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Paul Maar (Author), Panajotis Dalianis (Illustrator)

Schiefe Märchen und schräge Geschichten

Weird Fairy Tales and Whacky Stories

Typical of Paul Maar: weird, whacky and sure to raise a smile.

A dwarf who moves out of his organic waste bin and into Mr Mockinpot’s cosy flat? A talking vase that could make wishes come true if only it would listen properly? A queen who leaves her reading glasses on the royal lavatory?
Paul Maar’s power of imagination and his special way with words lend wings to classic fairy-tale motifs.

All the stories are wonderfully uneducational and ideal for reading aloud to the whole family.
Typical of Paul Maar: telling texts with a hint of mischief
Fairy tales with a comic twist

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  • Recommended age: 6 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-0444-2
  • Published: 26.09.2016
  • Pages: 160
  • Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger
© Oetinger / Joerg Schwalfenberg

Paul Maar

Paul Maar was born on 13 December 1937 in Schweinfurt. After successfully completing grammar school with his Abitur in his pocket, he studied painting and history of art at the Stuttgart School of Art. He then spent six years teaching art. Today a freelance author and illustrator, Maar lives in Bamberg. He is married and has three grown-up children. Paul Maar writes children’s and young people’s...

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Panajotis Dalianis

Pana Dalianis is at home all over the world and has made music as well as writing poetry, audio plays and stories. He studied German and journalism, graphic design and social work. As an artist, he has so far used up 763 pencils, 307 crayons, 405 black fine liners, 102 rubbers and 16 tons of paper, and consumed 4563 cups of espresso and 904 packs of Van Nelle. He has scrunched up four tons of paper,...

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