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Anja Fröhlich (Author), Frauke Weise (Illustrator)

Love to go

Love to Go

Commotion, Classroom, Crushes

Everyone loves Mike Hoffmann. Everyone except Mel, that is. In her opinion, Mike has far too many tricks up his girl-charming sleeve. That's why Mel starts up a blog, Girlaxis, to warn the other girls once and for all. Mel is convinced that there are Mike Hoffmanns in old people's homes making false compliments to old ladies about their false teeth, too. In next to no time, word gets out about the blog and soon the whole school is talking about it. But when, by chance, Mel gets to know Mike a bit better, she falls for him herself – and her heart is so agitated, it doesn't know whether to stand still or gallop away …

Funny and fast-paced! Following her popular Miss Krassikovski series, this is the latest novel from Anja Fröhlich.

  • Recommended age: 12 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-86430-023-3
  • Published: 01.03.2014
  • Pages: 176
  • Publisher: OTB
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Anja Fröhlich

Anja Fröhlich was born in 1964 and spent half of her childhood in sunny Rome and the other half in chilly Sauerland, Germany. After finishing school with her Abitur (A levels) in her pocket, she studied film, history of art and psychology in Cologne. She was employed as a film editor and advertising copywriter until her son, Leon, released her from all firm commitments when he was born in 1995. Anja...

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