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Stirb leise, mein Engel!

Die Softly, My Angel!

Three dead girls, a dark secret and a devilish game: a thriller that gets right under your skin!

Munich, the end of a hot summer. Three girls die within the space of a few weeks – seemingly, it was their own decision. But that is only half the truth. Because all three wanted to go to their deaths with the man they loved. They had no idea that the very man who wanted to die with them would turn out to be their worst enemy.

A subtle page turner about a series of mysterious teenage deaths – about murder, secrets and the darkest depths of human nature.

English sample translation available here!

  • Recommended age: 16 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-3615-3
  • Published: 20.01.2014
  • Pages: 368
  • Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger