlands. Schon in ihrer Kindheit hatte sie den Wunsch kreativ zu arbeiten. Nach dem Abitur studierte sie zunächst Grafik-Design an einer Hochschule in Freiburg. Im Jahr 2004 schloss sie ihr Studium für Illustrationsdesign erfolgreich an der Bildkunstakademie in Hamburg ab. Bis heute lebt sie im Norden Deutschlands und hat sich vielfach durch ihre charakteristische Art zu malen ausgezeichnet. Die Illustration von Kinderbüchern li...