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Chidolue, Dagmar (Author) Spee, Gitte (Illustrator)

Millie is the best tourist guide in the world!
A bear of a weekend! Millie goes to Berlin with Mummy, Daddy and Trudy. What she likes best are the “topless” doubledecker buses. Riding around Berlin, she catches a glimpse of the outside and sometimes the inside of lots of museums and gets to see the Chancellery and the parliament building, the Bundestag. And she also discovers that a zoo doesn’t necessarily have to be a zoo! On the other hand, there are bears all over the place in Berlin … | 6 +

Anders, Lisa (Author)

Fifteen-year-old Vic lives in a hotel in Alexander Square in Berlin. She shares her room with Jean-Jacques, an old shop-window dummy, who, apart from Lynn, her best friend, is Vic’s most trusted companion. And trusty friends are what Vic needs now more than ever since Fabian dumped her and her journalism work experience with a publishing company is going anything but well. Then along comes the chance of her life!
In her novel, Lisa Anders writes about subjects that touch the reader’s world in a dramatic, humorous and original style. A zany story about an internship with obstacles and the unpredictability of love.
| 12 +

Tienti, Benjamin (Author) Kiefer, Sebastian (Author) Pricken, Stephan (Illustrator)

There’s aways something weird afoot! The neighbourhood kids are hot on the trail

Elmo is eleven, lives in Berlin-Neukölln, and is a detective. His cases are a welcome diversion from normal life: things haven’t been the same since his big brother died. When Elmo meets super-sassy gamer Tuna, they set out to hunt for the ‘master melody’ in the notorious online game MELOdiy. There’s a big reward for whoever finds it first. But Elmo and Tuna aren’t the only ones trying to find it. Thus a harmless case turns into a huge, crazy adventure.

“Mountains of Chinese Noodles” is Benjamin Tienti’s third novel for children aged 10+, and the first one co-written with his punk band colleague Sebastian Kiefer.

Edgy but warm-hearted: a detective story for kids combined with a cool gaming challenge.
For fans of “Rico and Oscar” (Andreas Steinhöfel).
Tienti’s uniquely honest, raw, warm narrative voice has won high praise.

9 +

Bongard, Katrin (Author)

Street Life School Shopping Queen
Livia is new in Berlin and can’t get over what an exciting city it is. There’s the old man with the dachshund always sporting a partner look, the punks near the tube station with bad teeth and even worse teeth and the even worse things they say and the girls who hang out with Johanna, to whom Livia is at best invisible. But there’s Tim here in Berlin, too. Tim the street kid who is unlike any other boy she has ever met before and who shows her the other, very different, side to the city. Katrin Bongard tells a moving story of life in the city with appealing lightness and honesty.
The story of a girl, a clique and a love that defies all conventions.
Authentic, stylish and thoughtful.
| 13 +

Matysiak, Mascha (Author) Staisch, Wolfgang (Illustrator)

Heartache or Happy Ending?

Mimi is so madly in love with Chris that her stomach seems to have thousands of butterflies fluttering around in it. The only problem is that Chris lives at the other end of Germany. Will their romance last even if she only sees her boyfriend in the holidays? Everything would be so much easier if it weren’t for her stupid jealousy! But somehow all the other girls seem to know Chris far better than she does …
| 13 +

Matysiak, Mascha (Author)

Photos, fashion, flirts!

Mimi’s boyfriend, Lukas, has gone off with someone else! To take her mind off things, she gets herself a practical training placement with a Berlin fashion photographer. There, she meets not only eccentric designers and long-legged models, but Chris, who’s really cool. Mimi is sent out to look for exciting locations for photo shoots with Chris and soon her heart is all aflutter once more. The only problem is that beautiful Lola, one of the models, is not at all happy about the idea because she is secretly in love with Chris and would do anything to win him for herself…
| 12 +

Bongard, Katrin (Author) Staisch, Wolfgang (Illustrator)

New York, New York! Ronya can hardly believe her luck. Her father has been asked to write a travel guide on New York and he is taking her with him to the city of cities. There Ronya meets Jonathan, who is supposed to be playing city guide for her and her father. Jonathan and Ronya really get on each other’s nerves to start with, but the longer they spend exploring New York together, the closer they become …
A love story from two angles and a fast-paced tour of New York with lots of cool insider tips!
| 13 +

Durian, Wolf (Author) Waechter, Philip (Illustrator)

Chocolate king seeks advertising king!
Kai and his gang, The Black Hand, answer the advert and even win the start-up capital they need in a bet. The Berlin street boys launch a uniquely inventive and amusing advertising campaign. Before long, the whole city is talking about “The Black Hand” and the new brand of American chocolate. Their adult competitors don’t have a chance. Mr Joe Allan can go back home to America secure in the knowledge that his advertising is in the very best of hands.The original version of the children’s classic from the 1920s. | 10 +

Frieser, Claudia (Author) Spengler, Constanze (Illustrator)

Stolen jewels and spooky goings-on below deck
Newspaper boy Leo from Berlin is emigrating to America with his family. On board their ship, he gets to know Luisa and tells her about his secret find: a diary all about the mummy’s curse. And then a mummy really does turn up on board – and appears to be haunting the hold. Could the mysterious man who “just happens” to be on board too, have a hand in it all? Along with cabin boy William, Leo and Luisa set out to get to the bottom of the matter and end up in the middle of an adventure.

Suspense-packed children’s crime story in a mysterious setting – the intense atmosphere of the big, wide 1930s world of ocean liners.
By the author of the popular Oskar series: over 190,000 copies sold.
| 9 +

Stein, Maike (Author) Crenshaw, Carina (Illustrator)

An award-worthy love story about two girls

Berlin, in the early summer of 1961, when the border between East and West is no more than a white dividing line on the streets of the city. The passport controls are a nuisance, but they don’t stop either Marie or Lennie from crossing over because they have found each other, found a love both had believed impossible. Nothing can separate them – or so they think. But in the August of that year, the construction of the Berlin Wall tears the city – and the two girls - apart. Marie is faced with an impossible decision: Should she stay with her father and younger brother and give up all the dreams she shares with Lennie? Or should she risk making an escape to West Berlin, to Lennie, and never see her family again?

- Perfect to mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
- Excellently researched: a credible escape that really could have taken place | 14 +

Lüftner, Kai (Author) (Illustrator)

Five Ninja warriors-in-waiting on their first secret mission

Along with thousands of other kids across the globe, Sam, Bent, Svea, Li und Marta-Zofia dream of being accepted by one of the five Ninja Academies. In Berlin, on their first secret mission, the five are taken to the limits of their extraordinary abilities. For this very reason the kids have to stick together and trust one another, while everything they thought they knew about the international Ninja world is thrown into question. Who is good, and who is evil? Nothing is as it seems! Thus begins the real story…

The Mission is the start of a spectacular series of books by the cult author and martial artist Kai Lüftner for children aged 9+.

- Ninjas: a massive trend among kids, teens and adults - on TV, in clubs, gaming etc.
- The brilliant first novel in this thrilling action series by cult author and martial artist Kai Lüftner.
- Striking design; enhanced by trading cards and letters.

Watch the Trailer to the series here! | 9 +

Lüftner, Kai (Author) (Illustrator)

They’ve completed their first mission successfully - so now they can finally move on to the Tesuto. But while Sam is still doubting whether he’ll actually be able to pass the feared and legendary entrance exam to the Ninja Academy, the kids have to overcome some very different obstacles: someone evidently wants to try to make sure they fail. On top of that, “The Bullet” - the super-Ninja in charge - suddenly sets everything in motion to make things as difficult as possible for them … It soon becomes clear that the young Ninjas will only be able to overcome all these challenges if they work together (though only one will remain!)

- The Ninja kids are true heroes!
- Action, adventure, challenges, friendship: all the ingredients for a bestseller.
- The action-packed sequel to the explosive “Ninja Academy” series by the successful children’s autor Kai Lüftner.

9 +