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Erhard Dietl (Author, Illustrator), Barbara Iland-Olschewski (Author), Christoph Schöne (Illustrator)

Olchi-Detektive 24. Duell der Giganten

Vol. 24

Oggly Detectives No 24 - Duel of the Giants

Perilous confrontation with the enemy!

This town isn’t big enough for them both! Gangster boss Firebomb Jack challenges Mr Paddock to a bet: if Firebomb Jack can get the people of London to cheer him, the Oggly detectives must leave the city, but if he fails, the gangster boss himself must go! Sure of victory, Paddock accepts the wager, but soon after the Oggly detective is called to London Theatre. Shady characters are doing their dastardly work behind the scenes - and Paddock immediately suspects who’s behind it all. Will the theatre be the scene of the all-deciding duel between the two archenemies?

Book 24 in the series featuring Paddock and co! Pure suspense and plenty of Oggly action in handy pocket size: each crime story comes with a collector’s corner, English vocabulary list and detective tips!

  • Recommended age: 8 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-3391-6
  • Published: 17.07.2015
  • Pages: 48
  • Publisher: Oetinger
Author, Illustrator
©Oetinger | Sonja Och

Erhard Dietl

Erhard Dietl was born in Regensburg in 1953 and studied art at the Kunstakademie in Munich. The author and illustrator holds various awards, including the North Rhine-Westphalian Children’s Book Prize and that of the Stiftung Buchkunst.

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Barbara Iland-Olschewski

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©Hannes Magerstädt

Christoph Schöne

Christoph Schöne was born in Munich in 1967. He trained as a florist and has been a freelance illustrator and comic-strip artist since 1997. In addition to advertising illustrations and his film work for the big and small screen, he has also created cartoons for the Internet.

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