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Can You Wake the Little Bear? An Interactive Book

There are loads of sleepy-time books - but now it’s time to wake up! But that’s easier said than done, as the little bear is in his cave and is fast asleep. Can you wake him by whispering in his ear? Or by tickling his big tummy? This book encourages small children to join in and shout, shake, poke and clap - and most of all laugh - until the little bear finally wakes up. Be as loud as you like with this hugely fun book for all children, parents and bears!

- Interactive entertainment with the little bear.

- Page by page, the book awakens along with the bear.

- Make a noise and have some fun!

| 24 months +

Where does it hurt? An interactive book with feel-good sliders

The cuddly bear doesn’t feel at all well because he’s running a temperature. The penguin needs a plaster and the dragon has a sore throat. The poor rabbit has even broken a leg and is now being fitted with a plaster cast! The children pull on the sliders, help to treat the animals and are delighted to see that all of the cuddly toys are soon feeling better. And if the children want another story, they will find a bonus one about a sick little mouse on the back of the slider!
Bright, colourful pictures, affectionate rhymes and a story all about being ill and getting well, a subject children love.
| 24 months +

Light on, light off! The little bear is already in his cot, when he realises he hasn’t got his cuddly whale. Quickly, turn on the light! There it is. Now baby bear can go to sleep. Light off, goodnight! But no, he’s forgotten something else. Will you turn the light back on for him? Only when he’s also got his comfort blanket, his little car and his dummy in the bed with him can the bear finally fall asleep. Light off, goodnight!

The little ones will be amazed: a board picture book with a built-in light on every page that they can switch on and off themselves!
| 24 months +

Go with your flow: Shape your own year, be creative and stay cool.

Be yourself, be creative and feel good! This book will help you to realise your own potential throughout the entire year – with plenty of ideas, suggestions and instructions for spring all the way through to winter. With yoga and mindfulness exercises, beauty DIY tips and lots of pages with creative ideas, you couldn’t be better prepared for the best year of your life! Live your own You, but stay cool as you do – and dance barefoot through your life!

Dance Barefoot Through Your Life - Happiness Ideas for Your Year! places the focus on self-realisation instead of self-optimisation and offers creative ideas for every month, feel-good hints, pages to fill as you please and much more besides.
| 12 +

Going swimming, having a picnic, picking cherries – hare and bear have plenty of things to do today. There’s lots to discover while they do them, too, as each double page is packed with surprises! This beautiful book has fold-out pages in all directions, several little discovery windows and peepholes that reveal lots of funny details. | 24 months +

Heidi used to live at Auntie Deta’s, but now she has been sent to live with her grandfather in the mountains. Heidi loves it there – the mountains, the fields, the dark firs. But she especially enjoys her outings with Peter and his goats. All summer long, the two spend time together, but then the winter sets in and Heidi has to persuade her grandpa to take her on the sledge to visit Peter and his family. | 3 +

One night, a strange boy appears in Wendy’s bedroom. He calls himself Peter Pan, he can fly and he even has a real elf called Tinkerbell with him. Peter tells Wendy about his home – Neverland – and persuades her to go there with him. In Neverland, Wendy meets Peter’s friends, the Lost Boys, and has all kinds of adventures with them. But then the boys and Wendy are kidnapped by the dreadful Captain Hook. Luckily, Peter comes to their rescue. | 3 +

“The travel bear loves to travel, but even more does he adore - packing his suitcase!” And because his suitcase is so wonderfully big, all kinds of things fit inside it. He first packs his pyjamas. Then his hat. And then …? What else does the bear pack? On every page there’s a picture of the suitcase with a flap to open. By lifting the flap, small children can find out what the Bear has already put inside it. And when he has at last stowed everything in the suitcase, the bear is tired out and no longer feels like going away.

“I pack my bags and take…” – a book version of the game
With large suitcase flaps and cute rhymes
| 24 months +

Hopping, climbing, weightlifting – Theo keeps the hens amused!
The farmyard is filled with a great mooing and squawking! That’s because the hens and the cows are arguing about which is most important, eggs or milk, and neither side is prepared to back down. Then Bobby Barrel has a super idea and suggests they hold a competition to decide the winner. And because Bobby is the world’s best invention inventor, he puts together a challenging race course for the animals. But when all’s said and done, can anyone really say if one is more important than the other?
The ingenious inventor’s second adventure - in the very best Pettersson and Findus tradition and with lots of farmyard pictures teeming with detail.
| 3 +

Happy ending in Winter Wood! While he’s out looking for firewood for his hearth, the Christmas elf happens upon a teddy bear buried in deep snow in the wood. Little Ida is terribly sad because she’s lost him. The elf quickly sets out to bring Ida her teddy in time for Christmas. That will be the best present of all for Ida!

Delightful Christmas stories for the very young with rhymes they can join in reciting.
| 24 months +

Happy Birthday, dear Bobby! And everyone is coming to the party!

Bobby lives in a barrel behind Farmer Beppo’s chicken coop. There’s nothing he likes better than to work with his hands, making nice things. Now his birthday is coming up and he would like to have a party with his friends, Freda Ferret, Carl Compost and Erna Ardvaark. This year he simply must have a cream cake for his friends, so Bobby sets to work. But baking a big cake turns out to be more difficult than he thought. Will Bobby’s birthday party be a success?

The delightful picture book by Betina Gotzen-Beek is the perfect birthday present, full of bright colours and so much fun!

English translation available!
| 3 +

What does a bear do when it’s as hungry as a bear? Guessing fun with peepholes.
The bear is very hungry and looking for something to eat. The children help him to search and already know what tasty titbits await him on the next page – a glimpse through the peephole lets them in on the secret! But the big bull is too dangerous, the pigs are too filthy, and the hare is too fast for him, and the chickens just laugh at him. The bear is feeling pretty desperate, but then Mrs Bear comes home with delicious bread and honey.
Discovery fun for young children with amusing rhymes to join in with, peepholes for guessing games and lovely bright pictures.

| 24 months +

Who can comfort these animals? A plaster book for young nurses Ouch! The tiger has got his tail caught, the mouse has scraped his knee, the frog has a big bump on his head and the hippopotamus has hurt his toe. All the animals need looking after – and the little children, full of pity, know very well that what is needed here is a plaster! What a good thing there’s one in this book – with a velcro dot and attached to a tape so that it can be used over and over again! Seven stories to arouse kiddies’ sympathy and desire to help! With a genuine velcro plaster on a tape. | 24 months +

Oh, how wonderful a white Christmas is for little bears!
The bear family is really looking forward to Christmas. Mummy, daddy and the little bear are preparing their cave for Christmas, making snow angels and building a snow bear. But then suddenly the little bear sticks his nose in the air. A mysterious scent is wafting through the wood and the three bears discover strange paw prints in the snow. They follow the track – and suddenly find themselves back in their own cave. And there they find that a Christmas miracle has taken place! Scenic pictures and particularly affectionately worded rhymes.
| 12 months +

Biodiversity and environmental awareness in an age-appropriate format – suitable for reading aloud or alone

Walter is a little water bear who lives in Greenland. He has barely had chance to thaw out after his hibernation before his ice floe snaps off and takes him on an odyssey around the world. Water bears are tiny and can adapt to extreme living conditions. Like no other creatures on the planet, they are a byword for bio-diversity. Walter's involuntary journey around the world leads him through the great multitude of the Earth's habitats. On the way, he meets all sorts of other animals, and learns about the biodiversity of our flora and fauna and the way in which everything hangs together in a natural balance.

Take an adventure-filled journey with Walter around a world which has biodiversity as its core. An oft-discussed topic given a new slant with this book and cuddly water bear toy. | 6 +

A dog of your own – Antonia Michaelis makes every child’s dream come true

Barking here, barking there. Barking, barking everywhere. The poor four-legged creatures have to spend all day at home alone, waiting for their masters and mistresses to return. How boring! Thank goodness the Animal Aid Club are dog-lovers too. Every day, Janne, Tom und Ali pick them up after school and take them for a walk. The only problem is the awful dog who comes to join them uninvited. Oughtn’t his owner to be keeping a better eye on him? It’s only when the Animal Aid Club find themselves in the woods during a sudden storm that they realise who really needs their help... | 8 +

Profound, surprising and absolutely hilarious! The bear is envied for his lazy life at the zoo – three meals every day so that he never has to go to sleep hungry. And yet he would much rather be free, like the crow. She offers him the chance of his life, to switch bodies! Very soon, the crow bear discovers that good manners are a total waste of time in the wild, and the bear crow not only eats herself fat, but unhappy, too. And so in the end, the pair make the free decision to share full board at the zoo.

Philosophical subjects given entertaining, child-appropriate treatment with brilliant, imaginative illustrations!
| 6 +

Alarm at the Matilda Imperatrix! Who destroyed the boarding school’s bee hives? Pina, Flo and Blanca immediately pick up the trail and discover that it was none other than a little bear that’s wandering the woods. Pina, in particular, feels for the baby bear because she knows exactly what it’s like to be all alone and without parents.
But a small bear is no cuddly toy, of course and before long panic breaks out among the girls. A bear, so close to their school, isn’t that terribly dangerous? Before long, the first farmers in the village are preparing to hunt the bear down – and Pina, Flo and Blanca realise that they need to act fast if they want to save the little bear!

Exciting, clever and bear-friendly: this club is there for everyone!
| 9 +

All the best, little star! A delightful goodnight story for cuddly kids. Before they go to bed, the little bear and the big bear take a last look at the stars. But today one little star is not shining as brightly as the others. The bears immediately begin looking for a way to help it. They climb up a ladder to reach the little star and put a warm hat on its head. Now the little star is sure to feel better soon and the little bear can sleep without worrying about it. Susanne Lütze and Eleni Zabini tell a poetic goodnight story in beautiful, evocative pictures and with lovely rhymes for the children to join in with.

The perfect goodnight story \x1A
| 24 months +

Now you really must go to sleep …

A clumsy little bear takes a walk at night. A bedtime story full of humour and charm.
All the animals are asleep. Or are they? Wait, there’s someone wandering through the woods! If only Bumbly Bear could at least be quiet about it … But no, he bumps his paw, falls down a hill and growls with fright when a pine cone falls on his head. This wakes up all the other animals. Not until the sun rises is Bumbly Bear tired enough to fall asleep – while all the other animals greet the new day.
| 4 +

Ship’s goblin ahoy! Haunting fun for seafarers and landlubbers, young and old!
Molly is looking forward to joining her father, Captain Bendixen, on another voyage
and also to some new adventures with the ship’s “goblin sea bear”, Captain Button. And she doesn’t have to wait long for them to begin because the three are off to Scotland, where Captain Button plans to visit an uncle of his. To her horror, Molly discovers that the uncle has been held captive in a haunted castle for hundreds of years! She immediately sets about freeing the Scottish sea bear, of course!
Captain Button’s second adventure: an entertaining holiday story for the whole family, with lots of colour pictures, a linen spine and a ribbon bookmark.

| 6 +

Which animals live underwater? Who spends the winter in a pile of leaves? Draw the bear’s shaggy fur! The young and not quite so young artists have loads of fun completing and colouring in these funny animal pictures, at home and on the move. | 5 +

Small children turn everything upside down - but in the eyes of their parents they are still the most adorable creatures in the world. In this board book, the adult bear (can be Mummy, Daddy or some other grown-up) describes all the marvellous things he or she has been doing with the most adorable darling in the world. | 12 months +

Poor little owl! A delightful book about making hurts better.

The little owl has hurt herself. The fox comes along and blows on the bump, the mouse brings a plaster and the snake strokes the little owl’s cheek. But what’s the best way to make it better? A kiss from Mummy Owl, of course! With the cutest little owl in the world, this book is an absolute favourite with very young children! A charming story of kindness and empathy told in clear pictures and simple rhymes children will have great fun joining in with.

18 months +

Lots of favourite animals for toddlers!
There’s always something happening in the animal world! Boris the dawdling bear discovers the most gorgeous honey in the wood, Henri the dog can’t wait to go to nursery school and Ingo the hedgehog is terribly proud of having found a wonderfully warm place for the whole family to hibernate. And little Jules discovers a newborn lamb at the petting zoo. She’s even allowed to stroke it! With big, colour illustrations and a padded cover – for children of 2 upwards. | 24 months +

It’s time for bed. “One more kiss…,” says Daddy Bear, “… and that’s it,” says the little bear. But then he feels thirsty. Also, he needs his teddy. And Daddy also needs to take a look at the stars with him! Without further ado, Daddy Bear climbs in under the covers with the little bear. “One more kiss …,” he yawns, “… and that’s it,” says the little bear, snuggling into daddy’s arms. And before you know it, they are fast asleep. | 18 months +

Which of us doesn’t know the story of Mowgli, the “man-cub” who grows up with a pack of wolves. His best friends are Baloo, the bear, and Bagheera, the panther. Together they protect the boy from Shir Khan, the scheming tiger. Rudyard Kipling’s classic is retold here for children of four and over and richly illustrated with wonderful, atmospheric pictures. | 4 +

The little bear has a special Christmas wish: he wants to see the Christkind and give it a wonderful present. Only what could that be? A couple of rosehips, perhaps? No, he’ll give them to the owl, who’s not feeling well. And the hungry squirrel needs those tasty nuts. When the little bear finally arrives home again, the Christkind has been and gone, but it did leave him a thank-you letter, saying that the little bear’s good deeds were the finest present it could have wished for. | 24 months +

Every child would love to have an animal friend like this.

Yummy scrummy! The little koala is ravenous. Might the other animals be able to help him find something to eat? Berries? Seeds? That’s no good for koalas! Thank goodness Mum knows what her little one likes to eat.

Eye-catching on the book-stands.
Attractively embossed.
Popular animals make this a must-have book.

12 months +

All the animals think they’re tall –
Even those that are very small.
But none of them’s as tall by half
As the tree-top touching, giant giraffe.

What about you? Are you as tall as a mouse, or a sheep, or a bear?
The concertina growth chart will tell you, and it will go on telling you until you are fully grown.

18 months +

A hare, freezing with the cold, seeks refuge on a bitter winter’s night. Soon after, he is followed by a fox and then by a bear. The animals promise Ivan not to fight amongst themselves. When Ivan wakes up next morning, he thinks it was all just a dream – until he sees the footprints in the snow outside his cabin. | 4 +

Walking dead! Top agents battle grim adversaries!

Bob and Tim had always thought that they had finally put paid to the machinations of the megalomaniac Baron von Funeral on their last mission. But already there’s bad news awaiting them at the S.W.A.P. headquarters: a zombie disaster is threatening the world! All over the globe, the undead are appearing and it’s only a matter of time before the entire human race has been wiped out. Luckily, however, S.W.A.P. has two crisis-tested top agents in Bob and Tim, who let absolutely nothing deter them!

Book 4 in the phenomenally cool and action-packed secret agent series complete with lots of hilarious cartoons that reduce readers to helpless laughter!
| 10 +

How to be happy: The definitive book for crosspatches!

The brown bear is being a real crosspatch today! He’s so cross and grumpy that none of his friends’ attempts to cheer him up make any difference. They offer him good food, honey and a outing in the car, but nothing helps, not even a fishing trip. He just stays as grumpy as ever. In the end, his friends come up with a wonderful idea to make him laugh! Delightful and heart-warming, this story will soon blow away any bad temper!

With clear, colourful illustrations. A must for all families and nursery schools!
| 24 months +

Bo the bear lives all alone in the wood. He’s feeling pretty lonely on Christmas Eve, but then a pig knocks at his door simply because it’s scared of the dark. One by one, other animals also turn up on his doorstep. They have all heard that a special child has been born in a stable in Bethlehem. They decide to visit the child together and, in the end, all the animals gather around the manger to gaze in wonder at the baby lying there. Everyone is happy and no one is alone any more.

A shared experience of the birth of Jesus seen from the animals’ perspective
Rhyming text entertains and makes reading easier for beginning readers. | 6 +

My BFF, our summer and me

Here’s everything best friends need to make this summer the best they’ve ever had. From fun tests about “Ten things you should do together this summer“ and “The five most delicious snacks for a picnic“ to “Our best photos“, this is a stylish must-have book to make every girl’s summer perfect and help best friends to get to know each other even better. And best of all: when the summer holidays are over, you will not only have had loads of fun, but also have a wonderful album full of memories.

This richly illustrated activity book for girls is the ultimate summer companion, with many pages to fill in, bucket lists and creative DIY ideas.
| 12 +

The Guardians of the Valley - The Island of the Bee-Eaters

When Talis, Alva, Will and Sam build a raft on the valley beach, they suddenly notice a gigantic flock of birds flying towards them. Will is quite sure that they have come from Wild Island, and that something must be wrong over there. The friends duly set off on their new raft to check that everything is okay. Lo and behold: all kinds of dangers await them on the island, and they soon find themselves back in the middle of a honey battle between two bear tribes.

- Thrilling comic: guaranteed to captivate reluctant early readers.

- Large font and fantastic pictures: the perfect combination for young readers.

- Fantasy, friendship and adventure will thrill boys and girls alike.
| 6 +

Look Who’s Roaring!

“Roaaar!“, says the child who has become a ferocious lion. “Grrrrrrrr!” says the child who’s turned into a cuddly bear. In this innovative board book, small readers get to know and copy various different animals. Each double page includes a foil mirror featuring typical animal characteristics: a trunk, a mane or ears. If the child looks in the mirror, he or she immediately becomes a wild animal. A brilliant concept, certain to delight big and small alike!

- Uniquely designed book featuring foil mirrors: perfect for small readers.

- Playfully addresses and supports young children’s developing self-perception.

- Top-selling topics in the children’s book market: “animals” and “make-believe”.
| 18 months +

The Christmas Bear

It’s such bad luck: every year, Bear sleeps through Christmas. But his dearest wish is to meet Father Christmas. This year his friend Fred Mouse wakes him up - and guess what? Not only does Bear meet Father Christmas, but he’s given a snuggly present, too …

This festive rhyming picture book with fabulous illustrations has a real snuggle-factor, too: an actual pompom to touch and play with!

- A delightful Christmas story told in rhyme.

- Gorgeous illustrations, with an eye-catching soft pompom to play with.

- An ideal present in the run-up to Christmas.

| 24 months +

James M. Barrie
Sir James Matthew Barrie wurde 1860 als Sohn eines Webers in Kirriemuir in Schottland geboren. Er arbeitete zunächst als Journalist in London und schrieb nebenbei Heimatgeschichten und Theaterstücke. Internationale Berühmtheit erlangte er 1904 mit einem Stück für Kinder: "Peter Pan oder das Märchen vom Jungen, der nicht groß werden wollte". Erst sieben Jahre später, 1911, erschien die Buchversion, die bis heute vielfach erfolgreich verfilmt und immer wieder neu aufgelegt wurde. Barrie wurde 1913 geadelt und war von 1930 bis zu seinem Tod ...
Barbara Scholz
Barbara Scholz, 1969 in Herford geboren, studierte Grafikdesign in Münster. Sie ist freie Künstlerin und illustriert mit großem Erfolg Bilder- und Kinderbücher, darunter auch die Bestseller »Der kleine Ritter Trenk« und »Seeräubermoses« von Kirsten Boie.
Barbara Korthues
Barbara Korthues wurde 1971 nahe der niederländischen Grenze geboren. An der Fachhochschule Münster studierte sie Illustration und Grafik-Design, sowie Malerei an der Kunstakademie Münster. Während der Studienzeit begann sie als Illustratorin für verschiedene Kinder- und Jugendbuchverlage zu arbeiten und hat seitdem zahlreiche Bücher veröffentlicht.
Barbara Schinko, Jahrgang 1980, lebt mit ihrer Familie in Linz (Österreich). Während ihres Studiums verbrachte sie mehrere Monate in Irland, wagte danach eine Weltreise und fuhr im Wohnmobil quer durch die USA. Ihre Bücher handeln von ungewöhnlichen Heldinnen und Helden und natürlich von der Liebe. Für Schneeflockensommer wurde sie mit dem Österreichischen Kinder- und Jugendbuchpreis ausgezeichnet. Mehr Infos auf:
Barbara Robinson, (1927-2013) in Ohio/USA geboren, studierte Literatur und Theaterwissenschaft. Sie schrieb Kurzgeschichten, Bühnenstücke und Kinderbücher, für die sie vielfach ausgezeichnet wurde, u.a. mit dem Ehrendoktor für Literatur der Harvard University. "Hilfe, die Herdmanns kommen", 1972 erschienen, erhielt zahlreiche Literaturpreise und stand mehrere Jahre auf der Liste der "bemerkenswerten Kinderbücher" (ALA Notable Children's Books). In den USA gehören die Geschichten über die Geschwister Herdmann zur beliebtesten Lektüre bei S...
Barbro Lindgren
Barbro Lindgren, 1937 in Schweden geboren, besuchte die Kunstschule in Stockholm und schreibt Bücher für Kinder und Erwachsene. Für ihr Gesamtwerk erhielt sie u.a. den schwedischen Astrid-Lindgren-Preis und den Nils-Holgersson-Preis; für den Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis wurde sie nominiert. Ihre charmanten Bilderbuchgeschichten vom kleinen "Max" und den Erlebnissen in seinem Kinderalltag, kongenial von Eva Eriksson illustriert, zählen bereits zu den Bilderbuch-Klassikern. "Knappe Worte, drollige Bilder und die Kinder lieben es, weil hie...
Barbara Rose
Barbara Rose, geboren 1965, ist Kinder- und Jugendbuchautorin und Journalistin. Über zehn Jahre lang hat sie sich Geschichten fürs Fernsehen ausgedacht und Sendungen für Kinder und Jugendliche im Radio moderiert. Inzwischen arbeitet sie als freie Autorin und kann das tun, was ihr am meisten Spaß macht: Bücher schreiben und daraus vorlesen. Sie wohnt mit ihrem Mann und ihren vier Kindern in der Nähe von Stuttgart. Mehr zur Autorin unter:
Barbara Jung
BARBARA JUNG Jahrgang 1968, studierte Kommunikationsdesign an der Fachhochschule Mainz. Sie hat mehrere Kinderbücher illustriert, arbeitet als freiberufliche Illustratorin für verschiedene Verlage und Agenturen und lebt in Frankfurt am Main. Ihr Herz schlägt für ausgefallene Figuren und einen schrägen Humor.
Barbara Iland-Olschewski studierte an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf und entdeckte dabei ihre Begeisterung fürs Filmemachen und Geschichtenerzählen. Sie realisierte eigene Filmprojekte und arbeitete als TV-Regisseurin und Redakteurin. Weil man für schöne Filme gute Drehbücher braucht, lernte sie das Handwerk am Kölner Filmhaus. Anschließend begann ihre Autorentätigkeit für TV-Krimiformate, Dailys und Kindersendungen. Heute lebt sie in München und schreibt Kinderbücher und Drehbücher. Ein Fan der Olchis wurde sie schon vor vielen Jahren durc...
Barbara van den Speulhof
Barbara van den Speulhof schreibt viel, in erster Linie Bücher zu Filmen, Bücher, die auf Filmstoffen basieren und Hörspielfassungen von Spielfilmen. Darüber hinaus produziert sie Hörbücher und Hörspiele, führt manchmal auch Regie und arbeitet als Trainerin und Coach. Zum aktuellen Projekt setzt Barbara van den Speulhof für Oetinger Audio auch die Hörspielversion um.