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Bücher ( 1684 )

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Wolf, Florentine (Author)

Learn to read with the help of magical elves! Eyela is the daughter of the King of Bayala, the land of the elves. Feya is her best friend, and the pair always do everything together. But today they have argued and Feya has stayed behind in the palace gardens, sulking, while Eyela rides out alone across the land of the elves on Dolpo, her horse. No one has the time to accompany her, not even her twin sisters, Sera and Sura. Only Zarou, the flying squirrel flies along with her for part of the way. Then suddenly they catch sight of a group of elves performing tricks on their horses’ backs. They are rehearsing for the grand summer tournament! “Look, there’s Princess Eyela!” one elf shouts, as he somersaults into the air. Eyela is well known in the land of the elves and she’s an excellent rider. They let her rehearse with them. Then up comes Feya on her horse. She did follow Eyela, after all. And with her best friend, Eyela’s horseback tricks work even better! | 7 +

Wolf, Florentine (Author)

Learn to read with the help of magical elves! Eyela and Feya discover a secret chamber inside the elfin palace, and there they happen upon a very old book of spells. The two elves are curious, of course, to see whether the spells work and actually try a few of them out. At first, all goes very well!
The pair let it rain roses and bathe the secret chamber in the most beautiful colours. But then the spells become more difficult – and the two young elves are normally only allowed to do magic under supervision. But Eyela is over-confident and casts a spell on some of the old, wise elves. Unfortunately for here, though, they know the spells in the book and are both astonished and angry. No one is permitted to enter the secret chamber and the book of spells was thought to have disappeared. Have Eyela and Feya uncovered an old secret belonging to the sun elves?
| 7 +

Wolf, Florentine (Author)

Enchanting! A princess and a mirror with magical powers in the land of the elves – that doesn’t just sound like something out of a fantastic fairy tale, it actually is! Exciting stories for best friends and all fans of foals, elves and rainbow unicorns, based on the popular series of Schleich ® figures.

A spectacular tournament is held in the land of the elves every summer. At last, Princess Eyela and her best friend, Feya, are old enough to take part. As a lucky charm, the princess has brought along her magic mirror, a precious memento of her parents. But then something awful happens during the tournament: Eyela tumbles off her horse and her magic mirror breaks. Then storm winds start raging across the land of the elves, over and over again, and curious things begin to happen. Are Eyela and her broken mirror to blame for these events?
| 6 +

Dietl, Erhard (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Who cooks the boniest fish soup? Ogglies from all over accept Great-Aunt Odele’s invitation to dinner. Even Mr Paddock from London and the lazy king travel to Krempendorf to see her. At 1700 years old, the old curmudgeon is the oldest in the family and she has an extremely valuable legacy to bequeath: a (delicious-smelling) stinker sock that she had as a child. She announces a competition: the stinker sock will go to the person who’s the best cook. All the Ogglies immediately head for the kitchen.

This is a first! Never before have all the beloved Ogglies appeared together in one volume; and Great-Aunt Odele makes her first appearance.
| 7 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Franz is absolutely sick of it! For months now, Gabi has been acting crazy. She’s going to be a big sister, but anyone would think she was the one having the baby. And so that she can do everything when the baby comes, Franz is always having to practise “baby” with her. He has to put on a pair of tights and a bobble hat, kick when she tells him to and close his eyes when Gabi whispers “Little baby, go to sleep now!” He only ran away once. That was when Gabi wanted to practise nappy-changing on him. The baby is due to arrive today, at last, and Franz is very much hoping that Gabi will start being a bit more normal again then. | 7 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

“Family is the most important thing in life, blood is thicker than pleasure.” That’s what Mariechen’s gran always says. Let’s just hope she’s right. The weekend Konrad from Mariechen’s class has invited everyone to a summer party is the very one the Haselgruber’s family reunion takes place in South Tyrol. Naturally, Mariechen, thirteen years young, needs to show a bit of family interest once a year and has to go, but the outing luckily ends unexpected and prematurely. The party seems to be a sure thing, now, if only two boys hadn’t shown an interest in Mariechen. While she is still trying to sort out her confused emotional life, she is unsettled by strange threatening letters addressed to her grandmother concerning the invention of a bakery production line and the repayment of large sums of money. No wonder Gran’s crazy business can no longer be kept a secret. After all, how they get out of this mess is a matter that concerns everyone in the Haselgruber family. Will Mariechen and her family be forced to leave their home, the beloved old Villa Henriette? If it weren’t for her great-uncle, who is actually a bit “plem-plem” – who knows. | 12 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Wittkamp, Frantz (Illustrator) Limmroth, Manfred B. (Illustrator) Bittner, Ralph (Illustrator) | further

Autumn holidays! Ulli is being allowed to travel by himself for the first time: on the train from Stuttgart to Munich to stay with Aunt Helga and Anne. His mother takes Ulli to the station and puts him in a compartment with an old woman on her way to Munich. Ulli is not impressed. He would rather be in a compartment with other children. But then the old lady starts telling him stories, making up fantastic, long G sentences and A sentences and reciting crazy poems. | 7 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Mr and Mrs Fatpeter just love eating dumplings: bread dumplings, potato dumplings, suet dumplings and bacon dumplings. Then one day, while they’re out for a slimming walk, a witch gives them a free wish and they ask for a dumpling pan that is never empty. This has undreamt-of consequences.
| 7 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator) Limmroth, Manfred B. (Illustrator) Bittner, Ralph (Illustrator) | further

When he was very young, he answered to Pusspuss. He was tiny then, as small as a sausage with a little tail. He had four brothers and sisters and lived in a big cowshed with five cows and two calves. Those days were lovely. Later a very fat, old lady took him to live with her. She fed him with chocolate, rice pudding and apricot dumplings until he was rounder and fatter than the roundest and fattest cushion. | 7 +

Rettich, Margret (Author) Rettich, Margret (Illustrator)

All children fall ill some time. Jan and Julia have to stay in bed with coughs and runny noses. What a good thing they’ve got parents who take good care of them and help them pass the time by playing games and reading them stories. That way, getting better again is much easier. | 4 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

" Worldwide greatest grampy" – that’s Emm’s grandpa. There’s nothing she can’t talk to him about. A letter novel and private conversation between two generations. Emma, who is usually called Emm, 13 years old, had no choice in the matter. She had to move away from Krummbach, her friends and Grampy, the grandpa she’s so fond of. Just because her dad wants to become a deputy headmaster, she is now stuck in Vienna. What good is it that there are lots of ice-cream parlours and cinemas when she doesn't know anybody in Vienna but the stupid cow who lives in the same building and had a fight with on her second day there. She would love to go back to her grandpa. For now at least, her only comfort are the letters they write each other.
She can tell Grampy everything: all about the mean things the stupid cow does, about skiving off school, about her heart-throb, Steve, who’s only interested in seventeen-year-olds with big boobs, and about the trouble caused by the stolen maths exercises. And Grampy understands, as a grandpa should, has lots of good advice, lots of patience and – most important of all – lots of affection for his granddaughter. | 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Schössow, Peter (Illustrator)

Luki-live was perfectly normal up to the summer holidays, but since he came back from England, everything has changed. You see, Luki-live has decided to become a character. He only wears second-hand clothes (in protest against fashion terror), rides an ancient bike (in protest against consumerism), knits (to relax) and in future only wants to say what he really thinks. This naturally gets him into a lot of trouble ... | 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

When Thesi was small, she didn’t know she had mousy eyes, a huge nose and a chin that isn’t really a chin at all. It was only when she started school that she realised there must be something wrong with her face. In this lively, funny story that remains realistic and credible from start to finish, Christine Nöstlinger tells how Thesi nevertheless learns to accept her looks in the end. | 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Ever since Mum and Dad split up, Su (that’s Susanne) and her sister, I, (that’s Imelda) have been living with their mum at their grandmother’s and great-aunt’s house, who are really driving Su crazy with their bossy ways and obsession with cleanliness. It’s high time that Mum married again! And because Su isn’t sure whether her Mum agrees with this, she decides to take matters into her own hands. | 10 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Koku, whose full name is actually Konrad Kurdisch junior, is not only the owner of an enviable head of hair, he also has an acute environmental consciousness with which he has frequently driven his teachers to distraction and nearly brought lessons to a standstill. In the end, Koku changes not only his teachers and school, but also his ecological tactics. Instead of trying to convince people with arguments, he now tries to wake them up with secret campaigns – with Catherine, the girl he shares a desk with, and some other schoolmates as his partners ... | 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

Olfi Obermeier is fourteen years old and the only male member of his family. Apart from him, there is just one grandmother, one great-aunt, two aunts, a mother and two big sisters. Not a single man far and wide, not even on high days and holidays. But this only becomes really clear to Olfi during maths one day, when he reads in a psycho magazine that children who have been brought up by men have a much higher IQ than children who have grown up surrounded only by females ... Understandably, Olfi feels he has been cheated of his rightful intelligence and falls into crisis. Christine Nöstlinger has him tell his own story, in a carefree, cheeky and very funny style, of experiencing and overcoming his crisis – and at the same time of finding the first great love of his life and managing to lose a not-so-great one. | 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

The Knitzdeibl inheritance has been the constant subject of discussion in the Zwoch family for days. It is a lovely little house in a quiet side road, and it would be lovely to be able to live there. On this, all three Zwoch girls, Tete, Pups and Wuzi, agree. Although the house is actually quite dilapidated, and it would cost a fortune to restore it, they’re convinced stingy old Great-aunt Knitzdeibl must have hidden her money somewhere, in savings accounts, stocks and shares and that kind of stuff! At least Jacob Pamperl, who lives next door to the Zwochs and is never called anything but "the boy next door" by any of them, is sure of this and sets out on a treasure hunt. | 10 +

Lucht, Irmgard (Author) Lucht, Irmgard (Illustrator)

The Tree Clock ticks to the rhythm of the year: resting in winter, budding and blossoming in spring,covered with green leaves in summer and colourful leaves in autumn – and the same all over again from the beginning. Irmgard Lucht studied some 20 tree species and drew them in the minutest detail. Now children can explain to their parents how to identify trees and how they differ from one another. After all, every tree has its own characteristic features that can be seen in the bark and in the way the tiniest treetop branches grow. | 5 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Kraushaar, Sabine (Illustrator) Limmroth, Manfred B. (Illustrator)

Rudi’s dad collects stamps and as Rudi thinks everything his dad does is wonderful, he starts collecting, too. But not stamps, they’re too small and boring for him. Rudi collects labels: off apple-juice bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles, lemonade bottles, ketchup bottles, liqueur bottles, vinegar bottles, oil bottles – there isn’t a label Rudi won’t collect. As soon as they find out about his hobby, the neighbours simply leave their empty bottles outside the door. Usually there are only a few “good” labels among them. When Rudi has removed them, he has to take the mountain of bottles to the bottle bank. No wonder collecting is gradually getting on his nerves, but he doesn’t dare to stop because his dad would surely be disappointed in him. Luckily, his grandmother has an idea. | 6 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Wittkamp, Frantz (Illustrator)

One day, a key falls right into Markus’ spinach at lunchtime. The key fits the lock of an attic door he has never seen before. Behind the door, he finds a magical world in which Markus, Steffi and their father have some unbelievable adventures … | 7 +

Schmid, Thomas (Author) Scharnberg, Stefanie (Illustrator) Limmroth, Manfred B. (Illustrator)

Pippa really has tried everything! She’s used all her powers of persuasion, she’s sulked and thrown tantrums, but nothing has done any good. And it’s all Daddy’s fault! Just because he got the measurements all wrong for the new furniture and the bedroom door won’t close because of it, all he and Mummy talk about now is “moving house”. But Pippa doesn’t want to move. After all, she wasn’t the one who got the measurements wrong! And she definitely doesn’t want to lose her friends at school! – That everything turns out quite differently in the end has mostly to do with a tabby cat and a roof garden full of small trees. | 7 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

Mr Pocketbeer is a timid person. He is afraid of his landlady, his boss and basically of anyone who scolds and gives orders. But one day, a Saturday, a Sat comes to live with him. The Sat is a small creature with red hair and blue dots on his face. He’s impudent, always scolds back and refuses to be intimidated by anyone. Mr Pocketbeer finds all of this terribly embarrassing to begin with but then he realises he’s growing very fond of the Sat. This special edition contains all the original illustrations by Paul Maar as well as 24 colourful pages with the best photos from the film The Sat | 8 +

Maar, Paul (Author) Maar, Paul (Illustrator)

The birthday collection for storytime or reading yourself! The little kangaroo is cunning and clever. With his friend, the jumping mouse, he always manages to find surprising solutions to problems such as: how to get to raspberries that grow on the steep slope, how to be rescued from a flooded meadow and bring home a fully grown ostrich. In the end, the little kangaroo even manages to convince the cheeky birds that mice can fly! The collection contains all four books about the little kangaroo from the Sonne, Mond und Sterne series. | 6 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

A chaotic journey through time and a rejuvenating potion with an amazing effect! Who is the mysterious Mr Bat? He has invented a time machine and now even has a rejuvenation potion to offer Robby’s grandma. He doesn’t know very much about the potion, however, as the recipe came from a long-dead ancestor of his. Robby's grandma still goes straight ahead and drinks the whole bottle in one go. To Robby’s amazement, she turns into a five-year-old girl with the space of a few seconds! Things have gone a little too far for Robby’s taste, but there’s only one person who can reverse the transformation: Mr Bat’s ancient ancestor in the past. | 10 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Künster, Doris K. (Illustrator)

Christine Nöstlinger’s young people’s classic.
Ilse Janda, 14, runs away from home. She secretly leaves the flat one Friday afternoon and climbs into a red sports car that’s waiting outside the front door. Only one person thinks she knows where Ilse has gone: Erika, Ilse’s younger sister. But when she finds Ilse, things are not at all what Erika expected. | 12 +

Cordes, Miriam (Illustrator)

A big book of rhymes for young children All children love rhymes! And what could be more fun than repeating them over and over again. With 22 of the best German children’s rhymes, this big book has a wealth of favourite poems for every child and is a real treasure trove full of beautiful pages to pore over, to read aloud and be read to from. It contains classic German rhymes like “Backe, backe, Kuchen” and “Himpelchen und Pimpelchen” and more recent works by the likes of Josef Guggenmos as well as rhymes to suit any occasion: for learning the days of the week, for shared meals, saying goodnight and lots more. Familiar, favourite children’s rhymes | 18 months +

Scheffler, Ursel (Author) Timm, Jutta (Illustrator)

Visiting the Father Christmases in Christmas Village Rufus, the Polar researcher, comes down to earth with a bump when his hot-air balloon loses height and crashes right over Christmas Village! With preparations in full swing for the big day there, it’s all very exciting for Rufus. But Rufus would naturally like to be back home with his family on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately something happens to prevent that. Then, on top of everything else, one of the Father Christmases falls ill. Can Rufus come up with an idea for saving Christmas? An exciting story amusingly told by a successful author and well-known illustrator. A complete story in 24 chapters, it also makes an ideal read-aloud Advent calendar book! A super title! | 4 +

Schmid, Thomas (Author)

Butterfly tum! Of friendship and first love – the special film edition “Stupid Cap!” That’s how Oliver greets Martin when he joins the new class after moving house. Martin caught Oliver stealing and gave him away by mistake – no wonder Oliver doesn’t have a good word to say for him. But Martin’s thoughts are far more taken up with Silke, who has really turned his head. Sadly, it seems she already has a boyfriend – Oliver, of all people! Johannes Schmid, winner of the film award Der goldene Spatz, filmed Thomas Schmid’s young adult novel debut with the German big-screen stars Inka Friedrich, Andreas Hoppe and Inga Busch. With colour photos from the film. | 12 +

Nöstlinger, Christine (Author) Dietl, Erhard (Illustrator)

All about Franz! Three stories in one volume
Can’t a person ever get any peace? Not if your name is Franz! For instance, he normally hates dogs, but then he gets to know the sweetest, nicest dog in all the world. And he likes playing football, but the other boys don’t want him in their team so he just plays with the girls instead! And then there’s Gabi, who gets on his nerves with all her daft words. Then again, inventing words is actually fun! This anthology contains the following invidual books: Dog Stories with Franz, Football Stories with Franz, Daft Stories with Franz. With many colourful illustrations by Erhard Dietl. | 6 +

Rahn, Sabine (Author) Gotha, Britta (Illustrator)

Bible stories for children. The most important and best-known stories from the Old and the New Testament, adapted for children and fascinatingly told. Children learn how God created the world, why the Great Flood took place and why Jonah was swallowed by a whale. The author writes vividly and in detail about the life of Jesus. Seventy-three bible stories to real aloud or for children to read to themselves with a detailed glossary of the difficult words. Developed by theologists. | 5 +

Raab, Brigitte (Author) Olten, Manuela (Illustrator)

Incredible but true! The picture book of animal records. Is there a bird that can fly faster than a racing car? Could a parrot possibly live longer than Erik’s granddad? And anyway, nobody believes that ants are stronger than weightlifters! But all of this is true – and much more besides: a cow gives enough milk every day to fill 100 glasses, the seeds from dandelion clocks fly distances of up to a whole kilometre and some butterflies have such a keen sense of smell that they can track down another butterfly in the next village – even though they don’t even have a nose! A question and answer book that’s full of surprises, amusing and amazing! A picture book from the successful Raab/Olten team with humorous texts and innovative illustrations. Full of interesting facts. | 4 +

Baeten, Lieve (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator)

First words and pictures: a collection of Lieve Baeten’s board picture-book classics in one volume
Where is Tim hiding? What is Nina having for lunch? And what’s the best way for Tim to get to sleep? Delightful stories taken from the daily lives of very small children for them to recognise and discover. Each double page has a surprise window to encourage children to start joining in. The collection contains the board picture books Where is Tim? and Tim goes to bed.
With lots of windows with hidden things to guess: simple stories, lovingly illustrated.
| 18 months +

Fienieg, Annette (Author) Fienieg, Annette (Illustrator)

A feast for little seekers: the discovery picture book for all seasons
Who can see the bird’s nest filled with eggs? Where is the sunflower growing and under which tree are there chestnuts on the ground? The children accompany a family through the year and search for a number of items printed in the frame around the picture on every double page. And who can find out what’s not right on the last page? Grandpa is sitting on a deckchair although there’s snow on the roof – it looks like the seasons have got mixed up here!
A big discovery picture book with lots of individual items to seek and find. Also ideal for learning words.
| 24 months +

Baeten, Lieve (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator) Buchholz, Konstantin (Illustrator)

Lisbet’s journey through the witch’s house – with an enchantingly animated picture-book film on DVD
Lisbet is always busy doing something! This time she is flying fearlessly through the night on her broomstick when she lands in the attic of a house by mistake. Now her broomstick is broken! While searching for someone who lives there to repair her broomstick, she meets so many fascinating witches that she almost forgets why she had been travelling in the first place. But surely there must be someone who can repair her broomstick!
The best-selling picture book now all in funny pages that change that way things look plus a DVD with a beautifully made picture-book film for children from three years old. | 3 +

Funke, Cornelia (Author) Meyer, Kerstin (Illustrator) Buchholz, Konstantin (Illustrator)

Picture-book film ahoy! The best-selling picture book complete with DVD
Captain Crinklebeard is the terror of the seven seas. When his ship, the Blood Herring, appears on the horizon, every honest seafarer starts to tremble like a jelly with fear. No one is safe from him and his savage gang. But it might have been better for him if he had let one ship pass by. Because that ship was carrying a little girl called Molly …
With the film of the picture book Captain Crinklebeard and his Gang on DVD.
Animated with loving attention to detail and elaborately packed. The DVD comes in a plastic case that’s integrated into the cover. | 4 +

Baeten, Lieve (Author) Baeten, Lieve (Illustrator) Buchholz, Konstantin (Illustrator)

Abracadabra and hey presto! The first pop-up work of art with the little witch.
Lisbet has landed in the attic of a strange house. Who, she wonders, lives here? Perhaps it’s someone who can repair her broomstick! Elaborate pop-up elements make Lisbet’s journey of discovery around the witch’s house particularly exciting for children because they are right there with here when she tumbles into the attic. They help her to conjure up locusts, shake Lisbet’s tambourine and make her new turbo-broomstick fly. A proper little witchy treasure for any child’s room.

Elaborately designed pop-up double pages with lots of surprising extra features for pulling and sliding.
| 3 +

Reider, Katja (Author) Gotzen-Beek, Betina (Illustrator)

A clever little king with wonderful ideas!
King Crumb likes being king. He paints his castle lots of different colours, bathes in raspberry lemonade and has a puppet theatre perform for him. No wonder he really couldn’t be bothered fighting when the wild boys enter his kingdom. So the little king starts by inviting the wild boys to visit him in his castle and entertains them with cocoa, chocolate gateau, strawberry cake and almond rings. Will that be enough to stop them from fighting, though? A charming story about how to avoid trouble – with cheerful, brightly coloured illustrations.
| 3 +

Vöhringer, Katharina (Author) Vöhringer, Katharina (Illustrator)

“We’re going for a walk in the jungle today,” Mother Tiger decides. Little Rascal and his brothers and sisters, Ringlet, Claw and Jackie Fang set off. “This is easy-peasy, it’s just an outing for scaredy-cats!,” Jackie Fang grumbles. But then they meet some peculiar animals – and have to roar very loudly indeed when someone blocks their path! Then Rascal, the smallest, suddenly finds himself face to face with a huge giant of an animal – and the only sound he can produce is a croak…

| 3 +

Winkler, Andreas (Author) Westphal, Catharina (Illustrator)

Freddy von Flatter flies into town with his batdog Fletcher for the fancy dress party. The children are all dressed up in their costumes and don’t realise that Freddy is a real vampire. When horrid Bjorn steals all the sweets the other children had collected, Freddy helps recover them. It just goes to show what a few grisly tricks and a bit of vampire karate can do! | 3 +

von Vogel, Maja (Author) Hammerle, Nina (Illustrator)

Princess Paula wants to slay a dragon, a big one, preferably with more than one head. But it’s not at all easy to find one! At last, in the depths of the magic forest, she comes upon a dragon – but only a very small one. And hardly has Princess Paula swung her sword than the dragon gives a frightened shriek and scampers off into his den. How is she supposed to slay him if he won’t stay and fight?!

| 3 +