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Petra Maria Schmitt (Author), Christian Dreller (Author), Heike Vogel (Illustrator)

Wo geht der Astronaut aufs Klo?

Vorlesegeschichten für neugierige Kinder

Where Do Astronauts Go to the Toilet? Read-Aloud Stories for Inquisitive Children

Does a millipede really have a thousand feet? Why doesn’t it hurt when you have your hair cut? And how does the rain get into the clouds? This book playfully answers 19 questions children often ask. That’s because this is not a knowledge book as such, but a truly wonderful storybook that is sure to teach the adults who read them aloud one or two new things. A new book in the popular series: Fascinating facts woven into child-appropriate stories with beautiful illustrations by Heike Vogel.

  • Recommended age: 4 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7707-4021-5
  • Published: 17.07.2015
  • Pages: 128
  • Publisher: ellermann

  • Rights sold:


Petra Maria Schmitt

Petra Maria Schmitt was born in Alsdorf near Aachen in 1959 and studied social education in Cologne. Inspired by her three children, she started writing stories and is now a successful author. She writes not only books but also stories for radio and television.

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© Carola Dreller

Christian Dreller

Christian Dreller was born in Neumünster in 1963. He studied Slavonic languages and history and has worked as an editor in children’s and comic book publishing companies. He has been working as a translator, author and editor, amongst other things, since 2005.

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Heike Vogel

Heike Vogel was born in 1971. She studied at the College of Design in Hamburg, and since 1999 has worked as an illustrator for several publishing houses. She lives with her family in Hamburg.

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