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Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Staar, Katharina (Illustrator)

Oops: the little animals are completely filthy. Kitty Cat’s fur is covered in milk. The puppy has been splashing in a puddle. And all that clover-nibbling has turned the little rabbit’s nose green. Now just turn the pages, and watch the animals become clean again. What a shame that the little pink piglet would rather jump into a pool of mud – making all the other animals filthy again. What fun!

The perfect book for all mucky pups – read-aloud fun guarantees instantly clean paws!

| 18 months +

Moser, Annette (Author) Opheys, Caroline (Illustrator)

All the animals think they’re tall –
Even those that are very small.
But none of them’s as tall by half
As the tree-top touching, giant giraffe.

What about you? Are you as tall as a mouse, or a sheep, or a bear?
The concertina growth chart will tell you, and it will go on telling you until you are fully grown.

18 months +