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Chantal Schreiber (Author), Stephan Pricken (Illustrator)


Vol. 2 - EinHorn kommt selten allein

Kurt 2: Unicorns, Twonicorns

The Only Thing Worse Than Unicorns? Twonicorns!
Volume 2 of the fast-paced read-aloud best seller – Kurt defies all unicorn clichés!
Read-aloud enjoyment for children and adults alike

Too much unicorning! After freeing the Princess, Kurt wants a bit of peace and quiet. However, Trill’s little brother and the other animals are still imprisoned, so his hopes of having a rest are dashed. What follows is a horn-ruffling adventure in which Kurt only just manages to escape from the clutches of a love-struck pig with its sights set on the unicorn – and then a Twonicorn appears on the scene and even more chaos ensues. Of course, everyone lives happily ever after, and all the animals are freed. In Volume 2 of her series about the grumpy unicorn Kurt, Chantal Schreiber has again created a fast-paced read-aloud treat.

  • Recommended age: 5 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7707-0247-3
  • Published: 21.09.2020
  • Pages: 112
  • Illustrations: 60
  • Features: 60 illustrations, 60 colored
  • Publisher: Ellermann Verlag

  • Rights sold:

©Helmut Grünbichler

Chantal Schreiber

Chantal Schreiber was born and raised in Vienna and always knew that she wanted to be a writer. She never had a Plan B. Then again, she didn’t have a Plan A, either. She abandoned a language degree course and kept her head above water working variously as a flight attendant, model and waitress. In the end, she was lucky enough to land a job in television, where she began writing screenplays for children’s...

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Stephan Pricken

Stephan Pricken was born in Moers in 1972 and originally studied at the Münster Art Academy to be a primary school teacher but after his first state exam switched to the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, where he studied design, making illustration his main subject. He has been a freelance illustrator and member of the Hafenstraße group in Münster since 2004. For more on Stephan Pricken,...

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