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Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

There are already countless anthologies of Grimm fairy tales in print – but often they feature the original texts, which are too difficult for younger children to understand. This special book offers readers the chance to tell the fairy tales in their own words. And the children can also easily retell each story with the help of the pictures. Animal fairy tales told in pictures, delightfully illustrated and ideal for children of 3 and over. | 3 +

Loske, Judith (Illustrator)

This very special picture book assembles four of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales about princesses. For every fairy tale, there’s a double page where the reader can quickly read up on what the fairy tale is about. On the following three double pages, the fairy tales are then told without words, so that even the very youngest fairy tale fans can enjoy them to the full, while adults get to see the stories from an entirely new perspective. | 4 +

Kawamura, Yayo (Illustrator)

The perfect book for passing on traditional knowledge to young children. The book provides readers with a short text version of the fairy tale as a basis on which to tell the story in their own words. Children love hearing a story over and over again and also being able to join in. This is very good for their language development, and it’s also lots of fun, of course. Picture stories with strong girl characters in a large-format book for the children to follow as the adult tells the story. With cute, cheeky illustrations. | 3 +

Fiedler-Tresp, Sonja (Author) Hardt, Iris (Illustrator)

Pictures tell the story – a unique concept
Three double pages each are devoted to the telling of one fairy tale – entirely in pictures. So even the youngest children can take an active part in telling the story – a great success that makes children (and their parents) very proud! And just in case the adults need a little reminder of how the stories go, there’s a short text summary for each of the fairy tales.

Four fairy tales retold in pictures
To enjoy over and over again
Short text summaries as reminders of the content
| 3 +