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Silvia Schröer (Author)

Ich. Mein Leben und was wirklich für mich zählt

Myself, My Life, and What Really Matters To Me

Write Stories! Preferably Your Own

Bursting with ideas to encourage creative self-reflection

The poetry album re-booted: two fantastic gifts for adults, too

What moves you? What do you dream of ? What drives you up the wall? Such questions and little challenges inspire you to examine yourself and develop your views on your own life and the things that are going on around you. Arguably the most exciting way to keep a diary!

  • Recommended age: 12 +
  • EAN: 4260160881550
  • Published: 24.08.2020
  • Pages: 160
  • Features: 160 colored
  • Publisher: Dressler
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Silvia Schröer

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