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Pyranja, Anja (Author) Andersen, Nils (Illustrator)

A school class is having its farewell party – and Nina loses her smartphone. A young refugee returns it to her and confronts the party-crazy mob with some very different problems. | 14 +

Smo, Simon (Author) Staar, Katharina (Illustrator)

All too often, Janush and Samir attract unwanted attention – both in the schoolyard and on the tram. Then they get to know each other and discover their love of hip hop, and that makes them strong. A story written by the author duo SMO & MrB, who are best friends themselves. | 14 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Heeder, Susanne (Illustrator)

Kilian has been living with his grandparents in a village in the country for ten years. He is happy there and has plenty of friends. But now he’s suddenly supposed to move back to town, back to his parents who have barely bothered about him in the past. He really does have great difficulty getting used to his new life: his parents are practically strangers to him and don’t understand what he is going through. He fails to make any friends at school and when his parents tell him he has to stop seeing Manuela, the girl he has fallen in love with, he is at his wits’ end … | 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Schössow, Peter (Illustrator)

Luki-live was perfectly normal up to the summer holidays, but since he came back from England, everything has changed. You see, Luki-live has decided to become a character. He only wears second-hand clothes (in protest against fashion terror), rides an ancient bike (in protest against consumerism), knits (to relax) and in future only wants to say what he really thinks. This naturally gets him into a lot of trouble ... | 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

When Thesi was small, she didn’t know she had mousy eyes, a huge nose and a chin that isn’t really a chin at all. It was only when she started school that she realised there must be something wrong with her face. In this lively, funny story that remains realistic and credible from start to finish, Christine Nöstlinger tells how Thesi nevertheless learns to accept her looks in the end. | 12 +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Wessel, Kathrin (Illustrator)

When animals are not quite the way you expected – a wonderfully crazy discovery book

Who can see Ingo the flamingo, Mat the cat, or Kellogg the dog ? This amusing picture book has plenty of challenges for young explorers since there’s always one animal that’s a little bit different from the norm. We see a pug in a tutu dancing through town, a horse flying across the sky like Superman, and a jellyfish playing the trumpet. The message here is very clear: Be yourself and no one else, use your own voice, that’s the only choice. You can, you may - hurray, hurray, that’s what we say!

A different approach to learning about animals
Great fun for small discoverers
| 24 months +

Matthes, Silas (Author)

And if you do defend yourself, how far should you go?

Summer holidays. Two best friends. Comics, computer games, music and girls. And then the first day back at school comes round and the monster is back. How much can you stand before you have to defend yourself and if you defend yourself, how far should you go? The downward spiral of violence spins increasingly out of control.
Authentic. Literary. An extraordinary debut novel on the subject of bullying. The 22-year-old author tells a story of torment, power and control with oppressive realism, but not without humour and a light touch. A novel with a powerful story, powerfully written.
| 13 +

Herget, Gundula (Author) Kubalek, Kerstin (Illustrator)

With his long-legged servant and his tubby cook, King Beanie goes in search of the terribly tiny, but awfully angry Princess Rikiki. His subjects are highly amused to see them go, but along the way, the three demonstrate the advantages of their supposed shortcomings. And what about Prince Rikiki? She takes one look at her motley pursuers and bursts out laughing so heartily that King Beanie immediately falls in love with her. A magnificent wedding feast is arranged – and from then on, nobody is mocked any more!

A hilarious read-aloud book for heroes young and old.
| 5 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Krause, Ute (Illustrator)

Suddenly big and strong and brave! A dream with obstacles
Ten-year-old Jim has just one wish: to be a grown-up right now. Then one evening, up pops the Galimat in Jim’s room. The Gali is a ball-shaped creature that gets all household appliances mixed up and materialises a pill for Jim that turns him into a grown-up for a short time. Now Jim can really show his rotten classmates and his stupid teachers! But soon he realises that, for one thing, it’s not as much fun as he thought, and for another, he is just getting friendly with Rebekka, a girl in his class. Jim decides he never wants to take another grown-up pill, but then Rebekka needs his help.
An amusing adventure for children by Sat creator and famous author Paul Maar. With illustrations by Ute Krause.
| 8 +

Dax, Eva (Author) Dully, Sabine (Illustrator)

Monsterly marvellous! The loveliest, smelliest feet in the world!

Gregor is a little monster. He’s terribly strong, dreadfully loud and awfully fast. But is he also a pretty monster? Gregor sets off to ask his mummy, his daddy and all the other monsters, who love him. They all give Gregor cuddles and kisses – because doesn’t he just have the podgiest tummy, the scaliest skin and the smelliest, cheesiest feet you could wish for?

A story about being loved and being just right that turns conventional beauty ideals upside down!
| 4 +

Scheffner, Robert (Author) Dax, Eva (Author) Scheffner, Robert (Illustrator)

Friendships arise when you least expect them. Cornell and his toaster are the very best of friends. There’s nothing they like better than to have breakfast together. But one day, the toaster breaks down. Cornell is inconsolable. Of all people, could Cornell’s scary neighbour be the person who can help the friends?

A story of friendship charmingly presented in stop-motion look, for fans of children’s and adult cartoons.
| 5 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator)

Today is Christmas Eve. Jack and Jonah are out playing in the snow, waiting for present time to arrive. At long last, Mummy appears and calls them to come in. Daddy comes out behind her and – bang! They hear the door to their flat fall shut! “Open the door,” Mummy says to Daddy. “You open it!” says Daddy. But neither of them has a key. Will Jack and John have to spend Christmas on the landing now? | 3 +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Rachner, Marina (Illustrator)

A little elk is plodding through the winter forest. Where on earth can he be going? Along the way, he meets a piglet, then a mouse, a bear and an owl. The animals are all sad because they are on their own on that special evening. But the little elk just says, “Come along with me, I’ll show you something! Together, it’s even more fun.” And so in the end there’s a huge Christmas surprise for them all.

Modern and charming cuddly look
| 12 months +

Lindner, Irmgard (Author) Lindenblatt, Katherina (Illustrator)

All the elephants in Circus Wonderland are grey. All, that is, except Nico, who is green – a small, grass-green elephant. It’s his birthday today and his greatest wish is to be allowed to perform under the big top. The circus director, on the other hand, doesn’t want any green elephants in his circus ring. But then there’s a new addition to the circus family when Ria, the new mare, gives birth to a foal – and the foal isn’t black like all the other horses at Circus Wonderland. No, it’s … | 3 +

Seidl, Anna (Author) Niere, Cornelia (Illustrator)

Moving, gripping, inconceivable: when nothing is the way it was any more. Just after the bell for break, Miriam hears a shot. To begin with, no one realises what's actually happened, but then chaos breaks out and naked fear reigns. Matias, a boy from her parallel class, has run amok and is shooting wildly around him. Miriam's boyfriend Tobi is among those fatally wounded. Miriam survives – but she can’t help wondering whether life has any meaning now, without Tobi and with her ever recurring nightmares. Were she and her schoolmates to blame for what happened?
The grandiose debut work of Anna Seidl, who was only 16 when she wrote this heart-rending story: an in-depth examination, relentlessly told, of the consequences for the survivors of a mass shooting.

You Can Smell the Fear. You Can Reach Out and Touch it
He's among us. We can hear them, the shots. They are loud. Far too loud.
It's a normal school day. But shortly after the bell for break, a first shot rings out. Fifteen-year-old Miriam takes refuge in the boys' toilets with her best friend. When she ventures from her hiding place, she finds Tobi, her boyfriend, lying gravely injured on the floor. Help comes too late for Tobi, and on this day Miriam loses more than the carefree life she has known until now…
The debut work of a young German author: gripping, disturbing and deeply moving.

| 14 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Because the sun shines on Sunday and Mr Mon comes visiting on Monday, Tuesday is day two in the week and Wednesday is when some people have their weddings, because Thursday is the day of Thor, the god of thunder and Friday is the day people fry fish for dinner – that’s why, and only for that reason, Saturday is the day the Sat returns, that small creature with the trunk-like snout and red spiky hair whom good Mr Pocketbeer grew so fond of on his first visit. Luckily, the Sat hasn’t changed at all, except that he now knows all about complicated wish machines. In the end, he helps Mr Pocketbeer to make his own wishes come true. | 8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Sometimes Mr Pocketbeer is far from sure whether it really was the best of all wishes to have the Sat live with him forever. After all, the Sat has lost all the dots on his face and can no longer grant wishes. All he is now is impertinent and greedy. And the fact that Mr Pocketbeer has fallen in love naturally doesn’t please the Sat at all. If only he still had some dots! But it’s not so easy at all this time, and in the end, everything turns out quite differently – with the dots and so on. In any case, Mr Pocketbeer finds himself in some pretty mad, chaotic situations until his heart’s desire is finally fulfilled and he manages, with the Sat’s help, to make another, this time final step towards independence. | 8 +

Schmid, Thomas (Author)

Butterfly tum! Of friendship and first love – the special film edition “Stupid Cap!” That’s how Oliver greets Martin when he joins the new class after moving house. Martin caught Oliver stealing and gave him away by mistake – no wonder Oliver doesn’t have a good word to say for him. But Martin’s thoughts are far more taken up with Silke, who has really turned his head. Sadly, it seems she already has a boyfriend – Oliver, of all people! Johannes Schmid, winner of the film award Der goldene Spatz, filmed Thomas Schmid’s young adult novel debut with the German big-screen stars Inka Friedrich, Andreas Hoppe and Inga Busch. With colour photos from the film. | 12 +

Stewner, Tanya (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

Suspense guaranteed – a new adventure with Alea Aquarius!
Off to Iceland! Alea and the Alpha Cru set sail for the far north. Alea hopes she will at last find her father there and, with him, the answers to all the questions going round and round inside her head. But when the Alpha Cru reaches its destination, Alea is forced to face up to her past. And that’s not all; there she also encounters the mysterious Doctor Orion, who is researching the deadly virus that destroyed the merfolk. With his help, can Alea make her dearest wish come true and restore the merfolk to life? And will Lennox help her put her plan into action? Alea senses that he’s keeping something from her and that’s really putting their love to the test.

The third book in the Alea Aquarius mermaid saga by bestselling author Tanya Stewner.

| 10 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Gotzen-Beek, Betina (Illustrator)

Adventure class trip! Johanna’s class outing includes a night-time walk and that is something she really is not looking forward to. But on the way there, she suddenly finds her mummy, in miniature, sitting in her jacket pocket, helping her to be brave at last.
Humorous, gripping and sensitive, a school story about fears, being brave and self-confidence.
| 8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Büchner, Sabine (Illustrator)

A new story from Paul Maar: Invisible dogs really do exist – and real friends, too!

Before Nick and Olly even met, they each had an invisible dog as a friend: Snuffi belonged to Nick, and Pucki the pug was Olly’s. But now Nick and Olly are suddenly best friends and have so much fun together that they don’t need their invisible companions any more. The dogs find it hard to believe what’s happening to them: Is this supposed to mean that just because they’re invisible, they don’t exist? That cannot be true! And so Snuffi and Pucki set out together in search of a new human friend.

With great charm, humour and imagination, the ideal book for first-time readers – beautifully illustrated by Sabine Büchner.
| 6 +

Gieseler, Corinna (Author) Rave, Friederike (Illustrator)

The stupid flower elves don’t want Caitlin at their meadow festival! The little half-elf is so upset, she runs away with her friend Tinker, the fat pony. A little while later, they find themselves caught in a heavy rainstorm. It’s a good thing Caitlin is wearing her wellies! Then she remembers the elves. What will happen to them? Caitlin knows they can’t fly with wet wings … | 3 +

Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Schulmeyer, Heribert (Illustrator)

Small doll, big mouth! Shy little Anna is not happy when she hears she has to go swimming with her school class - quite unlike her cheeky doll, Freda, who wants to go and push stupid Stephen into the water because he’s always picking on Anna. And it seems even jumping in off the three-metre board is easy-peasy for Freda. But in the end, it’s Anna who, thanks to Freda’s crazy stories and her new friends’ praise, musters all her courage and jumps. Splash!

Fresh, lively, Freda: a chirpy, cheerful and pretty encouraging little doll. A book for girls who already have or are still looking for a little courage.
| 6 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Four of the funniest Oggly stories in one volume!
The Ogglies have a delightfully rotten stink and their bad breath sends flies crashing to the ground. Tidiness is the very worst thing for Ogglies! That’s why they’ve just got to get rid of their new neighbour as soon as possible he spends all day clearing up. To recover from all that, they then organize a birthday trip for Oggly-Grandad and end up having some incredible adventures on the Eiffel Tower and the leaning tower of Pisa. This collection of stories includes four of the best Oggly stories: The Ogglies Move House, The Ogglies Fly to School, The Ogglies and the Blue Neighbour and The Ogglies Go on a Birthday Trip. | 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

Martin Pocketbeer is the fourth-smallest in his class and the second-weakest. When it comes to shyness, he’s the number one. Martin would love to be like all the others, but he simply hasn’t the confidence. That’s how things are until he goes on a skiing trip with his class after the Christmas holidays, where he gets to know the Sat, a cheeky, irreverent creature who refuses to be intimidated by anybody or anything and can mysteriously make wishes come true. Martin’s greatest wish is to be somebody else – a wish the Sat cannot grant, but he does help him to be braver and more confident. When the week of skiing is over, Martin for the first time feels he belongs and knows that he has now found his place in the class. | 7 +

Weigelt, Udo (Author) Janßen, Rike (Illustrator)

“Who’s that?” wonders Ignatio, the little dragon, as he stomps through the enchanted forest one morning. He can hardly believe his eyes – it’s a real, live knight. The knight's name is Eisenhart von Tonne and he is out to steal Ignatio’s treasure. Thankfully Minifranz, the vampire, Gundi, the mermaid, and Donna Littchen, the witch, come to Ignatio’s aid. Will the friends be able to keep the treasure safe? | 3 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Körting, Verena (Illustrator)

Lumi the lynx girl lives in Sparklewood with her Aunt Chain because her mother was bold enough to set foot in Millennium Gorge, where the wolves live, and ended up plunging to the depths. Still, Lumi leads a carefree life and likes to roam the woods with Rissa, the young fox girl, and Bristle, the wild boar boy. Then one day, she happens upon three very peculiar strangers wearing black masks around their eyes. The arrival of these visitors causes an uproar in Sparklewood and strikes fear into the hearts of many animals. Lumi plans to keep her distance, but when the youngest of the three creatures becomes entangled in a root, she relents and helps him.
That marks the beginning of a wonderful friendship between the young lynx girl Lumi and Rus Racoon, who has just come to Sparklewood with his family because their old home had been destroyed. Lumi explains the rules of the wood to Rus and shows him the many different facets of her home. And she also helps him and his family to hide.
This is necessary because not all of the woodland creatures are as well disposed towards the newcomers as Lumi. The animals who regard the wood as their territory feel that their traditional rights are being threatened. Snout the fox, in particular, stirs the other animals up into a frenzy and encourages them to join forces and drive the racoons out of the wood. Now there’s only one thing for it for Lumi and Rus: they must make sure the racoons are given a place in Sparklewood. And to do that, they need to find the mysterious Changetree, in which all Sparklewood creatures have scratched their mark. Only if they can add the racoons’ mark and plant their tree in Sparklewood will Snout and his followers perhaps leave them in peace. But it’s a long way to the Changetree and their path takes the two friends right into Millennium Gorge…

A contemporary counterpart to The Wind in the Willows and other classics.
A poetic parable about being different, friendship and tolerance.
Poetic and sensitive, told in modern language.

English sample translation available! | 8 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Carls, Claudia (Illustrator)

When 10-year-old John-Marlon slips through a gap in a fence in the middle of town one day to find himself on a deserted, run-down building site, he has no idea that what he sees before him will be his summer paradise. There, he joins a group of children led by a girl called Wind. Together they spend an amazing time filled with adventure and imagination amid rampant nature and crumbling walls. But Wind has a secret, and when the summer is over, everything will be different.

Antonia Michaelis addresses childhood longings, the desire for freedom and adventure, and tells her story in a superbly atmospheric style.
| 10 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

Mr Pocketbeer does all he can to persuade the Sat to come back home. He meets Mr. Mon on Monday, on Tuesday, he goes to work and busily chews on his pencil, Wednesday is happily the middle of the week, and on Thursday, the day of Thor, the god of thunder, Mr Pocketbeer personally creates thunder with his rolling pin and a tin pan. And his efforts pay off: on Saturday, the Sat returns – bringing lots of new wish dots with him! Daddy Pocketbeer immediately starts making wishes, but although the Sat has told him often enough how to wish properly, quite a few things go wrong this time round, as well.

Paul Maar’s timeless stories about the cheeky Sat are simply never boring, and most certainly not with Nina Dulleck’s new illustrations.

Typically Sat: Anarchy and humour instead of established conventions and boredom
A total of over 4.5 million Sat books sold
| 7 +

Martin, Peer (Author)

Calvin, 19, used to be a neo-Nazi, but his love for a Syrian girl called Nuri taught him to see things differently. He has now left his old gang, changed his name and identity – and managed to opt out of the neo-Nazi scene altogether.
But he has lost Nuri.
In the fire, right at the end, he made her a promise: to get thirteen-year-old Jinan out of Syria. Casting common sense to the wind and disregarding all the rules, he sets out with Nuri’s brother, Kamal, for the country from which hundreds of people flee every day.
While Calvin’s former friend Pascal is trying to track down and do away with Nuri’s parents in Berlin, Calvin’s path takes him through devastated towns and winter mountains. He witnesses destruction and violence, torture and death, but time and again also experiences a hospitality he has never known before. When he falls into the hands of the IS, he is determined never to give up the search because only by finding and rescuing Jinan can he also, in his own way, find his way back to Nuri again.

In Winter so Far, Peer Martin continues the gripping story begun in "The Summer of Black Wings".
| 14 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author)

There's post for the Oggly family: the Blue Oggly writes to say that he'd like to spend his birthday with his relatives on the rubbish tip. Oh, and he'll be arriving that afternoon! This is bad news for the Ogglies. The Blue Oggly loves nothing more than order, and he's generally quite hard work. Can they still manage to hold a grotty birthday party for him? The Ogglies get straight to work… | 4 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

Sometimes Mr Pocketbeer is far from sure whether it really was the best of all wishes to have the Sat live with him forever. After all, the Sat has lost all the dots on his face and can no longer grant wishes. All he is now is impertinent and greedy. And the fact that Mr Pocketbeer has fallen in love naturally doesn’t please the Sat at all. If only he still had some dots! But it’s not so easy at all this time, and in the end, everything turns out quite differently – with the dots and so on. In any case, Mr Pocketbeer finds himself in some pretty mad, chaotic situations until his heart’s desire is finally fulfilled and he manages, with the Sat’s help, to make another, this time final step towards independence.

Another classic in the Sat series with new colour illustrations by the successful artist duo Paul Maar and Nina Dulleck. At once timeless and modern, with lots of humour in aid of greater open-mindedness and tolerance. | 7 +

Alexander, Nora (Author) Christians, Julia (Illustrator)

Olli’s grandpa isn’t like other people’s grandpas and he does some odd things, like asking for ice cream with ketchup, going for a walk in the middle of the night and sometimes even forgetting to go to the toilet. How embarrassing! But Olli’s grandpa has a secret. On nights when the moon is full, something incredible happens to him. When Olli discovers one evening that grandpa turns into a wolf, it’s the start of the most exciting night of his life and nothing is ever quite like Olli had imagined it to be again.

- An appeal for people with dementia to be treated respectfully; told with warmth and affection
- Nora Alexander describes the magic in every kind of human difference without judging or moralising
- Much more than a book focused on a particular topic, this is an adventure story and a declaration of love | 8 +

Kirchner, Angela (Author)

First love – tender and realistic
A truly special love story and a touching young adult novel. Sensitive. Humorous. Authentic.
Mina is seventeen and has perfected the art of making herself invisible in the presence of her peers. An accident turns her ordered world upside down and enables her to take a first tentative step towards her neighbour Theo. Theo, who always has his head in the clouds, whose private haven is the garage roof between their two houses – and who has always been secretly in love with Mina. Can these two so very different outsiders come together?
| 13 +

Böhm, Anna (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Horn of Fame: Celebrity hype in Pixietown with an actual unicorn

Unipig has once again behaved unmagically, so Emmi decides that he needs some lessons from a real unicorn on magic horn. But she has no idea how stressful the life of a celebrity unicorn can be. Holly, the only unicorn in Pixietown, is constantly surrounded by fans, and her owner, Henry, a quiet little boy, is finding it all a bit too much. Emmi and Unipig try to help them, but find themselves in deep trouble when a big company tries to force the unicorn to help sell lemonade. There’s only one thing for it, Emmi’s magical pig will have to help a real unicorn.

Emmi and Unipig are simply adorable. Author Anna Böhm’s little heroes convey the wise message ’Be true to yourself!’ with great humour and charm.

“A turbulent, beautiful, true-to-life story, bursting with curious, clever, creative ideas, and complete with wonderful illustrations – just the way a children’s book should be.”
Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung

8 +

Böhm, Anna (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Heroes sometimes emerge from the most unlikely places!

The two magical creatures of Emmi’s bossy schoolmate, Antonia, and the grumpy Mr Bockel were accidentally switched, and now everyone is miserable. Which is why Unipig and Emmi volunteer to reverse the unfortunate exchange. Easier said than done! For Antonia to reclaim her beloved matchling, Mr Bockel must agree to take back his own magical creature, the dreaded spitworm. Which is how Unipig and Emmi discover the Bockel family’s long-kept secret … and the spitworm reveals some unexpected abilities!

Emmi and Unipig are simply adorable. Author Anna Böhm’s little heroes convey the wise message ’Be true to yourself!’ with great humour and charm.

“A turbulent, beautiful, true-to-life story, bursting with curious, clever, creative ideas, and the most wonderful illustrations – just the way a children’s book should be.”
Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung

8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator)

Wish dot emergency!

The Sat gives Mr Pocketbeer a very precious present for his birthday: a very last wish dot. But what does Mr Pocketbeer go and do with it? He makes a wish for the wrong thing, of course - namely, a Sat for his pesky neighbour, Mrs Redcabbage. And straight away, there’s a second Sat sitting at their dining table! It is scarily well behaved, but it poses a huge challenge for the Pocketbeer Sat!

At last: a Sat read-aloud book by Paul Maar, written especially for younger children! Perfect preparation for the iconic Sat books and super for reading aloud! | 7 +

Tielmann, Christian (Author) Brenner, Lisa (Illustrator)

This football comic turns book-shy kids into monster bookworms!

How rotten is that! Bram can’t play for FC Redspike because he’s too small. Standing on the sidelines, Bram meets Drago, who’s also not allowed on the pitch. Drago isn’t an ordinary boy, though; he’s a vampire. He has some friends who are just as unusual as he is, and he and Bram decide to start their own team with them. They call themselves the Pitch Monsters! And even though the briefest exposure to sunlight reduces Drago to dust, defender wolf Lars is not in command of his temper and the monster twins would rather eat the ball than kick it into goal, they end up winning the match against FC Redspike.

Comics are a playful invitation for children to read

Fantastic pictures with large print for beginning readers in the speech bubbles.

| 7 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Mr Pocketbeer is a timid person. He is afraid of his landlady, his boss and basically of anyone who scolds and gives orders – until one Saturday a Sat crosses his path and decides on the spot to stay with him. The Sat is a fearless, indeed almost irreverent creature who refuses to be intimidated by anybody or anything, who makes impertinent remarks everywhere he goes and scolds back when others scold him. Mr Pocketbeer finds all of this terribly embarrassing to begin with and tries to get rid of the Sat again in all manner of ways. Yet strangely enough, the longer the Sat stays with Mr Pocketbeer, the more fond Mr Pocketbeer grows of the Sat. And in the end, well-behaved, timid Mr Pocketbeer has turned into a self-confident person who has learned to stand up for himself. | 8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Mr Pocketbeer is a timid person. He is afraid of his landlady, his boss and basically of anyone who scolds and gives orders. But one day, a Saturday, a Sat comes to live with him. The Sat is a small creature with red hair and blue dots on his face. He’s impudent, always scolds back and refuses to be intimidated by anyone. Mr Pocketbeer finds all of this terribly embarrassing to begin with but then he realises he’s growing very fond of the Sat. This special edition contains all the original illustrations by Paul Maar as well as 24 colourful pages with the best photos from the film The Sat | 8 +