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Antonia Michaelis (Author), Betina Gotzen-Beek (Illustrator)

Mama im Gepäck

Pocket Mummy

Adventure class trip! Johanna’s class outing includes a night-time walk and that is something she really is not looking forward to. But on the way there, she suddenly finds her mummy, in miniature, sitting in her jacket pocket, helping her to be brave at last.
Humorous, gripping and sensitive, a school story about fears, being brave and self-confidence.

  • Recommended age: 8 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-0756-6
  • Published: 01.04.2013
  • Pages: 64
  • Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger
© Oetinger / Joerg Schwalfenberg

Antonia Michaelis

Antonia Michaelis, born in 1979 in northern Germany, grew up in southern Germany, and was drawn to the wide world after graduating from high school. She worked in southern India, Nepal and Peru, among other places. She studied medicine in Greifswald and at the same time began writing stories for children and young people. For some years now she has been living as a freelance writer near the island...

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Betina Gotzen-Beek

Betina Gotzen-Beek was born in 1965 in Mönchengladbach and studied Art and Grafic Design. Today she works as a freelance illustrator and lives with her husband, son and cat in Freiburg.

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