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Martin Baltscheit (Author), Sabine Büchner (Illustrator)

Lang lebe König Frosch!

Long Live King Frog

Frog or King, That is the Question!

Fox and Wild Boar were really expecting the mayfly, but who’s this climbing out of the water? A frog, and it actually claims to be a king – or to be exact, their king. King Frog proceeds to demand a palace, freshly grilled flies and absolute obedience. He even makes the pair build a wall to keep out the stork, which, he claims, is a sorcerer. Will the two best friends the forest has ever seen be taken in by this self-crowned king?

Following the success of his children’s book ONLY A DAY, Martin Baltscheit has now come up with another masterpiece featuring Wild Boar and Fox

The subjects of populism, society based on lies, and manipulation are merrily tackled here with charm and humour as well as depth

Great philosophy for small readers, warm-heartedly illustrated by Sabine Büchner.

English sample translation available here!

  • Recommended age: 6 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7915-0149-9
  • Published: 24.02.2020
  • Pages: 112
  • Illustrations: 30
  • Features: 30 illustrations
  • Publisher: Dressler
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Martin Baltscheit

MARTIN BALTSCHEIT was born in Düsseldorf in 1965 and studied communication design. He works as an illustrator, narrator and author of books, and audio and stage plays. He has won several awards for his work, including all of the German state awards, such as the German Youth Literature Award, the German Short Film Award and the German Youth Theatre Award.

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Sabine Büchner

Sabine Büchner was born in 1964 and studied communication design in Wuppertal and animation at the Babelsberg Film and Television Academy. After many years collaborating on a number of cartoon productions for the German children’s television knowledge programme “Sendung mit der Maus”, she won the Troisdorf Picture Book Grant in 2006 for Für immer SIEBEN (Forever SEVEN) and has since been working...

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