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Andreas Götz (Author)

Hörst du den Tod?

Can You Hear Death?

How does a final breath sound? A race against time.
A psychopath, who is obsessed with the sound of death. A boy, who can hear more than anyone else. A crime, which casts its shadow far into the past. These are the ingredients of the new, perfectly constructed thriller from Andreas Götz!

Never has Linus been happier! He has just got together with Lucy, his first love, and is enjoying life to the full. But then his world is shattered, when his mother, Vera, is kidnapped. And the worst thing is that no one knows what the kidnapper wants. From the very start, he makes only one demand: no police! Then he sends audiofiles in which Linus’ mother can be heard – but that still gives them no clues. Even Linus’ father, Richard, a professor of forensic phonetics, is at a complete loss even though his exceptionally acute sense of hearing has enabled him to solve crimes time and again. In his despair, Richard turns unofficially and in the strictest of confidence to his old friend, Frank Volkmann, at the Federal Criminal Police Office. When a ransom demand comes in shortly after, the clues all point to none other than Lucy’s brothers. But do they really have something to do with the kidnapping or are they just copycats? Their doubts test Linus’ and Lucy’s love to the limits.
While Lucy tries to find out what role her brothers are really playing in the affair, Linus receives messages from the kidnapper that he must keep to himself if he doesn’t want to endanger his mother’s life. Linus goes along with the perfidious game and follows the encoded instructions the kidnapper sends him. In doing so, he brings to light an old case in which his father and Frank investigated together and, as it turns out, by means that were not exactly fair. So is this all about revenge? And above all - can Linus still trust his father?
When all the pressure becomes too much for Richard and he suffers a sudden loss of hearing, that question loses its urgency for the moment because then it's up to Linus, who has inherited Richard’s exceptional hearing, to step into the breach. And with his help, the place where his mother had been kept really is located, only she has long since been taken somewhere else. When Linus finally realises who the kidnapper is and what he is planning, it is already nearly too late: the kidnapper meanwhile also has Lucy in his clutches and he is planning to capture on tape for all eternity both her final breath and Vera’s …

  • Recommended age: 14 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-7891-3616-0
  • Published: 19.09.2014
  • Pages: 336
  • Publisher: Oetinger
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Andreas Götz

Andreas Götz was born in 1965, studied German and now lives and works as a freelance author near Munich. He has also worked as a journalist and translator as well as writing audio plays for a number of radio stations.

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