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Jasmin Schaudinn (Text von), Tessa Rath (Illustriert von)

Wims wunderbar wilde Woche

Wim’s Wonderfully Wild Week

Wim is four and a half and lives with his mother and older sister Ella in a block of flats in the centre of town. Whether he’s going to kindergarten with Ella and her friend Zeynep, visiting the shopping centre, or going on a bus journey - there’s always something happening in Wim’s world, and every day brings a new adventure. Thank goodness they now have a days of the week wheel, so he can always see which day it is today, and what’s going to happen. A wonderful companion through a very special week for Wim, his friends, and his neighbours!

  • Learn through play: chapters are divided up into days of the week.

  • ‘Days of the week wheel’ inspires readers to make one of their own.

  • Every day involves an adventure: a likeable protagonist in a cheerful setting.

  • Recommended age: 4 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7514-0038-1
  • Published: 08.01.2022
  • Pages: 64
  • Illustrations: 60
  • Features: 60 illustrations
  • Publisher: ellermann
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Jasmin Schaudinn

Jasmin Schaudinn started writing stories and giving them to her parents and friends while still at school. Before starting on a new book, she suspends a washing line across her tiny office on which she then hangs up all the things that inspire her, from newspaper articles to key rings. She lives with her family, three hens and a dog on the edge of Wuppertal.

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