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Age 4+
First Stories

Heute hab ich Wut im Bauch!

I’m So Angry!

Anna Böhm (Written by), Tim Warnes (Illustrated by)

Entertaining and educational read by Anna Böhm

Nora the Kitten is having a bad day. She’s having one tantrum after another. And the worst thing of all is that nobody understands her. They just want her to be nice again. Pah! Fortunately the gentle old dog Lollo is in the garden. He always understands. Nora stamps her paws and yells her heart out. Then she tells Lollo what’s bothering her - and she immediately feels better. Everyone feels angry sometimes, and that’s just fine. And once the anger has melted away, we can all laugh together.

  • What can you do if you’re feeling really angry?
  • Charming story about a feeling that’s difficult to control.
  • Anna Böhm shows young children ways to manage their anger in this funny and non-judgmental story.

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Age 4+
First Stories
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China (People's Republic of)

Product details

  • ISBN: 978-3-7512-0197-1
  • Published: 08.01.2022
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Oetinger


Written by

Anna Böhm
©Max Zerrahn

Anna Böhm

Anna Böhm was born in Berlin, where she still lives with her family. She worked in theatre, studied screenwriting and has since worked as an author. She has written numerous radio plays and children's stories for Deutschlandradio Kultur. The "Emmi & Einschwein" series is Anna Böhm's successful…

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Illustrated by

Tim Warnes

Tim Warnes has become firmly established in the world of children’s books as an awardwinning writer-illustrator, with over 80 titles published during the last 25 years. He creates his illustrations by hand using various materials, including watercolour, ink and cut and paste collage. Tim grew up roaming…

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