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Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Calling all dinosaur fans: learn to read with the Ogglies.

Pooh, what a pong: stinking prehistoric farts!

Professor Brausewein has built a time machine - and it has catapulted the Ogglies straight back to prehistoric times. Here they meet a little dinosaur who’s looking for his mum. Of course the Ogglies are going to help him! However, they soon realise that life in prehistoric times is pretty dangerous. Not only is the little dinosaur being pursued by scary land-lubbers, but voracious pteradactyl is also after him. Can the Ogglies get him to safety before Brausewein transports them back to Smelliville?

- Erhard Dietl’s much loved Ogglies and the perennial favourite dinosaurs come together in one book.
- More than 40,000 copies sold of the book edition.
- 7.4 million Oggly products sold in total.

8 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Franz is absolutely sick of it! For months now, Gabi has been acting crazy. She’s going to be a big sister, but anyone would think she was the one having the baby. And so that she can do everything when the baby comes, Franz is always having to practise “baby” with her. He has to put on a pair of tights and a bobble hat, kick when she tells him to and close his eyes when Gabi whispers “Little baby, go to sleep now!” He only ran away once. That was when Gabi wanted to practise nappy-changing on him. The baby is due to arrive today, at last, and Franz is very much hoping that Gabi will start being a bit more normal again then. | 7 +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Marshall, Anna (Illustrator)

There are lots of amazing things for tiny tots to discover here!

Every page has a slider that can be pulled in and out to change the pictures. So there’s lots more to discover about the baby animals than can be seen at first glance – as well as some funny surprises!

With the Pull & Discover series, children aged 18 months and over playfully get to know their environment, while the subjects and illustrations encourage them to start learning to talk. | 24 months +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Sodré, Julie (Illustrator)

Jolanda the pony foal can already stand on her wobbly legs just a few hours after she is born, and she drinks her mother’s milk straight away. Very soon she is allowed into the meadow with the other ponies, where she can eat grass and learn to run and jump. | 4 +

Leykamm, Martina (Author) Leykamm, Martina (Illustrator)

Many of the baby animals that fascinate our tiny tots can be found in this picture dictionary. Each double page is devoted to one or two subjects. Particularly delightful: the handwritten representation of sounds and noises that some things produce and children always want to imitate. Other picture dictionaries in this style: MY TOYS, MY GOODNIGHT BOOK and MY VEHICLES.

This picture dictionary for modern families has fantastic illustrations packed with playful details and is ideal for reading at home and on the move.

| 12 months +

von Klitzing, Maren (Author) Apfelbacher, Lisa (Illustrator)

Everyone starts out small! Join Polo Propeller on a visit to animal nurseries

With Polo Propeller, the children visit all kinds of young animals, from kittens to a baby wallaby, inside the house and outside in the garden, in the desert and the savanna, in the countryside, at sea and in the air. How are they born, how do they grow up? With the help of transparent sliders, the children bring movement into the young animals’ daily lives. The goslings waddle along behind their mother, the young storks learn to fly and the baby monkey swings on a vine. This detailed, large-format activity knowledge book for nursery school children is full of adorable young animals and comes with transparent sliders on every double page, plus a wheel, lacquer finish and embossing on the cover. Discover the world with Polo Propeller!
| 4 +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Sodré, Julie (Illustrator)

Yetta is a tiny, helpless cub when she is born. Luckily, the snow den she grows up in is well hidden. She stays inside the den with her brothers and sisters and their polar bear mother until it is spring outside. | 4 +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

The little lamb wakes up really early in the morning and sets off to wake all the other animals.

With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

The little pig is more interested in finding something to eat – he’s always so very hungry!

With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

The little rabbit is looking for his friend, the hedgehog. Where can he be?

With a fluffy sensory element | 12 months +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Sodré, Julie (Illustrator)

Little Tomba the elephant is a giant baby: he already weighs 100 kilos at birth! Because his herd will soon be moving on, he has to learn to walk very soon. The baby elephant must also learn to use its trunk. But because the trunk is so heavy, he can’t even lift it at first, so he has to use only his mouth to drink with. | 4 +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Sodré, Julie (Illustrator)

Baby tiger Siri is just two weeks old when his first milk teeth come through. And they are very sharp indeed! When he’s six months old, he is allowed to go hunting for the very first time. Until then, he drinks his mother’s milk and eats the occasional piece of meat she brings him. | 4 +

Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Kleine Bornhorst, Lena (Author) Hebrock, Andrea (Illustrator)

And what’s the little chick doing? She hops out of the barn because she’s curious to see what’s going on outside.

With a fluffy sensory element
| 12 months +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

For parents and their sleepy child: the loveliest goodnight story book!

You can clearly see in the moon’s soft light
How baby animals sleep at night.
A kiss, a cuddle, a nuzzling nose,
And very soon their eyes will close.
This is what the animals do.
Do you like kisses and cuddles too?

How does the lion say goodnight? What does the baby mouse like best before he falls contentedly asleep? The animal children and their parents cuddle up close before they go to sleep at night just like young human children do. An absolute favourite for every child’s goodnight ritual! Eight goodnight scenes with beautiful pictures and lovely rhymes to join in with.

24 months +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

Goodnight bestseller with a fluffy sensory element and a guarantee that sleepy heads will soon be nodding

How does the lion say goodnight? How does the owl rock her young to sleep? And how does the mouse get her mouse child to nod off? Tender goodnight rituals invite imitation and are crowned with a nice, cuddly goodnight kiss.

An enchanting bedtime book with quality special effects. Fluffy sensory elements for sleepy children to stroke complete the bedtime rituals.
| 24 months +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator)

Little Matilda can hardly wait for her baby brother to come out of Mummy’s tummy at long last. But when Finn finally arrives, Matilda is surprised to find that the baby can’t even play with her yet! This and other heart-warming stories of many different real-life family situations make this a delightful story book for young children of two and over. | 24 months +

Grimm, Sandra (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

What happens when a new baby arrives? Good ideas for “new brothers and sisters”
Lena thinks her new brother has a great life. Mummy is always carrying him. She can hardly ever pick Lena up anymore and also has less time to read to her and play with her. Luckily, Lena comes up with lots of good ideas: she paints a picture while Mummy is nursing her brother, she and Mummy push the pram together, and every day there’s a Mummy-and-Lena time that’s reserved especially for them.
| 24 months +

Lütje, Susanne (Author) Rammensee, Lisa (Illustrator)

A beautifully made board book which tells the story of a charmingly different family

Pingu and Pongo are happy
As a penguin pair can be.
But then they’re even happier
When two plus one makes three!

Pingu spends his days doing what penguins like to to do best: swimming, diving, and sliding on the ice. Then he meets Pongo and they are very happy together. One day they suddenly find something lying on the ice: an egg! The pair incubate it. And what hatches out? A little chick. How wonderful!

18 months +

Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

This beautifully embossed picture dictionary contains over 130 objects that small children will recognise from their daily lives. The fire engine says nee-nar, nee-nar - but what colour is it? Just remind me what colour poppies are? As for the lion: he’s a strong creature with a colour to match. Children will delight in learning the many colours of the rainbow in no time at all.

Striking book with cool rainbow features.
Ideal present for a baby: the perennial theme of ‘colours’ combined with great design.
Child-friendly rhymes on every spread.

12 months +