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Sebastian Grusnick (Author), Thomas Möller (Author), Nikolai Renger (Illustrator)

Vorsicht wild!

Löwenmut tut gut

Even Little Lions Roar - Lion Courage Makes All the Difference

Wild animal, beware!

What Max had actually wanted for his tenth birthday was a dog, but sadly, that was out of the question because Max’s father has a pesky allergy to pet hair. But one day, a small box suddenly turns up in Max’s room and he can hear someone bellowing impatiently inside it: “Let me out of here!” When Max opens the box, out leaps a mini-lion that’s about the size of a cat. Its name is Leo, and when Max goes to school, Leo goes with him of course. And there, he turns out to be the good friend Max had always dreamed of.

Amusing, sensitive and encouraging: With Leo the lion, nothing is impossible any more!

  • Recommended age: 8 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7915-0122-2
  • Published: 19.08.2019
  • Pages: 176
  • Illustrations: 15
  • Features: 15 illustrations, 15 colored
  • Publisher: Dressler Verlag
©Silke Zander

Sebastian Grusnick

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©Silke Zander

Thomas Möller

Sebastian Grusnick and Thomas Möller are co-authors of film scripts and plays for children. They both live in Hamburg, are both twins and both love telling stories.

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Nikolai Renger

Nikolai Renger was born in Karlsruhe and studied visual communications at Pforzheim University’s School of Design. Renger works as a freelance illustrator for various publishing companies and agencies.

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