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Christine Stahr (Text von)

Hobby Horsing

Ich liebe mein Steckenpferd

Hobby-horsing - I Love My Hobby Horse

Hobby-horsing is the newest and coolest sport for children aged 6+. Originating in Finland, it combines elements of sport and gymnastics with imaginary play and ‘do it yourself’ principles. In hobby-horsing, the main aim is to jump over hurdles on your hobby horse, or to carry out dressage moves as one would on “real” ponies. In other countries, it’s still in the starting blocks but everything suggests it will quickly gain ground. It’s easy for beginners: all you need is a hobby horse. A home-made one can be as individual as its rider!

“Hobby-horsing: I Love My Hobby Horse” was developed for the hobby-horsing community in conjunction with current hobby-horsers, and is a lively, entertaining and colourful introduction to this fascinating hobby. It’s far more than just a sport!

Developed in conjunction with hobby-horsing fans for the hobby-horsing community.
Never a dull moment: a lively, colourful fan book.
With interactive elements (quiz, profiles of hobby horses etc).

  • Recommended age: 6 +
  • ISBN: 978-3-96846-034-5
  • Published: 08.10.2021
  • Length: 128 pages
  • Publisher: migo
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Christine Stahr

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