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Chantal Schreiber (Text von), Stephan Pricken (Illustriert von)

Kurt 3. EinHorn - eine Mission

Vol. 3

Kurt - Mission Unicorn

Kurt goes Ninja: a new adventure for the reluctant unicorn.

Friendship? Duty? Kurt can take them or leave them. But when Fred, leader of the brave Ninja Goldfish, needs help, the grumpy unicorn gets stuck straight in. Ninja goldfish are vanishing from Fred’s shoal. Kurt quickly turns himself into the world’s first Ninja Unicorn. The two heroes set out on a rollercoaster hunt for the missing fish. Things start to look dicey, and they end up being helped by a violet-scented farting Twonicorn. In short: Kurt is back - grumpier and funnier than ever!

Third volume of the hilarious series: join the Cult of Kurt!
A fictional first: a grumpy ninja unicorn.
“In” Ninja topic: boys love Kurt, too!

  • Recommended age: 5 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7514-0005-3
  • Published: 04.06.2021
  • Length: 112 pages
  • Publisher: ellermann

  • Rights sold:

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©Helmut Grünbichler

Chantal Schreiber

Chantal Schreiber was born and raised in Vienna and always knew that she wanted to be a writer. She never had a Plan B. Then again, she didn’t have a Plan A, either. She abandoned a language degree course and kept her head above water working variously as a flight attendant, model and waitress. In the end, she was lucky enough to land a job in television, where she began writing screenplays for children’s...

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Illustriert von

Stephan Pricken

Stephan Pricken was born in Moers in 1972 and originally studied at the Münster Art Academy to be a primary school teacher but after his first state exam switched to the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, where he studied design, making illustration his main subject. He has been a freelance illustrator and member of the Hafenstraße group in Münster since 2004. For more on Stephan Pricken,...

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