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Sprater, Florian (Author) Kaiser, Natasa (Illustrator)

Family Flow. Little Yoga Breaks - 30 Read Aloud Cards to Get Children Moving and Relaxed

30 fabulous cards to bring yoga into the nursery. Unlike traditional yoga classes, yoga for children takes a playful, undogmatic, creative and free approach - as imparted by children’s yoga teacher Florian Sprater. Each card demonstrates a yoga exercise by means of an animal illustration. A read-aloud story with an introduction offers children a direct, spontaneous way into yoga, and inspires them to try it out for themselves.

- Playful way into yoga for children, families, or children’s groups.

- With exercises suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced yogists.

- Picture cards make yoga instantly accessible.
| 3 +

Heidtmann, Daniela (Author) Kaiser, Natasa (Illustrator)

Family Flow. Little Journeys of the Mind - 30 Relaxation Cards for Children

Children can suffer from stress, too. Journeys of the mind help them to relax and to become at one with themselves. The 30 handy and beautifully illustrated cards in this box invite children to switch off and dream. These journeys into the imagination were developed by the well-known Yoga teacher and relaxation expert Dr. Daniela Heidtmann, and are reinforced by simple warm-up exercises and mini-massage suggestions. They enable even smaller or more fretful children to immerse themselves easily in their own bodies and to switch off. All these journeys of the mind can be undertaken without any prior knowledge or particular skill.

- Find the joy in everyday life, with these beautifully illustrated cards.

- Imaginative journeys with added feel-good factor (massages, exercises and much, much more) to create happy and relaxed children.

- Also suitable for school or nursery groups.
| 3 +

Sprater, Florian (Author) Kaiser, Natasa (Illustrator)

Family Flow. Yoga for Children - An Interactive Safari

The inquisitive meerkat Govinda takes small and big children alike by the paw, and takes them to meet the wildlife of Africa. The movements of the animals inspire these super-easy yoga exercises for children to join in with. At the end, breathing exercises and a journey through the mind ensure total relaxation. No previous experience necessary! This easy and fun introduction to the topic ties in with children’s natural creativity, imaginativeness, and need to move. It teaches them how to reduce stress and how to feel better and more strongly grounded in their lives. An interactive yoga book for children aged 3+ - and their parents, too.

- Beautifully illustrated read-aloud book with incorporated yoga exercises.

- Interactive book for families and groups of children by the well-known children’s yoga teacher Florian Sprater.
| 3 +

Taschinski, Stefanie (Author) Christians, Julia (Illustrator)

The Donkey Who Had No Story

All the animals on the farm have a story to tell - don’t they? Well, the beautiful goose, the clever dog and the brave sheep do. But the donkey can’t think of anything at all exciting to tell anyone. And so he sets off from the farm one morning and ventures out into the big, wide world. He soon encounters other animals: the swan, the owl and the bear. And the donkey suddenly realises that he has stumbled into a real adventure. “Hee-haw!” Should the donkey return to the farm and tell his friends all about his amazing experiences?

- A fable which encourages children to be adventurous: will appeal to parents, too.

- A poetic picture book by Stefanie Taschinski.

- A “fabulous” book in the truest sense of the word.

| 4 +