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Benjamin Wockenfuß (Author), Stefanie Messing (Illustrator), Stephanie A. Kowalski (Illustrator)


Erziehen ist (auch) Männersache

#BrilliantDad - Child-rearing Is a Man’s Job, Too.

An innovative and fun guidebook in bullet journal/planner style, written by father, social media manager and social pedagogue Benjamin Wockenfuß. Packed with strategies to enable dads to play a successful and empathic role in their children’s worlds and lives. Every chapter ends with easy, tried-and-tested, no-nonsense tips which fathers can easily incorporate into family life.

In the age of digitisation and “New Work”, fatherhood has become more complicated than ever; the role of contemporary fathers and the culture of fatherhood generally are constantly being redefined. #Brilliantdad gathers together these ideas about the role of fathers in their children’s upbringing, and demonstrates that their implementation has an invariably positive effect on all the relationships within the family as well as contributing to career success.

With an inspiring “Dad Power” picture book for dads and children to read and explore together.

Practical, entertaining information targeted firmly at men and fathers - in a handy go-to format.
With day-to-day challenges to enable men to become more actively involved in their children’s upbringing.
Planner, bullet journal, workshop and more, all in one book.
Includes an inspiring “Dad Power” picture book for dads and children to read and explore together (double-sided cover).

  • Recommended age: 14 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-96846-038-3
  • Published: 08.10.2021
  • Pages: 144
  • Publisher: migo
©Bogdan Harstall

Benjamin Wockenfuß

Benjamin Wockenfuß is a social media manager and addiction therapist. He lives in Bonn close to the woods with his wife and three sons. Benjamin runs the project DigiKids for the Hessian state office for addiciton issues. He travels throughout Germany to give talks and lectures and meet co-workers. ‘We need digitally strong children. We must stop digital illiteracy!‘ Further information at

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©Claudia Hafemann

Stefanie Messing

Stefanie Messing was born in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. As a child she spent most of her time drawing and collecting small pictures. After finishing her training as a graphic artist she worked for a number of creative studios and agencies. Since 2012 she has been working freelance as illustrator and graphic artist. Her artwork has been published by various children’s books publishers. She lives...

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©Michael Stein/Bambule

Stephanie A. Kowalski

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