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Jasmin Schaudinn (Text von), Angela Gstalter (Illustriert von)

Tillys Kinderkram. Tilly wird fast Vegetarianerin

Tilly’s Tales. Tilly Turns Virtually Vegetarian

Tilly loves her kindergarten teacher. He’s called Devin and he’s a vegetarian. But what exactly is a vegetarian? Tilly is horrified to discover that her beloved salami isn’t made of salami but of animals. And not even annoying creatures like wasps. She goes to tell her best friend Azra that she has now decided to be a vegetarian. But the girls have got other things on their minds than food. Such as playing at being cool and grown-up, using the wooden Ludo pieces as fake nails, carrying their home-made mobile phones and wearing their mothers’ heeled shoes. Tilly steadfastly tries to swap her sausages for carrots, which makes her practically a vegetarian. Until, that is, she makes a little exception the following day and goes to have chicken nuggets with Dad.

  • On-trend topics (home fitness, healthy eating, post-Covid life) are gently woven into the story.
  • Child readers find their own daily lives reflected in the Tilly Tales.

  • Recommended age: 4 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-96846-076-5
  • Published: 10.05.2022
  • Length: 48 pages
  • Publisher: migo
Text von
©Stefanie vom Stein

Jasmin Schaudinn

Jasmin Schaudinn started writing stories and giving them to her parents and friends while still at school. Before starting on a new book, she suspends a washing line across her tiny office on which she then hangs up all the things that inspire her, from newspaper articles to key rings. She lives with her family, three hens and a dog on the edge of Wuppertal.

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Illustriert von
©Justus Roth

Angela Gstalter

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