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Chris Kaspar (Text von)

Pride & Pretty

Einen Tod musst du sterben

Pride & Pretty - Dying a Death

The “Pretty Pennies” rule the roost at Graham College. Anyone who gets in their way loses everything.

Vince, Evie and Pat are the Pretty Pennies: rich, popular, untouchable. 16-year-old Lynn is none of these things - so decides to infiltrate the Pretty Pennies, armed with a pack of lies. Her aim: revenge. If only it weren’t for the outsider Bacon, who knows who Lynn really is. In order to protect her secret, Lynn enters into a loaded pact with Bacon. However, things suddenly race out of control, and Lynn risks losing far more than just her chance of revenge.

  • Where is the red line between bullying and murder?
  • Highly topical thriller about questions of identity.
  • Creepy psychodrama: goosebumps guaranteed.

  • Recommended age: 16 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-96976-026-0
  • Published: 07.04.2022
  • Length: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Moon Notes
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Chris Kaspar

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