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Heike Abidi (Author)

Und dann kamst du

And Then Along Came You

Last stop love - a rally of emotions

Ever since her twin brother was killed in an accident, 19-year-old Claire’s world has been turned upside down. She feels incomplete and insecure, tries out various things, drifts … until that memorable night when she sees HIM. The young man enthrals her from the very first moment – but then he gets off the bus before she has a chance to talk to him – and leaves his backpack behind! Now if that isn’t a sign … Claire takes the backpack and hopes its contents will provide her with a clue to the stranger. But apart from a shopping list, a sweatshirt, a box of matches and a biro, all she finds is a notebook with a single diary entry. She follows the few clues she holds in the hope of meeting the mysterious stranger again. Claire spontaneously makes his diary her own and records her search in it, addressing all her entries directly to the stranger, telling him about her fears, her life and, of course, how she longs to meet him. Will the pair ever meet face to face?

  • Recommended age: 14 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-8415-0583-5
  • Published: 21.10.2019
  • Pages: 304
  • Publisher: Oetinger Taschenbuch Verlag
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Heike Abidi

Heike Abidi was born in 1965. She studied linguistics and today works as a freelance advertising copywriter and author. She lives with her husband and son near Kaiserslautern.

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