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Ann-Katrin Heger (Author), Marlit Kraus (Illustrator)

Meine bunte Geschichtengirlande. Und wenn’s so wär?

Der Mops ist heute Pandabär!

My Colourful Story Garland: What if the Whale had a ponytail?

My Colourful Story Garland: What if the Whale had a ponytail?
Which animal has the best hair?
Mad colour, bouncy blowout, mullet … our hairstyles say things about us! It’s the same in the animal world, too: eleven different animals encounter one another at the hairdresser, all with their own particular requests. The flamingo envies the crocodile his green skin and tries this look out in the mirror … but in the end, they all agree that they’re perfect just the way they are!
Ann-Katrin Heger addresses the latest hair trends in her own inimitable way: with rhymes full of linguistic puns. With magical, amusing illustrations by Marlit Kraus, this is more than a picture book: it’s an invitation to read, look, snuggle, create and decorate.
- Look, cut out, colour in, hang up: an innovative combination of picture book and matching garland.
- With 11 delightfully illustrated pennants to make and decorate yourself.
- Funny rhyming animal story dealing with the notion of self-acceptance and self-belief.

  • Recommended age: 4 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-96846-050-5
  • Published: 08.10.2021
  • Pages: 48
  • Features: 11 B/W, 31 colored
  • Publisher: migo
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Ann-Katrin Heger

Ann-Katrin Heger was born in Nuremburg in 1976. After studying to be a primary school teacher, she worked as an editor for various publishers of children’s and young adult books. Today she prefers to do the writing herself. Heger lives with her family in Fürth.

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