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Julie Wald (Author)

Silverhorse 2. Mit dem Wind im Sattel

Vol. 2

Can a blind pony change the way I see things? Volume 2 of a very special friendship!

Ava is looking forward to the holidays. But there’s so much to do: just as they’re preparing for the pony day, Soraya suddenly falls ill. Ava is terribly worried. She can’t bear the thought of losing another beloved pony, so wraps the blind mare up in cotton wool. But that in turn does more harm than good to their relationship. And then someone comes creeping up through the woods, bent on causing trouble…

A story from the heart.
A fantastic pony adventure about friendship and sticking together.
The author herself owns and rides a blind pony

  • Recommended age: 11 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-1444-1
  • Published: 09.01.2021
  • Pages: 272
  • Publisher: Oetinger

Julie Wald

Two things are a constant in the life of Julie Wald, who was born in 1978, and they are: writing and horses. After qualifying as a social worker, she began writing children’s and young adult books under a pseudonym and today works as a freelance author. Silverhorse is now her first horse series about a horse with a particular fate. Silverhorse is blind and in real life lives near the author.

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