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Maren von Klitzing (Author), Melanie Garanin (Illustrator)

Lass uns kichern, lachen, albern sein

3-5-8 Minutengeschichten

Giggles, Laughter and Silliness - 3-5-8-Minute Stories

It’s always happy time with this big and cheerful read-aloud book.

By the seaside, in the car, in the garden, or snuggled up in bed at night… wherever you are, these warm-hearted stories about witches, wizards, fairies, pirates and knights are bound to bring a smile to the faces of adults and children alike. And best of all: children and their parents can choose whether they want to read for three, five or even eight minutes.

A whole new look for the much-loved Minute Stories.
Topics beloved of children: laughing, giggling, being silly!
Warm-hearted, true to life, and laugh-out-loud funny: even more amusement for all the family.

  • Recommended age: 3 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7514-0023-7
  • Published: 06.02.2021
  • Pages: 144
  • Publisher: ellermann

Maren von Klitzing

Maren von Klitzing was born in Hamburg in 1964. She worked for many years as an editor on an environmental magazine for children and has been writing children’s books since 2001. In addition to knowledge books, short stories and several board picture books, she has written a number of books for a detective series.

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Melanie Garanin

Melanie Garanin was born in Berlin in 1972 and studied at the Film and Television Academy (HFF) in Potsdam-Babelsberg. She has been working as a freelance animator and illustrator since 1998 and lives with her family in Falkensee, near Berlin.

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