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Peer Martin (Author), Nils Andersen (Illustrator)


Es gibt kein zurück. Du kommst an. Oder du stirbst.

Hope - There’s No Way Back. You Make It. Or You Die.

When everything has been taken from you, you have nothing to lose. Nineteen-year-old Canadian Mathis accompanies Hope, an 11-year-old Somali, as he flees right across South America. The two have barely set out, when two shady characters start following them – and they are not the only threat to confront Hope and Mathis on their breath-taking journey. As they travel through the Amazon rainforest, across the Panamericana highway and on the roof of a high-speed goods train speeding along, death lurks in the shadows on all sides; they barely escape with their lives on more than one occasion. Will the pair make it to freedom?

- Fast-paced, political adventure novel touching on controversial topics, such as climate change, refugees and world politics
- Highly topical, captivating and disturbing. Exceptionally absorbing right from the very first page
- With vignettes, notes and additional information for each chapter
- Topical, gripping and unsettling: the latest novel by German Youth Literature Prize laureate Peer Martin

  • Recommended age: 16 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7915-0139-0
  • Published: 22.07.2019
  • Pages: 544
  • Features: 30 B/W
  • Publisher: Dressler
©Catherine Martin

Peer Martin

Peer Anders Martin was born in Hanover in 1968. After studying education and social science, he spent many years working with young people. His experiences and conversations with a Syrian friend finally prompted him to write his first novel, which took shape on many long walks along Baltic beaches, where he first told the story to his patient dog, Lola. He recently moved to Quebec with his wife, three...

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Nils Andersen

Nils Andersen was born in 1985 and studied media art in Weimar. In May 2015 he and a fellow student founded the collective KIM&HIM, and works as a freelance motion designer and illustrator.

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