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Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

Betty and the boys! Blog posts from Betty’s chaotic daily life

There’s always something happening in Betty’s life! She falls in love with Ivo, but while the pair are still cautiously pussy-footing around and constantly misunderstanding each other, this cool, Argentinean exchange student suddenly appears on the scene. And who was it that sent the anonymous love letter? Betty is kept guessing and reports everything that happens to her in the definitive Betty blog – brief, to the point, cheeky and absolutely frank! Author Juma Kliebenstein writes about the ever-popular subject of love and growing up – here in a totally up-to-date style and using social networking and, appropriately, an exceptionally cool layout!
| 12 +

Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Liepins, Carolin (Illustrator)

Blunderblog! Betty’s best – new from Juma Kliebenstein

Betty is 14 and since her last birthday has at last been the proud owner of a laptop! What better reason to share the details of her chaotic life with others? So she starts to write a blog. This deals not only with the size of her boobs (more or less zilch…) and the question of how to get to know boys (success: also more or less zilch), but also about mothers who serve cocoa at birthday parties, bits of toilet paper hanging out of pants and babysitter jobs that go hopelessly wrong. Betty seems to find putting her foot in it wherever she possibly can utterly irresistible!
Funny, frank, young girls will recognize and laugh out loud at the situations told in authentic social network style in this novel.

| 12 +

Ludwig, Sabine (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Curtain up on school fun for Sabine Ludwig!

The first year at school is a real adventure - especially right at the start: That’s when school beginners have to learn their way to school, drive the school demon away and, on top of all that, there’s that tricky alpha-bed to be learned. School story expert Sabine Ludwig tells entertaining stories full of mischief, intelligence and warmth about that exciting first year in the classroom.

The Annoying Alpha-bed - Stories for that First Day of School by Sabine Ludwig is a collection of short stories all about school life to read aloud and for beginning readers to read to themselves.
| 6 +

Arold, Marliese (Author) Becker, Stéffie (Illustrator) Paehl, Nora (Illustrator)

Snuggle up - it’s time for bed. Look: the moon has woken up and the stars are twinking in the sky.

Here’s your little read-aloud bedtime companion. Let’s snuggle up with our cuddly toys, sink into our comfy bed of stories, and even receive an unexpected visit from a surpisingly nice ghost. Going to bed is such fun. Shall we read a story? In short: a dreamily delightful collection of bedtime stories for children, parents, and anyone who reads or listens to them.

Diverse themes cover a host of different situations.
Powerful, empathetic series - a valuable addition to the bookshelves.
High enjoyment factor for a low price. | 4 +

Praml, Sabine (Author) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator)

Quickly off to bed? Oh no! Seven little bunnies keep Mummy on her toes
The baby hares still have so much to do. They have great fun charging about, eating and scrubbing their teeth – and then first their left and then their right leg has to go into their pyjama trousers. At last, they’re all ready – but where’s the cuddly toy? But then finally, in all the excitement, one by one the little hares’ eyes fall shut.
A humorous look at the usual evening family hullaballoo by bestselling author Christiane Hansen. Large format and colourful pictures packed with details.
| 24 months +

Orso, Kathrin Lena (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

Read away your scratches and scrapes.

Oh dear - the little animals aren’t very well today! Sissi the Snail has got backache; Hetty the Hen has a cold; Carla the Cow has a cough; Dougal the Dog has fallen off his scooter; Cathy the Cat has a thorn in her paw; and Benny the Bear has tummy ache. Fortunately the little animals have good friends to take care of them. Thanks to heat rubs, herbal tea, cuddle blankets, cherry stone pillows and plasters, they will all soon be better again.

Combines powerful themes: illness, comfort, recovery and friendship.
Rhyme and repetition.
Trained teacher Kathrin Orso understands how small children think and feel.

18 months +

Raab, Dorothee (Author) Abel, Bettina (Illustrator)

You know all that! A treasury of words to last a long time
A real treasure trove for young explorers! Small children love to look at and name the things they know over and over again and to learn new ones, as well. The 70 colourful and faithfully detailed pictures with the corresponding words give kiddies lasting pleasure. Children will always find something here they recognise or that surprises them – for example toys, vehicles, clothing, animals, plants, colours, shapes and lots more! Recognising and naming for the tiniest tots – trains perception and language skills.
| 12 months +

Raab, Dorothee (Author) Abel, Bettina (Illustrator)

Look how many words you already know! The big book of discovery.
Doll and train set, pyjamas and wellies, toothpaste and shampoo – in this big, fat picture dictionary, children will find 250 objects they know from daily life and have lots of fun spotting them and saying what they are called. Thirteen pages, each with a different topic – in the playground, at nursery school, on the farm or at the supermarket, always have something new in store for the children to discover. The big book for recognising and naming, an ideal companion for children who are learning to talk from the successful team of Dorothee Raab and Bettina Abel.
| 12 months +

Obrecht, Bettina (Author) Engelking, Katrin (Illustrator)

Every year Anna thinks: This time I’ll get a dog for my birthday. And when she doesn’t, she thinks: But I’m sure to get a dog for Christmas. Christmas is nearly here and Anna is quite convinced that she will be given a dog. But what’s that by the Christmas tree? A bike. Anna can hardly believe it. Okay, it is a lovely bike and it does have five gears. But it simply isn’t a dog. A dog would have been pleased to be Anna’s present. A bike can’t be pleased. “Do you know what,” says Daddy, “Mummy and I are going to get our bikes out now and then we’ll show your bike the town together. Perhaps it would like that.” And the bike really does. Well it certainly hums as if it were happy and Anna is happy, too. And anyway, it’ll be her birthday again soon, won’t it? Then she’s sure to get a dog … | 7 +

Plichota, Anne (Author) Wolf, Cendrine (Author) Schenk, Jonas (Illustrator) Hage, Anike (Illustrator) | further

| 10 +

Plichota, Anne (Author) Wolf, Cendrine (Author) Schenk, Jonas (Illustrator) Hage, Anike (Illustrator) | further

| 10 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

Sweet dreams! With these stories, young children will want to go to sleep and fly off to the land of fantasy. A book of cosy cuddles and delightful dreams.
Colourfully illustrated by Marina Rachner.
| 24 months +

Lippa-Wagenmann, Henrike (Author) Opheys, Caroline (Illustrator)

Now it’s really time for bed, you sleepy little mouse!
It’s time to go to sleep! But the little mouse simply cannot fall asleep even though all the other animals on the farm have plenty of ideas about the best way to drift off. It’s only when the little mouse meets another little mouse and the two have a really good romp that it grows tired. And then it’s finally time to switch off the light, little mouse!

Important topic: Bedtime

Popular farm setting

Illustrator debuts with humour and charm | 18 months +

Moser, Annette (Author) Sturm, Carola (Illustrator)

Eight little Shetland ponies enjoy going to sleep? Oh no they don’t!

The ponies in this delightful board book still have things to do: they want to gallop across the fields, balance on tree trunks, graze on the apple trees, and play hide and seek in the straw. It’s all very exciting - but gradually, one after the other, they start to shut their eyes…

Built-in snuggle factor: amusing bedtime story for little pony fans.
A fun way to learn to count.
Large format with illustrations by Carola Sturm

24 months +

Weber, Susanne (Author) Jacobs, Tanja (Illustrator)

The little owl from the bestselling board picture book “Ow!” Said the Owl now also in picture-book format for children of 3 and over!

»To the beautiful stars in the sky is where I want to fly.« The little owl loves the way the stars twinkle high up in the night sky. But how can she possibly reach them? The answer is clear - it’s time she learnt to fly! She practises and practises and in the end, just as she’s flying as high as she possibly can, Daddy holds her back and Mummy takes the little owl in her arms and explains that she can never fly far enough to reach the stars. But then the little owl notices a shooting star coming quite near to her – and, of course, it brings her lots of luck.

With a wonderful message of encouragement and a touching happy end. | 3 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Maar, Paul (Author) Naoura, Salah (Author) Scheffel, Annika (Author) Andresen, Kristina (Author) Kliebenstein, Juma (Author) Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Obrecht, Bettina (Author) Weber, Susanne (Author) Rautenberg, Arne (Author) Janisch, Heinz (Author) Zipse, Katrin (Author) Gutzschhahn, Uwe Michael (Author) Wildner, Martina (Author) Jeschke, Mathias (Author) Chudzinski, Daniela (Illustrator) | further

Stories and poems for the festive season: the great Christmas compendium!

Is it all right to fib at Christmas? Kirsten Boie and Salah Naoura tell us that sometimes it is allowed! Top German-language authors invite readers to rediscover the Christmas. There are stories about live Christmas cribs, children waiting for snow to fall, about how often you can celebrate Christmas, and how aliens would probably feel at a Christmas market. Fascinating Christmas facts as well as Christmas recipes and poems complete this festive compendium.

A Christmas treasure trove of a book with beautiful colour illustrations that will retain its fascination for many years!! Stories by Paul Maar, Erhard Dietl, Martina Wilder, Antonia Michaelis, Salah Naoura and many others.
| 6 +

Bettina Obrecht
Bettina Obrecht, 1964 in Lörrach geboren, studierte Englisch und Spanisch und arbeitet als Autorin, Übersetzerin und freie Mitarbeiterin beim Rundfunk. Für ihre Kurzprosa und Lyrik wurde sie mehrfach ausgezeichnet. 1994 veröffentlichte sie bei Oetinger ihr erstes Kinderbuch. Mit ihrem "scharfen Blick für die Sorgen und Nöte von Kindern und der Fähigkeit, daraus genaue, ungewöhnliche und griffige Geschichten zu entwickeln", hat sie sich seitdem in die "Garde wichtiger Kinderbuchautorinnen hineingeschrieben" (Eselsohr) und Texte für alle Al...
Bettina Abel
Bettina Abel wurde in Marburg geboren. Sie studierte Grafikdesign und hat bisher zahlreiche Bilder- und Pappbilderbücher veröffentlicht, viele davon in Zusammenarbeit mit Dorothee Raab. Sie lebt mit ihrer Familie in Hamburg.