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Claus Hecking (Author), Charlotte Schönberger (Author), Ilka Sokolowski (Author), Franziska Viviane Zobel (Illustrator) | further

Unsere Zukunft ist jetzt!

Kämpfe wie Greta Thunberg fürs Klima

The first book written particularly for younger fans of Greta Thunberg.

Be a hero, save the world!

Wondering how to go about it? Greta Thunberg points the way. In this book, you can read about all the things Greta does to protect the climate. You will also find lots of super suggestions for ways that you can stand up for our planet.

Greta is a real climate activist today, but when she began campaigning for the climate, she was quite alone. Her story shows that everyone can make a difference – and so can you! Join the campaign and fight like Greta for the climate.

An illustrated children’s book with tips for climate activists of all ages.

  • Recommended age: 8 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-1492-2
  • Published: 19.08.2019
  • Pages: 96
  • Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger

  • Rights sold:


Claus Hecking

Claus Hecking works as a journalist for Spiegel Online, Spiegel magazine and the business journal Capital. The environment, climate and energy are topics he covers particularly often. His attention was drawn to Greta Thunberg shortly after the start of her school strike. At the time, in the late summer of 2018, he was in Sweden to report on the parliamentary election.

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Charlotte Schönberger

Charlotte Schönberger was born in Saarbrücken in 1990 and now lives in Berlin. She worked as an editorial trainee at the Protestant School of Journalism there and has been an editor and reporter for Spiegel Online since 2017. She met Greta early in 2019, when she filmed and interviewed the young activist outside the Swedish parliament.

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Ilka Sokolowski

Ilka Sokolowski holds degrees in German, English and philosophy. After working in various publishing capacities for several years, also as a children’s non-fiction editor, she now lives and works as a writer in Hanover. She has published a large number of books on nature and environmental topics. When she’s not sitting at her desk, working on a new book, she can be found in the woods, by the sea...

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Franziska Viviane Zobel

Franziska Viviane Zobel is an illustrator, designer and author from Stuttgart. She has a soft spot for beautiful things that make the world better, positive people, animals and art in all its forms. For her, there is nothing better than combining creativity with environmentally aware and sustainable way of thinking. She particularly appreciates all the things that make for a sustainable way of life,...

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