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Ameling, Anne (Author) Parciak, Monika (Illustrator)

Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Star - 3-5-8-Minute Stories\x0a\x0a\x0aThere are so many exciting things going on during Advent and Christmas: Julian can hardly believe that Herr Huber next door is going to be spending Christmas Eve on his own. But he has had an idea for a brilliant Christmas surprise. And Paul? He’s given up all hope of winning the sleigh race - when Father Christmas suddenly offers to lend a hand.\x0a\x0a\x0a- Chilled stories to get all the family in the Christmas mood.\x0a\x0a- Helps to create a cosy Advent bedtime routine.\x0a\x0a- Christmas stories of varying lengths.\x0a | 3 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

It’s unbelievably exciting when your wishes come true! Volume 3 of the much-loved children’s series featuring the Patchwork Family of Hotchpotch House.

Out of the blue Rebecca, the mother of Emma, Ben and Jojo, returns from Australia, and turns the lives of everyone at Number 11 upside down. Emma now has barely any time for her guinea pig project - but now that Mum’s home, Emma obviously wants her to stay there for ever … Meanwhile, it’s already holiday time and all the other children at Number 11 are already away - so Emma, Ben and Jojo are thrilled when their mum suggests a camping trip at the North Sea. Their holiday gets off to a great start - until Emma discovers that her mum has a secret. What on Earth should they do now?

By the best-selling author of the Dein Spiegel novels, Stefanie Taschinski.
Together, anything is possible - heart-warming stories about friendship, family, and sticking together.
A modern-day cross between Astrid Lindgren’s Bullerby Children and Kirsten Boie’s Möwenweg stories.

8 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator)

It’s lovely playing at nursery school!
Lucy is really excited because today is her first day at nursery school. But once she gets there, she discovers the hours pass in a flash! Lucy plays ships in the playground with Lena and Ricki, and the children collect leaves and chestnuts in the woods; they bake biscuits and make moon lanterns. But the very best thing about nursery school is the super nursery party Lucy has with her new friends.
| 3 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

Christmas is coming, and the Patchwork Family are busily baking and singing. Emma and Aylin are preparing a very special surprise, and Ben is also full of anticipation: will he get the same mega-cool games console as his new schoolfriend Lasse? However, Dad and Selda can’t afford it, because all the children have to have special presents - including the new baby whom Doris and Stella are expecting. But who knows: maybe the Christmas Fairy might just call in at Number 11?

\x0a\x0a- The festive finale to the popular children’s book series by the best-selling author of the “Dein Spiegel” novels, Stefanie Taschinski.\x0a\x0a

- Sensitively told and full of Christmas cheer.

\x0a\x0a- A Christmas reading treat for the whole family!\x0a | 8 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

Some days, happiness seems to come pouring out of the sky like rain

Emma and her family have settled in really well at number 11, and there’s plenty going on: The patchwork family is expecting a new addition, and Father Ollie is spending every spare minute he has at his restaurant, trying to win a Golden Chef’s Hat Award. Jojo, on the other hand, wants one thing more than anything else for his fifth birthday – for Mummy to come over from Australia on a visit!

Book 2 in the new series by bestselling author Stefanie Taschinski
Neighbours are the subject here – and a very popular one, too: shared parties and activities are right on trend
A modern Bullerby in the city

8 +

Zöller, Elisabeth (Author) Kolloch, Brigitte (Author) Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

Don’t worry, you can do it, too! Climb to the top of the big climbing frame? First day at nursery school? Tell Mummy why you definitely and under no circumstances want to wear the red baby dress? In 13 very different stories, children show real courage and help young readers to lose their own little and not-so-little daily fears.
An important subject: Being brave and helping others to overcome their fears. Here affectionately and sensitively illustrated, with pictures reflecting the children’s own lives.
| 3 +

Stronk, Cally (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

Time for some cheeky fun with a handful of colourful cuddlies!

Max thinks his new stepsister Lara is stupid – just like the old house he and his dad are living in now. What a good job there’s a soft, cuddly creature with brightly coloured hair that’s no bigger than his index finger living there: a maffel. Together, Max and the maffel think up new tricks to play on spoilt Lara. But they have no idea that Lara also has some help when it comes to playing pranks.
Entertaining everyday stories for beginning readers: irresistibly cuddly, colourful little creatures in cheeky illustrations by Nina Hammerle.
| 6 +

Funke, Cornelia (Author) Harvey, Franziska (Illustrator)

Cornelia Funke’s classic for beginning readers
The well-loved girls’ book – newly illustrated

Friends for life? Sophie and Ida live in the same building and they’re best friends. Sophie is godmother to Ida’s guinea pig and Ida rescues Sophie from crazy Philipp when he tries to kiss her yet again. One day, a new girl moves into their building, Belinda with the cute tomcat and the sparkly shoes… A classic friendship triangle with a happy ending –emotionally accessible and vividly narrated by Cornelia Funke.
| 7 +

Bertram, Rüdiger (Author) Schulmeyer, Heribert (Illustrator)

A monster party for a human boy – wild, funny, heart-warming!

It’s Paul’s birthday and he desperately wants a dog. His family, the Monsters, are being very secretive. When he arrives home from school at lunchtime, he finds the house full of monsters – a surprise party! They welcome him with a “Happy Birthday!” roar that’s so loud Paul flies backwards into the garden. Confusion ensues! And all the while, Paul is really dying to know what his present is.
| 6 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Eating and sleeping are Bifi’s favourite pastimes. His owner, Pops, a canny elderly gentleman and beekeeping enthusiast, is far more on his toes. When Bifi finds his bowl empty one morning and there’s a smell in the air that’s suspiciously like cat’s fart, it’s obvious they’ve had a visit from a food thief. At lunchtime, Pop discovers that his meal has also been snitched from his plate. Dog and master decide to investigate, so all the cats in the street have to give Bifi a sample fart.

Bifi & Pops, a charming and amusing dog-and-master team, have even preschool children eager to learn to read. Illustrations by Susanne Göhlich.

| 6 +

Dreller, Christian (Author) Oertel, Katrin (Illustrator)

You could knock me over with a feather! Many of our sayings sound really funny. Twenty-two super read-aloud stories along with some very funny illustrations explain to the young listeners why things are sometimes all Greek to us or we have a screw loose. Everyone can learn something new here, not just children!

•\x09The book tells 22 exciting stories connected with questions frequently asked by children.
•\x09Amusing, colourful pictures by Katrin Oertel
•\x09The stories are particularly good for reading aloud.
| 4 +

Dreller, Christian (Author) Oertel, Katrin (Illustrator)

Some sayings of everyday wisdom are complete nonsense. Boris and Murat discover, for example, that contrary to the German belief, raven parents do take loving care of their children. Philip explains to his mum that just because he crosses his eyes they won’t stay like that. And Josephine has known for a long time that the earth is not flat. But is it really round?
These fascinating read-aloud stories are entertaining as well as informative for both children and their parents: What are our funniest everyday misapprehensions?
| 4 +

Dickreiter, Lisa-Marie (Author) Götz, Andreas (Author) Renger, Nikolai (Illustrator)

Our new cult character “Berti” – now for beginning readers

Could anything be more exciting than a child’s first day at school? Hardly. But Berti’s first day surpasses them all. To start with, the whole family wakes up so late that Berti can’t even change out of his pyjamas before setting off for school. Then his daddy drives like a madman, which does not amuse the police, at all. Berti can’t count on his big brother, and a sprint to school turns into a wild chase. Will Berti make it to school on time? And what about his first-day-of-school cone filled with treats and presents?

The secret hero of the family: Little Berti

Fast-paced action and lots of humour

Charmingly illustrated by Nikolai Renger | 6 +

Göpfrich, Astrid (Author) Gertenbach, Pina (Illustrator) Sieverding, Carola (Illustrator)

A new series of read-aloud books with the little fox as reading ambassador:
-\x09For children aged from 3 to 5
-\x09Introduction and afterword by the fox
-\x09Strong reading routine
-\x09Most popular topics

Adventure ahead! Little children listen wide-eyed to the story of a merry raft trip, of a small rabbit going on a long journey, of exciting underwater adventures and a thrilling night high up in a tree house, and lots more adventures besides.

These amusing adventure stories featuring the little fox come in a handy, easy to hold format, ideal for reading aloud at bedtime.

| 5 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Ionescu, Cathy (Illustrator)

Welcome to the Animal Rescue Club!

Hello animal lover, do you want to join the Animal Rescue Club? Jane, Tom and Ali could do with a few extra hands. Unfortunately, their parents don’t understand that snails need protection. And their teachers go up the wall the minute some cute little mice make the school their new home. Can at least the poor, injured hedgehog soften their hearts? Outside, the place is full of animals needing help. Be there to help the animal rescuers when there’s a life to be saved!

Mischievously and affectionately written

For a broad target readership

With lots of hilarious illustrations by Cathy Ionescu
| 8 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

Bifi and Pops turn kids into busy reading bees

Amateur beekeeper Pops rides into the woods on his motorbike to see to his beehives, taking Bifi along in his sidecar. First off, Bifi chases a sounder of wild pigs and a fox away without Pops even noticing. But when the bee colony swarms out with the queen, Pops gets into a real flap. Together, the pair try to direct the bees back to the hive – not an easy task, but luckily, Bifi follows his nose and comes up with a plan!

Still going strong: the unequal friends Bifi & Pops

Perfect identification figure: Bifi sees the world with children’s eyes

Lots to discover in Susanne Göhlich’s illustrations
| 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator) Künster, Doris K. (Illustrator)

Johanna grows up in a small town in Mainfranken, just after the Second World War. The grown-ups talk about “hard times”, but that’s not how the children see it. For them, the coal scarcity, acorn coffee and mashed potato are as normal as the regular plagues of Colorado beetles and mice. But Johanna increasingly feels hemmed in and begins to rebel against the values and rules of her parents … | 16 +

Michaelis, Antonia (Author) Ionescu, Cathy (Illustrator)

A dog of your own – Antonia Michaelis makes every child’s dream come true

Barking here, barking there. Barking, barking everywhere. The poor four-legged creatures have to spend all day at home alone, waiting for their masters and mistresses to return. How boring! Thank goodness the Animal Aid Club are dog-lovers too. Every day, Janne, Tom und Ali pick them up after school and take them for a walk. The only problem is the awful dog who comes to join them uninvited. Oughtn’t his owner to be keeping a better eye on him? It’s only when the Animal Aid Club find themselves in the woods during a sudden storm that they realise who really needs their help... | 8 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Göhlich, Susanne (Illustrator)

What on earth is wrong with Pops? He’s constantly giving commands and pulling on Bifi’s lead, and he won’t let Bifi finish playing! It’s quite clear that Pops needs to take a break and learn how to chill. That’s why Bifi thinks its really great that he can accompany Pops to the dog obedience school; that way, he has the chance to talk to other dogs about how to get his human to enjoy life and always have lots of crunchy treats in his pocket - and Pops can enjoy the company of other humans there. | 6 +

Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator) Wieker, Katharina (Illustrator)

Tim’s life! In this anthology of six picture-book stories, we accompany young Tim through daily life: Tim makes new friends at nursery school, learns to ride a bike, has a birthday party, gets to fly in a plane when he goes on holiday and once even has to go to hospital. Particularly exciting: he and his brother will perhaps be getting a pet. But do they?

Six encouraging stories for nursery school children in an extra-thick book.
| 3 +

Thiele-Eich, Insa (Author) Randall, Suzanna (Author) Eimer, Petra (Illustrator)

Fly to the stars with Insa and Suzanna!

To date, eleven German men have been into Outer Space. Now, at last, it's a woman's turn. Thanks to the "Female Astronaut" initiative, two women - Dr. Insa Thiele-Eich und Dr. Suzanna Randall - are preparing to embark on a research mission to the ISS space station.

In this book, Drs. Thiele-Eich and Randall let children share in the greatest adventure of their lives. They describe the intensive training, and take their readers with them on thrilling parabolic flights. The pair are great role models, awakening interest in science and technology for girls in particular. The journey into space continues in Volume 2, which recounts the voyage to the ISS.

Rocket-fuelled reading for young bookworms, powered by Oetinger. Strong characters and popular topics introduce children aged five to 10 to the magic of reading. Packed with illustrations, cool games and word puzzles, too!

Written by the first two female German astronauts.

Perennially popular "Outer Space" topic - promotes children's interest in science.

Encourages girls in particular to believe that they can do anything! | 7 +

Zöller, Elisabeth (Author) Kolloch, Brigitte (Author) Czerwenka, Eva (Illustrator) Paehl, Nora (Illustrator) | further

I Like Reading Aloud\x0a\x0aI’m Afraid, But I am Brave!\x0a\x0aAt the swimming pool, Jonas has finally plucked up the courage to go down the big slide. But once he’s standing at the top, he freaks out. Thank goodness his best friend is up there with him - which helps Jonas finally to take the plunge! Lotte goes to the baker’s shop on her own for the first time, and Leo summons up the courage to have a sleepover with his friend Paula without his mum and dad being there too. Jana asks her Granny how people become courageous. Fortunately, Granny has an answer…\x0a\x0a\x0a- A great value read-aloud treat.\x0a\x0a- Makes a fantastic present for your own children - or for other people’s.\x0a\x0a- Emotion-packed stories for all everyday situations.\x0a | 4 +

Gieseler, Corinna (Author) Paule, Irmgard (Illustrator) Paehl, Nora (Illustrator)

\x0aI Like Reading Aloud\x0a\x0aYou are my star - How loved you are\x0a\x0aMilla and Paul love to have a huge cuddle with Mummy and Daddy when they wake up on Sundays. Molly the warthog has no friends at all in the zoo - but then she meets another warthog. They hit it off so well that before very long, they are happily throwing mud at one another. Tristan von Hogweed - the son of Eckart von Hogweed - is tasked with finding a dragon, but can only find dragon eggs. But then a little dragon hatches out of one of the eggs, and Tristan has found a super-faithful friend. How great it is to have someone to love and cuddle!\x0a\x0a- Top-notch stories at a bargain price.\x0a\x0a- Powerful, emotion-packed series dealing with all sorts of topics relating to everyday life.\x0a\x0a- Rounded corners; comfortable to hold while reading aloud. | 4 +

Wich, Henriette (Author) Kraushaar, Sabine (Illustrator)

The ideal book to accompany children at a Lantern Festival, or Festival of Light

Sofie und Lasse are beside themselves with excitement: Kindergarten is preparing for the Lantern Festival! The children are all making multicoloured lanterns and singing happy St Martin’s Day songs. Evening finally arrives, and the procession begins. The lanterns glow so beautifully in the darkness. And sweet pretzels await them when they return. | 24 months +

zur Brügge, Anne-Kristin (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

This beautifully embossed picture dictionary contains over 130 objects that small children will recognise from their daily lives. The fire engine says nee-nar, nee-nar - but what colour is it? Just remind me what colour poppies are? As for the lion: he’s a strong creature with a colour to match. Children will delight in learning the many colours of the rainbow in no time at all.

Striking book with cool rainbow features.
Ideal present for a baby: the perennial theme of ‘colours’ combined with great design.
Child-friendly rhymes on every spread.

12 months +

Zöller, Elisabeth (Author) Kolloch, Brigitte (Author) Wechdorn, Susanne (Illustrator) Paehl, Nora (Illustrator) | further

\x0aI Like Reading Aloud\x0a\x0aOne, two, three - Now best friends are we!\x0a\x0aTwo mice are quarrelling about who is allowed to live in the apple. But then they work out that the apple is big enough for them both - and in fact it’s much nicer not to live on your own! Princess Priscilla is supposed to be choosing a husband. But she doesn’t care for the big, strong knights who are arguing about her. Instead, she chooses the nice, kind-hearted knight Ronald. Lukas, for his part, is particularly interested to know the answer to this question: what does ‘getting on with people’ mean?\x0a\x0a- A handy book, lovingly designed.\x0a\x0a- A new story in the popular series.\x0a\x0a- Emotion-packed stories for all everyday situations: on the bus, on the train, in the car.\x0a\x0a | 4 +

Brauckmann, Bela (Author) Stern, Loretta (Author) Keyenburg, Ulf (Illustrator)

Music composed especially for this book – combines entertainment and musical education

The Little Tone and his friend Penny Pause leave their staves to venture out on a thrilling journey into the world of sounds and music. They discover a range of different music styles such as songs by singer-songwriters, hip hop, pop music and even a classical symphony at a concert hall. In the end they also make the little girl Antonia discover her love of music and keep on practising the piano. On their acoustic journey the Little Tone and Penny Pause lead young readers through the sound world of everyday life.
As well as writing the book, the authors - musicians themselves - composed music in all the styles treated in the story. This was in turn recorded by artists such as pop star Johannes Oerding, hip hopper Denyo, jazz legend Rolf Kühn and the renowned Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, and is available as a CD and to download.
| 4 +

Schäfer, Jasmin (Illustrator)

Once upon a time … we found the most wonderful fairy tales in the world!

A varied selection of child-appropriate, fairy tales to read-aloud from some very different cultures from around the world - with exceptionally delightful illustrations and beautifully bound. A fairy-tale journey around the world: from old familiar tales of the Brothers Grimm, Andersen and Wilhelm Hauff to Scandinavian tales of trolls and fairy tales from Africa, Asia and America. A treasure of a book for children and parents alike that will never lose its charm.

- A very special family book, artistically designed, imaginative, opulent
- Cosmopolitanism meets tradition – a treasure for everyone
- Delightful, richly detailed illustrations by Jasmin Schäfer | 5 +

Loose, Anke (Author) Krüger, Simone (Illustrator)

Three entertaining stories to read aloud or for children to read to themselves – with recipes for tasty treat

It’s true, Olli Breezelong is perhaps a little short for his age, but that’s no reason for everyone to call him Titch. Ole is determined to show them all – as soon as he’s found the ultimate recipe for growing! Luckily, he not only has the wonderful cookery and practical kitchen book he inherited from his grandpa to help him, but also his friend Elif and his own clever hamster, Holger. Olli has some amazing adventures with them, and most of them end up in the kitchen – and every time, Olli grows a little bit more.

Three entertaining stories to read aloud or for children to read to themselves written especially for pot gazers, taste experts, experimental cooks and anyone who wants to become one.
| 5 +

Hofmann, Laura (Author) Ewert, Felicia (Author) Sand, Fabienne (Author)

Never deny your own identity - stand up for a society in which nobody is discriminated against. That’s the message of this book by three top-class women writers. Equal rights for men and women, for people with migrant backgrounds, for trans and intersex people - it should (in fact) be self-evident to treat everyone equally. If you’re ever stuck for the right comeback during a discussion about these issues, you’ll find some great ones here!

Championing an equal society free from discrimination.
Handy portable format filled with powerful arguments.
Written by a prominent and diverse trio of female authors.
| 12 +

Blesken, Julia (Author) Jung, Barbara (Illustrator)

\x0a\x0aAt the start of the October half term, six children have a chance encounter outside a supermarket. There’s Katja, who has had a row with her dads. Polina, who only wanted to buy some baking powder. Fridi, Mustafa and Zeck. And Jennifer, who is accompanied by her miniature Pinscher and who is also carrying her grandpa’s ashes in a plastic bag. When Mustafa tricks a biker in the car park, the children have to leg it. They have no phones and next to no money. But they do have an important mission: Jennifer’s grandpa has to be laid to rest in Kolomoro. But how’s that going to happen, when nobody has a clue where Kolomoro is?\x0a\x0a

- Winner of the first Kirsten Boie Prize for Children’s Literature, awarded by the Hamburg Literature Foundation
\x0a\x0a- A story full of diversity set in urban Berlin
\x0a\x0a- Delightful and warm-hearted - similar in style to Kirsten Boie or Erich Kästner.\x0a

9 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator) Dulleck, Nina (Illustrator) Krause, Ute (Illustrator) Ballhaus, Verena (Illustrator) Dalianis, Panajotis (Illustrator) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Faust, Anke (Illustrator) Hansen, Christiane (Illustrator) Michl, Reinhard (Illustrator) Muggenthaler, Eva (Illustrator) Wilharm, Sabine (Illustrator) Schulte, Tina (Illustrator) Schultz, Christiane Laura (Illustrator) | further

A family book? An anniversary book? A birthday book! An affectionately chosen selection of his most popular stories, from the cheeky Sat and the tattooed dog to Mr Bello, celebrating the 80th birthday of Paul Maar, the great hero of children’s literature. It also features many of his well-known and well-loved rhymes and poems alongside a colourful mix of brand-new texts and illustrations. A book to snuggle down with, leaf through, revel in, to make you smile and marvel, with familiar elements to recognise and new ones to discover. Just open it up and read aloud!

A magnificent book for the whole family and a masterly gift for any occasion.

| 6 +

Heidtmann, Daniela (Author) Kaiser, Natasa (Illustrator)

Family Flow. Little Journeys of the Mind - 30 Relaxation Cards for Children\x0a\x0aChildren can suffer from stress, too. Journeys of the mind help them to relax and to become at one with themselves. The 30 handy and beautifully illustrated cards in this box invite children to switch off and dream. These journeys into the imagination were developed by the well-known Yoga teacher and relaxation expert Dr. Daniela Heidtmann, and are reinforced by simple warm-up exercises and mini-massage suggestions. They enable even smaller or more fretful children to immerse themselves easily in their own bodies and to switch off. All these journeys of the mind can be undertaken without any prior knowledge or particular skill.\x0a\x0a- Find the joy in everyday life, with these beautifully illustrated cards.\x0a\x0a- Imaginative journeys with added feel-good factor (massages, exercises and much, much more) to create happy and relaxed children.\x0a\x0a- Also suitable for school or nursery groups.\x0a | 3 +

Sprater, Florian (Author) Kaiser, Natasa (Illustrator)

Family Flow. Yoga for Children - An Interactive Safari\x0a\x0aThe inquisitive meerkat Govinda takes small and big children alike by the paw, and takes them to meet the wildlife of Africa. The movements of the animals inspire these super-easy yoga exercises for children to join in with. At the end, breathing exercises and a journey through the mind ensure total relaxation. No previous experience necessary! This easy and fun introduction to the topic ties in with children’s natural creativity, imaginativeness, and need to move. It teaches them how to reduce stress and how to feel better and more strongly grounded in their lives. An interactive yoga book for children aged 3+ - and their parents, too.\x0a\x0a- Beautifully illustrated read-aloud book with incorporated yoga exercises.\x0a\x0a- Interactive book for families and groups of children by the well-known children’s yoga teacher Florian Sprater.\x0a | 3 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Behl, Anne-Kathrin (Illustrator)

The delightfully loveable Patchwork Family – the new children’s book by bestselling author Stefanie Taschinski

Emma and her family are the new people at number 11! But it would be so much more interesting if all the neighbours made up a great big family together – like a patchwork rug. No sooner said, than done! Old Mrs Becker becomes simply Granny Becker, and for all the other children in the house, Emma’s dad becomes their dad, too. There’s just one neighbour who doesn’t want to be part of the patchwork family: the mysterious earl who lives on the ground floor! But how crazy would it be if the combined efforts of the patchwork family didn’t get to the bottom of their invisible neighbour’s secret?

A charming combination of children’s daily life and a heart-warming family story with an element of feel-good suspense

8 +

Scheller, Anne (Author) Heger, Lena (Illustrator)

Why Isn’t it Christmas Every Day? - Read-aloud Stories for Curious Kids\x0a\x0aAnd it isn’t just curious kids who will learn something here! In a whole variety of read-aloud stories, this entertaining book answers all the questions about Christmas. Why do we celebrate it? What’s Advent all about? Who was St Nicholas? This book, with its age-appropriate and entertaining tales, is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood for Christmas - and without the constraints of a 24-chapter “Advent calendar book”, it will continue to provide enjoyment once the festive season is over.\x0a\x0a\x0a- The topic of Christmas, in the popular question-and-answer series (which includes “Warum ist die Banane krumm?” [“Why is the Banana Curved?”]\x0a\x0a- Unique and successful concept: facts presented in a child-friendly way, through the medium of great read-aloud stories.\x0a\x0a- With bright, colourful, modern illustrations.\x0a | 4 +

Orosz, Susanne (Author) Kawamura, Yayo (Illustrator)

Hard to believe: tomatoes really do grow from tiny, green balls. There’s a wonder pill called “pea”, and home-made pasta can sometimes look just like shoe laces. These fascinating real-aloud stories with cookery tips and interesting background information make young listeners eager to try cooking and baking themselves, and even growing their own food – making learning about food great fun! | 4 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

Where does the fluff inside Daddy’s tummy button come from? Is pee always yellow? And why do I start to feel sick when I’m excited? These and other fascinating children’s questions can best be answered in a good story. In the latest volume of ellermann question books, everything revolves around our body. It’s sure to hold quite a few facts even parents didn’t know before.

New questions from the popular “Why” series: hard facts woven into entertaining read-aloud stories – that’s how funny and fascinating our body can be.
| 4 +

Dreller, Christian (Author) Schmitt, Petra Maria (Author) Vogel, Heike (Illustrator)

New stories for inquisitive kids! Why don’t penguins get cold feet? Can plants talk to each other? And is the sloth really slothful? Answers to these and lots more fascinating children’s questions are best found in a good story, making learning storytime fun. And parents may also find they, too, learn something new at the same time.
The sequel to the popular book Why are Bananas Curved? is packed 22 fascinating stories that are simply brimming interesting facts.
| 4 +

Schütze, Andrea (Author) Henze, Dagmar (Illustrator)

Short stories about big emotions! How is a small child supposed to know that it’s perfectly all right to be furious now and again? Or how to cope with fear or know how it feels to be happy? Children have not yet learnt to name their feelings, but they experience them all the more acutely for all that. With great sensitivity, Maluna author Andrea Schütze tells of the tumultuous world of emotions and provides entertaining explanations almost in passing.

Fifteen stories about happiness, anger, pride and fear that turn information into entertaining read-aloud stories containing sensitive explanations and child-appropriate illustrations!
| 4 +